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  1. drdavewatford

    iBrix Lego wireless lights

    I also pledged - I love the idea of illuminating my models but the thought of all those wires (and specifically accommodating/hiding them) has always put me off. I'd agree that at the current rate of progress the project will struggle to get funded, but I guess all we can do is pledge, publicise (https://goo.gl/d91wTv) and hope for the best.... Cheers, Dr. D.
  2. drdavewatford

    Bricklinking Cavegod's UCS AT-AT

    Yep - it can be tricky to get the head right. My blog posting here may be helpful. Good luck! Dr. D.
  3. drdavewatford

    SBrick General Discussion

    Many congratulations to the SBrick team for hitting your primary Kickstarter target - some richly deserved success for an innovative and well thought-out proposal. So now on to the stretch goals..... Sorry if I missed it in the 12 pages of discussion, but I'm not clear why the stepped design is seen as being desirable. From a purely selfish perspective, and as a backer, I prefer the more compact flat design and personally don't see the appeal of the stepped version. It seems to me that the extra £40K could be used for much more interesting enhancements than just making the SBrick bigger. So please help me understand why you feel that stepped is best. Cheers, D. [EDIT] Having just reviewed the poll, I note that only 5% of voters seem to be most enthusiastic about the stepped design, so do the majority of backers even want it ?
  4. drdavewatford

    SBrick General Discussion

    Presumably the system doesn't require line of sight since the SBrick can be hidden inside a MOC; for me that's a big advantage over LEGO's IR system right there. Kudos to the SBrick team for developing such an interesting and affordable product - great job ! I've supported; only the £29 option so far, but now I'm seriously tempted to go for the Volvo as well.... Fingers crossed the goal is reached - spread the word, people ! D.
  5. Superb review as ever, Rufus - obviously not Classic Space, but nice to see so many nods to the original sets, not to mention the printed slopes. Why do I get the feeling that LEGO will shift a few of these sets....? :-) D.
  6. drdavewatford

    Airfix quick build

    Some of the parts are pretty much identical to their LEGO counterparts, and the clutch is pretty good; those parts could easily be used to MOC. Also, one of the reasons for the bizarre shapes of some of the elements is the need to generate the camouflage pattern. On a model without the camouflage pattern the pieces might be more generic. And incidentally, if I want scale models I'd go for Airfix rather than Revell or Tamiya (definitely the poor relations when I was a kid, although I can't speak for the current situation) ! My theory is that Airfix are just testing the water with these 6 Quick Build models; if they sell I guess there's no reason why they couldn't expand the range - bigger planes, tanks, warships etc.. LEGO won't give us these (Sopwith Camel and a couple of others apart) so there is I think a niche.... Dr. D.
  7. drdavewatford

    10143 UCS Death Star II

    Oh go on - you know you want to ! It only took me 11 months.... ;-) Dr. D.
  8. drdavewatford

    10143 UCS Death Star II

    Oh man - reading your account brings back memories ! Not the most exciting build ever, but an ingenious design, and the finished model looked a lot better than I expected. It's also surprisingly robust - if you take the inverted dish off the top you can grab the top of the Technic frame and carry the model around quite easily with one hand. Well done Robin for a good read ! Cheers, Dr. D.
  9. drdavewatford

    [MOC] UCS Nebulon B - Medical Frigate 'Redemption'

    That's your first Star Wars UCS MOC, Morten ?! Holy Mackerel - amazing ! The attention to detail is stunning - top quality greebling - and you've captured the essence of the ship brilliantly. I am a bit nervous about that stand, though - looks great, but don't let anyone breathe on it or there will be tears....! I really can't wait to see this in the flesh. Absolutely superb job. What do we have to look forward to next ? D.
  10. drdavewatford

    Review Review: 10237 The Tower of Orthanc

    A magnificent review, Rufus - you've really outdone yourself with this one ! Another cracking, must-have 2013 set - LEGO must be hated by bank managers the world over. LEGO do seem to have struck a slightly uneasy balance between display piece and playset with this one, but I suspect that it's only because it IS a playset that it was ever given the green light for release in the first place. Given this, I echo the early comments about the lack of minifigures - I'd definitely have expected more of them in this set. Can't wait to build it.... D.
  11. drdavewatford

    LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village

    Have to say I'm delighted to see all the positive comments about this set, on this thread and also on other forums. Hopefully this will translate into strong sales of the set once released, and LEGO will be encouraged to give us more brave, bold, creative Star Wars sets like this rather than 'safe' remakes. I'm still amazed at the level of detail - awesome ! As others have said, all that's missing is a nice AT-ST..... D.
  12. drdavewatford

    LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village

    What a great job the designers have done with this - nice to see such an interesting, original design. Can't wait for this one ! D.
  13. drdavewatford

    Review Review: 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter

    Fantastic review of a fantastic set, Rufus - great job ! A must-buy set. If I have a criticism it's the teeny R2-D2 behind the cockpit.... A UCS Jedi Starfighter-style printed dome would have looked better IMHO. D.
  14. drdavewatford

    REVIEW: USC AT-AT (10246)

    :-) "Have a great April" indeed.....! D.
  15. drdavewatford

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    Delicious ! I can't resist a mech, and the Titan also looks great. In fact, they all look great ! Having said that, I shouldn't get ahead of myself; even being able to get my hands on the first wave of sets would be nice - come on, LEGO - let's be having them in the UK please..... D.