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  1. How is this complete if I cannot locate the "White Knight" which is arguably the most expensive figure in both sets :)
  2. Hello dear Eurobricks users. I decided I will try to sell off this beautifull display collection again. It was built once and put on display. I would prefer not to break it, am up for REALISTIC offers(based on bricklink prices/quantity -fee and some discount) Would also accept Cryptocurrencies: - NEO - Bitcoin - Litecoin -Ethereum
  3. Alcarin

    2016: A Disappointing Year?

    Sadly I have to agree, after LOTR ending and no real castle this year and me being a HUGE castle fan the only highlights of the year are some beautiful creator sets (which i rarely buy) some minifigures (and some to come, like Archer from next series) and thats pretty much it... Saved alot of money this year, but still have to buy Parisian restaurant,probably the best set so far in Creator series for the last 2-3 years in my opinion.
  4. Alcarin

    5004419 Classic Knights Set

    Give WESTERN reboot tbh.... Anyway im visiting LEGO shop just to get this for sure!
  5. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Just want to point out, people would buy battle packs from LTR even if they skip LOTR line, generic medieval fans would love the figs, let it be elves, dwarves or soldiers of Gondor with their square shields no worries.... and it would be en mass :)
  6. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I challenge you to build a faithful Gondor soldier, or if you think thats so easy, make me a Tower Guard :) only LEGO official parts, and it has to have all important emblems and uniquie stuff that GOndor equipment carried.
  7. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    No, it was the STRONGEST opponent of Sauron really. It is even explained in the book that the assault on the mightiest enemy of Sauron was not led by an ordinary commander but by the Witch King himself.... It clearly states that Sauron feared and hated Gondorians the most and considered them the strongest enemy he had to face. And i agree about Dol Amroth, actually I missed the whole army assembing and arriving to Minas Tirith as described through Pippin.... It would demonstrate alot more about Gondor pride and the disappointment of so few that arrived to protect it, due to the coastal threat, otherwise Minas Tirith would be packed with countless defenders.
  8. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I LOLed... heavily.
  9. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    The "4" minute intro can take care of singing, and creation of the World, but it cannot replace character building.... the intro of LOTR took care of the creation of the ring, NOT character building... But to make Children of Hurin, you need to explain, who is Morgoth, who are every other spirits, who fought one against another (Maia like Sauron) then you need to explain who is Hurin (youd do that in an intro???) then you would have to interrupt the whole ballad with another explaining of Hurin since in the ballad there is no explanation of Hurin's deeds, but only that he rides away with his army and is gone, then Morgoth hates his children.... this is simply insufficient. The whole story cut out of Silmarillion really makes little sense, its a supplement of Silmarillion not a stand alone work like Hobbit could be used. And to finish it off, its a story that ends in a terribly sad way. Its just totally incompatible of usual filmmaking, just like Silmarillion is too grand in scope to make it into a 1 band movie or even a trilogy, just like Game of Thrones.
  10. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Doing Children of Hurin is like doing a book in the middle and do only 1 chapter(part) of it.... Its like starting LOTR movie when Wargs attack the people moving to helm's Deep and finish it after the battle with Gandalf's speech... completely weird and without conclusion. Children of Hurin is a "ballad" of suffering with a sad end, without hope more or less. and the end is relatively devastating if we only take the kids into account, but the explain why such story is being told you would need to explain the whole Hurin story, which you cannot explain if you dont know the story of Silmarillion.... Because ordinary audience will not understand why there is another "dark lord" and Sauron serves him... why he hates children of Hurin that much, and they will not grasp the concept, unless reading book. and not just Children of Hurin book, but whole Silmarillion. Silmarillion would be a great 5 part movie though..... 10-12 hours.... Finish 1st movie at Feanor's death, then you have 3 battles (4 but one was relatively minor) to end each movie with, while the 5th movie ends with Morgoth taken down in prison and starts the story of Celebrimbor forging the rings.... the end. That or HBO 5-6 seasons 10 episodes like Game of Thrones. But it just has to be HBO really.
  11. Alcarin

    Claw Coast

    Amazing! Absolutely stunning :)
  12. Alcarin

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    This year will be my first LEGO SW advent calender purchase the white Wookie ftw :)
  13. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Minas Tirith clearly was such case, but then there was the price point right? Many LOTR locations are either big or semi boring (Osgilliath) for it to be both appealing to army builders and location lovers. Fact remains its easier to recreate Minas Tirith from Bricklink, than an authentic LEGO Gondor army with proper faction distinctions like shield with white tree, helmet, Tower Guard looks etc....
  14. Alcarin

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Yet they probably have a following higher than any of the above mentioned themes if you want to call them that way. Yes, it seems so, the grudge some or many of AFOLs that might hold against LEGO is what was the problem in such shyness..... Was it license restriction? (The i personally understand and accept it, nothing we can do or LEGO could, or maybe better business in arranging license?) If the license was no obstacle in army building sets which i believe it was not considering UHA is a perfectly fine army builder in my humble opinion, then what was the hold up? Production capability? Ok fine, I guess thats also reasonable, but then again, planners of production could easilly reduce 2-3 sets across others LEGO homemade themes (unlicensed) in favor of producing a limited license theme... Unless we agree and believe that every single LEGO non licensed set at that time was selling better than LOTR which I personally do not believe and would highly doubt such statement. Indeed, I agree, however, as far as LOTR is concerned, I can understand pretty much all figure choices, except maybe for Black Gate... Black Gate will always remain a weird set for me, advertising from LEGO suggested a double purchase would make it more epic, yet the figure choice was nowhere near good enough to support such decision by someone who does not to sell 75% figs on ebay/bricklink... for a double purchase to be warranted we would need to have armored troll instead of Mouth (i know i know, he was cool fig, but not double purchase material) and instead of Aragorn a Gondor soldier with shield and spear... also preferably armored orcs (not the same torso!) that would only leave Gandalf the White, which would be bearable imo. And yes, the huge name count of good guys left little options for LEGO, however that was only so, because of really really low set count.... especially in the second wave, and even then the good guys got "glowing" undead and not main good guy soldier, Gondor one :P
  15. Just got Astronaut instead of knight lol, was too quick was a bit in a hurry and picked the rod on which flag is for Astronaut and said this should be from mace of the knight, sigh....