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Found 17 results

  1. The Weelond Oktoberfesten in 3 words? Beer, beer and more beer! But ofcourse there are multiple ways to enjoy the beer. The streets are filled with cosy beer stalls offering mostly cheap beer. The upper class of Weelond and the more fancier visitors found a pleasure in something called discovering the greater art of beer. It is here where MAESTRO jumped in with an official Beer Tasting Class! In small groups, the participants enjoy tasting all different beers and ofcourse apple ciders. As they are from all different factions and professions, the atmosphere was excellent and the discussions went deeper the later the evening. Will be licenced as small education by MAESTRO. Thanks for watching!
  2. A few days ago I posted some pics of a silly tow truck I built for my nephew. It was silly enough, in fact, to kill its own Bricksafe folder, so I de-sillified it a bit and made a nerve-grating video to go along with it, so here we go. Specs first, pics and vid (or vid and pics) to follow, beer throughout. Motorised functions (1 m motor, eight independent two-way switches): - side outriggers - rear outriggers - tow fork adjustment #1 - tow fork adjustment #2 - crane rotation (360°) - crane lift/lowering - crane winch - front winch (with a linear clutch to bypass the worm gear in the event of tantalised toddlers and boozed-up builders) Manual functions: - drive (with a fake straight-four engine in the cabin for frying eggs and toasting crumpets) - steering - doors - jiggling As a special bonus visible only to people who can see it, here are some pics of the truck with its elder brother from two years and countless fatties ago:
  3. I wasn't pleased with my first rough terrain crane, so I'm redesigning and rebuilding it from scratch. I've got a very rudimental carrier chassis done for now. Current features: - 4x4 drive (4 L motors geared down 1:11.67) - four-mode steering (2 servo motors): front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, four-wheel countersteering, four-wheel crab steering - independent suspension - 2-stage outriggers (1 L motor) - fake 6-cylinder inline engine Typically, rough terrain cranes have floating axles, which I find rather hard to implement in a model like this without compromosing rigidity and proportions. My previous crane had long-travel pendular axles that worked flawlessly but also took up a lot of space, so I decided to go with independent suspension. It's far from realistic but it allows for a lower, tougher chassis. A previous version of the chassis had planetary hubs but they caused far too much friction, so I had to ditch them and gear down more before the differentials. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the rear end when the model's done with all its sweet weight. The hubs are loosely based on Didumos' Greyhound hubs. Portal hubs are out of the question. (Those grey 2L half liftarms are temporary.) Tyres will most likely be these:
  4. This is a telescopic crawler crane I threw together almost overnight in the hope of overcoming builder's block. The undercarriage had been sitting around for months after I began (and never finished) a mod of 42055, so I just needed to remove a couple of unneeded motors and touch up the tracks. The model is the usual combination of RC and hands-on that I like. Some technical details: - undercarriage driven by 4 L motors (2 per track) geared down 1:25 and powered by 1 BuWizz unit; - superstructure featuring 5 independent functions - boom raising and extending, winch, rotation and cab tilt - activated by a two-way gearbox driven by an XL motor, plus a fake 4-cylinder engine (based on 42030's) driven by an M motor. I decided to use a brick-built actuator so I could get the boom to almost vertical. I always struggle with bodywork - I did my best not to make it too boxy. I'll make a video at some point - it started raining as soon as I took the last shot. (Apologies for the messy garden).
  5. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a small barrel rack. This could be fun to include in a saloon or brewery.
  6. This is a rebuild/upgrade of my first tow truck. Features are as follows: - 8x4, powered by 2 L motors geared down 3:1 - proportional steering on 2 front axles using servo - pendular suspension on rear axles; independent suspension on front axles - side and rear outriggers - tow fork - tilting cabin - fully functional, 360° rotating crane - fake engine (straight 4) The cab is a mod of the Arocs; the side outriggers are pretty much the same as 42070's. All the functions are driven by an L motor and 9 2-way selector switches (6 on the truck and 3 on the crane). Here are some quick pics - will take better ones and shoot a video when decent lighting is available. It's pretty heavy, so I had to use eight hard shock absorbers on the front wheels. In spite of the weight and the ridiculous amount of friction due to the old wheel hubs (8297), the servo still works smoothly.
  7. After completing the prototype of a superstructure for a six-axle crane, I decided it'd be fun to try mounting it on a crawler carrier. The goal was to have six functions: - slew - boom raise/lower - boom telescope - winch raise/lower - drive - skid steer all driven by a single XL motor. I also wanted to have each function controlled by its own two-way switch, without having to continually resort to the battery box. The main body of the superstructure is my own very rough and unfinished design; the boom borrows heavily from Gerger's Grove; the undercarriage is a mod of 42042's, with the addition of bogies and a subtractor to enable skid steering. The superstructure works fairly well, even though the slewing is a bit jittery. The big let-down is the drive and skid steering - due to the massive backlash that builds up along the drivetrain, the crane can barely stutter back and forth. Still, I guess it's a decent proof of concept and I'd love it if a more competent MOCer would take my work and improve on it. I'm leaving it as it is, since it was just meant to be a quick diversion from other MOCs I'm working on. More pics here:
  8. After more or less coming to terms with the failure of my first MOC, I started looking around for another model I could try my hand at and eventually came across Zblj's off-road crane. I thought it was pretty cool but I still wanted to build another tow truck, so I scoured the web for something that might be a cross between Zblj's off-road crane and a wrecker. Luck was not on my side, however, so I decided to just wing it and not worry about how unrealistic my model might be. Since I love building by trial and error but am not too keen on piecing together massive models only to have to tear them down because of some silly design flaw, I took a sort-of-modular approach. So far I've got a very rudimental rear axle, some outriggers and a distribution gearbox. This is the rear axle (the pics suck big time as usual). I'm not too fond of those 2x1 rubber bricks, so I took advantage of the space and used soft shock absorbers instead. The setup is basically a heavy-duty version of the Actros 42043's. Down-gearing is 3-to-1. Nothing special about the outriggers: And this is the heart of the truck-to-be: This module has 5 L motors. Four are hard-coupled to provide propulsion to the vehicle; the fifth will drive the various functions through the gearbox, which is just a basic distribution system with each segment driving a function either way (42042 style). The functions should be as follows: Right side, top to bottom: - tow arm - tow fork - tow winch - front winch Left side, top to bottom: - cabin tilt - middle and rear outriggers - rear spade outriggers (I don't think that's their real name - anyway, the same kind of outriggers on the 42038 truck) - compressor (one-way switch, of course) I went with L motors rather than XL ones since the former are easier to incorporate into a build and are less likely to tear apart the U- and CV-joints. The model will probably be around 100 studs long and 23 or 25 studs wide, so I expect it to weigh around 5 kg, which the four L motors should be able to handle comfortably. To prevent excessive friction and power loss, the crane (whenever I get round to it) will have its own motor and battery box. Hopefully I'll get the truck done by the end of the year and also be able to take some decent pictures at long last.
  9. Captain Green Hair

