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  1. Trance89

    MOC - Château Guillard from Overwatch

    I figured the area where I thought there was a gate might be a spawn point in the game (or maybe something else). Since it's very likely that it's only going to be a two-side view based on the picture I linked to I don't have to worry about the impractical layout. Oh, and I never add interiors so they'll still have to do without the bathrooms.
  2. Trance89

    MOC - Château Guillard from Overwatch

    Your MOC turned out great! The scattered leaves are a nice detail. While I never played the game I am familiar with the chateau though. I saved this picture on my PC a long time ago as a reference for a future MOC. Last weekend I actually started working on that MOC which won't be a full replica, but something in my own medieval style. (probably just a two-side view) Your MOC showed me how some parts are completely different than they look in that picture, like the big 'gate' which turns out to be no gate at all. Fortunately there are more references now than there were back then.
  3. I've started learning Python at the end of last month so I might not be able to fix this script for you at the moment, but from what I learned already I can tell you that this script isn't going to work.
  4. Trance89


    Popularity aside, you could say trading is in our blood since the Dutch golden age. Nowadays export is still our biggest income. Lego is an expensive hobby, so AFOL's sell to finance their hobby while other sellers might not even be AFOL's. Next to Lego there is more stuff that Dutch people sell or services that they do to gain an extra income. Websites like BrickLink, ebay, Amazon etc. also make it a lot easier to sell stuff without having to be a good sales man or woman.
  5. Trance89

    Ferrari Landspeeder

    I'm curious where you would put those trans-red pieces. Apart from the wind shields, Star Wars vehicles don't really have transparent parts. (and some parts of the engine and stud shooters/spring missiles when it comes Lego sets)
  6. Trance89

    Ferrari Landspeeder

    Use the NOS Luke! You've heard of pod racing already. Now get ready for landspeeder racing! I mixed a real life car brand with Luke's landspeeder from Star Wars. I started with building parts of the 76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo as a base for the landspeeder. Afterwards I modified these parts, extended the hood part and added the three engines like the landspeeder has.
  7. Loved to see a pit droid in the advent calendar. The AAT is completely out of proportion. The bottom part really need to be bigger and more disc shaped. The top part looks good though.
  8. Trance89

    Official UCS set versions of popular MOCs?

    The Tie bomber was actually one of the options to vote for the next UCS set at the beginning of this year. The Republic Gunship got the most votes but considering the bomber was one of the options it can still happen in 2022 or later. Brickset article
  9. Trance89

    Springvale Watch

    This is actually interesting to read however I did not build it with anything like that in mind though. I like to build whatever comes to mind.
  10. I came across this new Harry Potter set on Brickset:
  11. Trance89

    Springvale Watch

    Yes, I used handcuffs for the windows. You're the first one who noticed and commented about it.
  12. Trance89

    Springvale Watch

    I really like this color combo myself and I'm proud of how the rock work turned out. Especially on the right side. I have no preference for yellow or fleshies myself but I think flesh colored minifigs suit this MOC better. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! The damaged part is a half stud offset. It's more realistic than one stud.
  13. Trance89

    Springvale Watch

    I present you my latest castle MOC: Springvale Watch! For more pictures, click Here.
  14. Trance89

    2B Brickhead

    This is my Brickheadz version of YoRHa unit 2B from the game NieR: Automata. I made her a bit larger than normal Brickheadz to get in as much details as possible.
  15. Trance89

    10212 Shuttle Dimensions Help

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I have the shuttle near me so I did a quick measurement. It's around 49 centimeters or 19.3 inch long from front to back. The top wing is sticking out at the back so I took that into the measurement as well.