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    star wars
  1. MundaneBob

    New AFOL looking for advice

    If your collection grows I have two pieces of advice... 1 - sort your pieces by element type, do not sort by colour. 2 - point 1 will be difficult for a 5 year old to grasp, and you don't want to scare him off with boring talk about how to sort lego. So I recommend having a shoebox sized container of random mixed Lego that your son can dive into at any time, without the risk of him causing havoc in the main, efficiently sorted and stored collection. Having said that my boy of similar age often ignores everything I say and I've resigned myself to a good 5 years of non-stop sorting up after a tornado.
  2. MundaneBob

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Thanks m4st3rt3ch! Didn't think of looking for sets using an obscure part.
  3. MundaneBob

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Recently picked up a decent sized haul that was mostly Stars Wars stuff and it contained these two part-built ships. Does anyone know if they are Star Wars and if so which sets they are?
  4. It's tiny, but think there is an error in the "Grove6400-MKIII_1.1-test.compressed.pdf" instructions. Page 56, connecting the rear outrigger module to the carrier, instructions say to insert two long blue pins into liftarms that already contain pins. edit - Ignore that, I made an error :)
  5. MundaneBob

    NMOCs You've built

    Limited funds for big MOCs here and i build them to keep them, so 1 every couple of years is my limit, unfortunately. Would love to build som Crowkillers stuff. So far I've built Sheepo's Land Rover 110 and am currently building the Grove 6400 which i've just ordered my last batch of pieces for.
  6. Its in afol1969's bricksafe, click the link under his post. Its a .7z file so you will need a copy of 7zip installed to unzip it.
  7. MundaneBob

    Working on a new lego styled Android / iPhone game

    That font, wow that's brave. Amazed you havent recieved a cease and desist from TLG's suits yet. Those fake reviews, crikey. Amazed Google haven't pulled it from Play store.
  8. MundaneBob

    Technic Photography

    I don't see any problem with the reds. Are you viewing on a badly calibrated IPS monitor?
  9. It seems like fridge doors are easier to push open than to pull open. Perhaps separate the door openening functionality from the main robot. Have a fridge-mounted robot that is braced against the fridge and pushes the door, either from inside the fridge, or braced against the wall behind the fridge