    [MOC] The Greenville brewery company, est. 1927.

    Hello folks and welcome to the Greenville brewery company! A shot of the front: On the left side is the loading area, they never bothered to renew the delivery truck: I thought that shot would also look cool in b&w: On the right side is the chimney. I wanted a nice big industrial chimney not a faggy little one (pun intended). Next to the chimney is also an ex employee: The interior isn't elaborate, I just made some kettles, a bottle machine and a cool stove: Just enough to look like a brewery through the windows, I might expand it later: Last but not least a shot of the back of the building, which basically looks the same as the front but with a little corny bush on the back of the loading shed: I always wanted to do an industrial age industrial building, so what better then a brewery? I will adjust the pavement later when I finally fit it into my layout. The architecture was inspired by the buildings of the old ''westergasfabriek'' in my beloved city of Amsterdam. I hope you enjoy my build, I look forward to reading your C&C!
  10. The Streets Of Skavenport Skavenport Furrier The great miracle of large cities is what holds together the jumble of dirt and noise and lunacy. Despite the heartfelt closeness between its inhabitants and their love for the city, the one thing that held together Skavenport was beer. And the finest beer to be found was the Skaven Ale. But only a few larger breweries were allowed to call their mixture Skaven Ale, strictly regulated by purity laws and selection of only the finest ingredients. Brewing day always followed baking day, when yeast still filled the air in the houses. The workers were in good mood and many a song could be heared throughout the city: The houses are filled by taste of bread so every man can tell its time to malt and cook and brew to have our Skaven Ale it keeps your heart warm and means you no harm our finest Skaven Ale! Once an old king layed down to die his devious heir enjoyed a jug full of ale and marrow came back made him raise and speak to him "there is still time to make a new son more worth to be a king!" And when my lady the day has come for me to say farewell slaughtered by axe, or stabbed by sword enchanted by a spell keep your last kiss cause all I miss will be the Skaven Ale! Such and many other ribald verses they sung, and they became very popular not only in Nocturnian taverns.
  11. I've been wanting to experiment with roof curvature and multiple angles in buildings for some time now. I also wanted to build a landscape without using any regular green parts, so I just decided to try it all at once! I'm quite pleased with the results, especially the elevated barrel (beer tower, as I have dubbed it), the roof, and the woodwork. I'm not too fond of the dark tan pieces in the white wall, but I have plans to fix that on future builds. Please let me know what you honestly think!
  12. Chase The Cop

    MOC WIP: Convenience store

    First attempt at a Town MOC; a well known convenience store. Because minifigures, like us, may very well crave for a hot dog and a beer at midnight. I don't have too many bricks so this was done the best way I could. Home-made stickers are a bit cheap but in the end they look not too bad to my eyes. I haven't finished the top as I still don't know if i try to make it modular or if i just let it on its own and give it a roof. It's open I started building more detailed air conditioners, but they looked less good to me than these good old fashioned printed bricks! The whole inside is pretty naive. I put many windows because i wanted to be able to see what's going on inside even when it will have a roof This gentleman looks spoilt for choice
  13. Scrat

