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  1. cei

    10259 Winter Village Station

    Picked up today from LEGO retail shop. Early VIP access.
  2. I went to the Cardiff (UK) store. 24 available. Queue got up to 20 in total, so there were 4 available at the end, but there were multiple phone calls from people wanting to come pick them up in the morning, so they'll be all gone by now. 8 more arriving Monday. I arrived 0845 and got number 14, which is surprising to be honest as the store never normally gets this amount of traffic for launches. Earliest arrival was 0700.
  3. cei

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Yeah, £150 is fine for the price, I was worried it was going to be £200. The new tree design is amazing. Can't wait to get this!
  4. cei

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    http://imgur.com/a/YGois Try here. Nice images!
  5. cei

    REVIEW: The Simpsons - Kwik-E-Mart (71016)

    Mine is on the way - I'm not collecting Simpsons, but as a set it is unmissable for integrating in to a city layout.
  6. You've done really well with that haul - the monorail track alone is worth more (9 long straights!), let alone the supports and train baseplates. You've also picked out the important parts you'll likely need - but ensure you get a good motor, not one that is on its way out. I love my monorail. I've got the Airport Shuttle and Transport base, then a still MSIB accessory track pack that I haven't ripped in to yet, then a bunch of bricklink'd track.
  7. Being honest, I prefer older Lego planes to the new ones with the big pre-fab wings/noses and the like. The new ones are simply too big, and when trying to integrate them in to a city layout they're virtually impossible. The older ones like yours are much better.
  8. cei

    MOC: Yacht "Sirius"

    Absolutely adore this, to the point I want to build my own. Any chance of further information as to your building method, or even some form of instructions?
  9. cei

    60051 and 60052 sold out?

    Interesting. Argos in the UK just sold off their 60051 stock for £70 (down from £100), so nearly 1/3 off. Could be they're actually gone?
  10. cei

    10246 Detective's Office

    It's pretty clear from the picture. The 32x32 brown that came with the DO, and then an additional 16x32. I've got two copies of DO, and this looks like a good way to 'fix' it. Any chance of more pictures, Headofprops?
  11. I just snapped one up for a £30 discount in the UK, BNIB. I was wary of buying it full price (I really don't need more R40 curves...) but the discount swayed me. The nosepiece is massively improved over 7897. Rebuilding in brick is possible, but I'm going to live with it as is for a while.
  12. cei

    Jawa Sandcrawler 75059 Help

    Post up some pictures of your build. My sandcrawler is right next to my desk, so I can then show you the correct build method.
  13. cei

    MOC: LCGSS Gepard

    The real life coast guard in many nations is armed, as they're used for intercepting drug traffickers etc. where some guns come in handy. The US Coast Guard takes this to another level, and their big cutters are very well armed. The newest Legend class has a Bofors 57mm main gun, a Phalanx CIWS, 4 .50 machine guns and 2 7.62mm machine guns all coupled to military grade radar and fire control systems.
  14. My Venator had red bridges as the flagship ;) It's been on my shelf for the best part of two years at this point.
  15. cei

    MOC: LCGSS Gepard

    What piece have you used for the cowling under the window? Looks like a one-piece curved part?