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  1. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    I finished building this AT-AT this week and I really enjoyed building it. Apart from a few unclear or difficult piece placements it felt like I was building an actual Lego set. Thanks for sharing this awsome build!
  2. Panic in Reppingstein

    I have a feeling I saw this somewhere before... Oh wait, I contributed some bricks for this build.
  3. Pieces without Lego mark

    It's on the leaf. They have 'Lego' on the inside. The zamor spheres have 'Lego' on the bottom. It can be very hard to see though. I checked a few katana's but they all had 'Lego' on them. I checked different kinds of window glass but they all had 'Lego' on them. The only transparent part that I haven't found 'Lego' on is #T=C"]this part. I only checked a few transparent pieces though. I haven't seen them on minifig related fabrics. Other fabrics have either © Lego (sometimes with more text), only '©' or nothing on them.
  4. Pieces without Lego mark

    The seagull has a Lego mark on the bottom, inside the part that connects with studs. It's very small but it's there. The goat has a Lego mark inside the stud on it's back. The first one I've checked was a bit faded and hard to see but a second one was clear enough.
  5. Not so modular modular

    The windows and door are less complex than they might look. It's mostly plates, tiles,1x1 bricks with 1 stud on the side and headlight bricks. The small window on the top floor was the most complex but still not difficult. I wasn't sure if there was enough detail at first, but only for the top floor. I think the use of plates for the wall allready added a lot of detail, especially due to the color quality. The more you look at it, the more you'll get used to it. The flowers do look a bit too large but at least they look more playfull than two just rows of those new flowers. Thanks! That's why I only used them for the front. I didn't have enough for the whole house anyway and it saved me a lot of time breaking it down. I do like how it adds a lot of detail though.
  6. Not so modular modular

    Although it can be connected with other builings, it has no separable floors. I did this intentionally so I could use more advanced building techniques for the windows and door. The offset of the 1x2 technic bricks is also different from the originals. The sides and backside are one big grey mass, so I took no photos of them.
  7. [MOC] Pyramids of Giza

    Nice build! True. The tips of the pyramids, however, are in fact perfectly aligned with 3 stars of the Orion Belt. Those tips are missing nowadays and they might have been made of gold or some transparent crystal. Another interesting thing is that the pyramids (except for the tip) where probably covered in white lime stone which made them smooth. Yes, I really love the history of ancient Egypt (and ancient Greece), so you built what inspires me.
  8. Part of my upcoming train layout.

    Great industrial look! The set-up in the first screen reminds me of an area in a city from the game Fable 3.
  9. Nice review again. You totally missed the chance to use the shark guy for a 'left shark' joke though.
  10. Spray Bottle

    Great build! I also looks a bit like a hand grenade.
  11. Lego Prosthesis

    I just came across this awesome video. It's about a Lego prosthesis invented by Columbian designer 'Carlos Arturo Torres,' during his internship at Lego future lab (Research & Development department). It's designed for children between 3 and 12 years. Source
  12. MOC: LAX Theme Building

    Great job Tom! I really like how you made the trees.
  13. Holy stud! That's an awsome landscape! Too bad you didn't have enough bricks for more trees because it doesn't look like a forest now. I think it might have been better if the landscape was reduced by approximately 1/3 so you could have placed the trees more around and closer to the buildings.
  14. According to this website.: R: 161 B: 165 G: 162 The LDraw code is the right one.
  15. [Review] 75085 Hailfire Droid

    Nice review! I think the Hailfire droid looks a bit better than the 2008 one, although that one was better as a whole set because it also included a Spider Droid for the same price. I thought the one released in 2003 was the best one, but it appears to be a Technic set. I thought it was a regular Star Wars set as well, but I could only vaguely remember the look of that one, except for the wheels.