    [MOC] microbrewery

    microbrewery by Scrat_
  14. Heksu

    Oliver's nightmares

    Hi! I would like to introduce you my series of creations that is a story about Oliver's horrifying night. Enjoy. This is Oliver. He´s a very average middle-aged man, who goes to work every morning, makes his monthly house loan payments on time and enjoys things like watching sports on TV and eating junk food. Sometimes he goes to the pub and drinks a beer or two, as you can see. However, Oliver´s got a problem: at night he suffers from awful nightmares. That´s why the dark circles under his eyes have been a part of his facial features for years. Oliver having fun by Heksu, on Flickr The day turns to night. Oliver goes to bed but has a feeling that the night is going to be hard. Oliver trying to get some sleep by Heksu, on Flickr Oliver fell asleep fast at night, but the torture began soon. Oliver, who suffers from arachnophobia but loves reading, has already seen this same nightmare many, too many, times. Spider attack by Heksu, on Flickr Because of the spider nightmare Oliver’s shirt was dripping with sweat, and he woke up to change a dry one. It was only a couple of minutes past twelve o’clock. Oliver fell asleep again. The next dream started this time quite promisingly. Oliver was hiking in a rainforest that was full of beautiful and colorful flowers and other vegetation. It was surprisingly quiet, as if all the animals would have been hiding. There weren’t even mosquitoes disturbing! Oliver found a stream and filled his water bottle. Then he sat down against a rock face and drank. But no paradise without a… In the rain forest by Heksu, on Flickr It seems that Oliver's nightmares won't stop. Oliver has in his garden a decayed pine tree that he should cut down. However, Oliver has avoided the task, because he's afraid that something goes wrong... like in this nightmare. Timber! by Heksu, on Flickr Oliver's nightmares are getting weirder and weirder... Romantic candle dinner by Heksu, on Flickr I will probably create more nightmare-MOCs to annoy Oliver - until then, sweet dreams! See also my Facebook-page: https://www.facebook...alikkarakentaja All kinds of feedback is welcome!
  15. MichalPL

    Miami Beach

    Miami Beach Gallery Main Street Water attractions Yacht Rest Beach Hammock Melex Hotel Shops I invite you to comment :)
  16. This is another little mini creation to expand my mini city... I built it because I love Beer!!! I hope you like it Link Bonus photo with my Mini Haunted House
  17. I came up with the idea to build a robot that can get me a beer or soda from the fridge while I'm watching Die Hard... I'm building it completely from Lego Technic, mostly studded. I use my own designed electronics to control the motors, pneumatic valves and read out the sensors. It saves me hundreds of Euro's by not using the NXT platform ;) Next to that: the NXT platform is not as flexible as other programming platforms. I have been busy with it for a few months now and there were some problems to be solved so I've divided "the project" in smaller goals: 1. Get the rover over a bump in the living room (success!) There's a nasty bump between the kitchen and the living room. Since the robot is going to be well over 10kg, I had to find a way to get it over the bump. The solution was to use caterpillar tracks (the robot needs to be able to turn around its own axle) with on top of that studless beams for extra grip. I've put some filt on top of the beams so my wooden floor doesn't get damaged. Video 1: 2. Make the robot move sideward to be able to position itself (success!) Not being sure about the precision of the tracks, I need the robot to be able to move sideward for positioning itself in front of the fridge (to be able to grap the handle). I designed a pneumatic system with 8 pistons that push down 8 wheels, that lift up the robot just a bit. That way the robot can move sideward, which is impossible with caterpillar tracks. As you will see in video 3, the accuracy of the distance sensors is good enough that the robot doesn't need to move sideward. If the system isn't needed when the robot is completed, I could remove it. Video 2: 3. Indoor navigation: make the robot find its way to the frigde, couch and back (success!) Using 4 ultrasonic distance sensors and a digital compass, I make the robot navigate around the house. It works just perfect! Video 3: 4. Think of a way to make the robot open the fridge I'm working on this one now. This one is by far the hardest to complete. I have already a pneumatic system that can grab the handle and open the fridge a few centimeters by setteling itself against the fridge. As you know: sometimes the fridge door is a bit stuck and you need some force to open it. Grabbing the handle and just drive backward doesn't work because of the height of the robot. Right now I need to find a way to open the fridge door further and move the robot to the inside side of the door. This is tricky and I haven't figured it out yet. If you have any suggestions: let me know! Further things to do: 5. Make the robot able to grab a can of beer/soda 6. Make the robot do the whole thing: getting out of hibernation, getting a beer, bring it to the couch and go back to the hibernation spot 7. Design an Android app that communicates with the robot through Bluetooth so I can order a beer from the couch