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  1. rocklego

    Test Poll 2

    It worked for me on chrome.
  2. rocklego

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Does this wormgear counterpart work with Lego worm gears to perform linear movement ?
  3. Really enjoy your creation that is rarely seen here . Especially quite a lot of mocs sharing on Technic forum are vehicle-related stuff , I think people will love to see more of creation like this.
  4. Another great example of community inspiration and improvement , then combination of inspiration and improvement leads to a new solution for future application. Credit goes to those who dedicate and share .
  5. Thanks Jim for fully detail review again. At least clarifying one thing I didn't get it when seeing steering angle does not reach to maximal angle. New tires really are huge .
  6. @M_longer Absolutely highly detail pictures showing all the functions. I will try to build this tractor with my loose parts before tractor is available here.
  7. I think both of you tried to explain about the diameter and radius for the ring gear. Hope that above picture shown will help.
  8. Thanks for these larger images. I managed to count 44 black links per track. And one of four yellow gear racks that combine as a big ring gear seems to have 35 teeth.
  9. Great interview made by Conchas and Sariel's. Enjoying it so much. Thanks for sharing .
  10. I thought sets review should publish on August first which is the same date new sets are released. Jim , are you positively sure you can publish review before the August first?
  11. Check the circle marked by green. I am curious that why did the designer decide to have that space between dashboard and front axle?? Do anyone have idea what is that for??
  12. What exactly is that unique number letting you go online to find exclusive content that's only available for each number??
  13. The Porsche is coming in 911 hours . Check the viedo at 0:30. https://www.facebook...?type=2
  14. Mark How are you so sure that industrial voltage rating for LEGO motors is more than 9 V ? Do you have any prove like datasheets for internal motors ? I just want to make sure not shortening the life of motors if supplying more voltage than 9 V.