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  1. AyeMatey

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Can't wait to see it. Was there a price on it?
  2. AyeMatey

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Didn’t get to see the Brothers Brick preview before it was pulled.
  3. AyeMatey

    Brick Vault Minifig Scale Slave 1

    I’ve only built two BrickVault sets (the newest X-Wing and Snowspeeder) but have been thoroughly impressed with both. This set looks like a must have. I’ve been considering the Falcon too as the built interior seems worth the premium potentially.
  4. Very interesting. They've made to the warehouse phase. We'll see I guess. Edit: Dark Troopers order was cancelled but Snowtroopers still good. How odd.
  5. Interestingly, with today's events, I was able to order both more Snowtrooper battle packs and Death Trooper hallways even though I previously hit the limit on my account. Does LEGO reset them every once in awhile normally?
  6. got through! woooo
  7. AyeMatey

    An Excess of X-Wings!

    I just finished the Jerac v2 and it is an amazingly complex and wonderful build. So much nuance, and feels like it should fall apart but is so solid. Nice write-ups.
  8. I ended up taking the plunge for $50. Not gonna stress it.
  9. AyeMatey

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    That Dragon is perfect to accent any Castle themed build.
  10. Man that blue milk minifig is a doozy to just get standalone lol.
  11. Updated Death Star is not what I'd want but I'm glad it'll satisfy some people looking for it.
  12. AyeMatey

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Great ideas. Thansk very much!
  13. AyeMatey

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hi all, I recently picked up a bin of used pieces and inside were 11 of the 12 bags to the Saurn V, unopened. Unfortunately, the first bag was missing. Is there a resource to figure out the parts for that particular bag? Potentially a search function in Bricklink? Thanks!
  14. Really digging the trash compacter. That scene is so iconic.