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  1. Trance89

    New VIP system

    I've copied this from a comment on Brickset: I'm not able to see my points either, so I hope they fix it soon.
  2. Trance89

    Review: 7317 Aero Tube Hangar

    Great review! This is one of the sets I really liked as a kid, but never had. This one belongs to the most original Lego sets in my opinion. I did not expect the separate boxes inside and thought the first time it happened was years later in exclusive sets like the Star Wars Super Star Destroyer. I'm not really surprised by this, because the Martians don't look like bad guys at all. They're even more on the cute side.
  3. Trance89

    Review: Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson

    The front doesn't really appeal to me, since it's all to thick. I think this model also would've looked better if the light bluish grey parts were metallic colored instead. (like some of parts the Aston Martin) The rest looks very good though. I'll pass on this one anyway, since I'm not really into motorcycles. Anyways, good review. Maybe you even helped Lego selling some extra of these, now that the people from the Harley dealer know this set.
  4. Trance89

    Castle Factions

    I think the Black Knights/Monarchs are a neutral faction. They are a powerful ally but fearsome enemy. Something might have happened between them and the Black Falcons.
  5. Peeron does list the x88 correctly, but only 1. Brickset also says 1, but it also links to the wrong x137. Both probably don't list spare parts. If there is only 1 x88 in the completed build, there should be 1 spare x88, so 2 should be correct. If there are 2 x88's in the complete build, there should be 3 in the box. Sometimes a Lego set misses a part. I guess it can also happen the other way around.
  6. You can put a baseplate on the bricks of your MILS module instead of plates and it'll be the same height as a normal MILS module. (Picture taken from this topic)
  7. Trance89

    10264 Corner Garage

    I like the design of this one. I wasn't expecting a corner building but an in-between building though. I thought that Assembly Square was just a special edition, not meant to be put between the other modulars, and Lego was going to continue the original square afterwards. Now we aren't able to make a full square with all existing modulars except Market Street and Assembly Square. I'm probably never going to make that square so it doesn't really bother me though. The only disappointment is that the minifigs don't have the original smiley faces anymore. I know that was already the case with last years' Downtown Diner, but still.
  8. Maybe it'll help to set a more strict schedule. You don't have to spend time on everything in just one day. Stick to just one thing a day so you can focus on just that. Switching one day with another is fine if it helps to finish something, but if it happens too often you might want to reconsider the order of your schedule. Two things a day is possible too but you'll have to keep a strict time schedule.
  9. Trance89

    This looks like a total scam to me. The website is an edited copy from the original Lego webshop and the prices are way too good to be true. There is also no information to be found about the seller.
  10. Trance89

    [MOC] Orc Burrow

    I like the stonework and angled walls of the hut and the thing with the flags on the left. The color choice for the ground is nice too. I need to get myself that helmet which the shaman(?) figure on the left in the figbarf picture is wearing. It looks very cool.
  11. Trance89

    75201 First Order AT-ST MOD/MOC

    Nice mod! This is how the set actually should've been. I feel like releasing a set with an incomple AT-ST and movie spoiler was a big mistake.
  12. Trance89

    Star Wars Buildable Figures Wish List

    I don't collect all figures so my wish list won't be as long as yours, but here it is: B1 Battle Droid (with options to create a regular, commander and security version) Droideka Snow Trooper C-3PO Royal Guard
  13. Trance89

    LL 243 Scout

    The wings are attached to the bottom part with only 2 of these per wing, but they're strong enough to hold them.
  14. Trance89

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    2 years is a long time But don't worry, it's better to take your time to try something new and create something good instead of rushing your build with the same old techniques and not really liking the MOC yourself afterwards. I'm not a fast builder myself so I know how it is. I sit down from time to time just trying some techniques, but the majority of them end up disassembled without being used.
  15. Trance89

    LL 243 Scout

    The thrusters were the first thing I made, even without knowing what kind of spaceship I was going to create later on. The bar of the rocket cone point was the last thing I added. I just tried it and thought it really added something to the build. While I was building this, the bottom reminded me of a fighter jet as well.