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  1. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    Nice job! I really wanted to write the Zombie Woman's bio, maybe have a joke about her dog digging up a fellow zombie or something, but I'm drawing a blank. If anyone else is up for it, go right ahead.
  2. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    Great group this time around. Following up on your hint and my previous bio, here's the Spooky Doll. Spooky Doll "I want to possess your-- no, wait, why are you hugging me? Fear me, you fools!" Inhabited by an evil entity ready to give you nightmares, the Spooky Doll is all ready to keep you up in terror. She's practically made for it, stitched and dirtied, and glum as can be, with her own little dolly's eye piercing into your soul. She'll move when you're not looking, destroy your property at night, and make you doubt your sanity, and when that's all done, she'll start coming after you, too! Maybe she'll even take you over in the end. It's the perfect racket for supernatural evil! But the real nightmare is her own. See, the thing is, people love her! Why? Why do the kids love to give her tea parties and take her on imaginary adventures? Why, every time she's damaged, does she get lovingly repaired with stitches that don't stick out? And how is she supposed to get out and cause chaos when a child is hugging her tight at night? Even if she scares the the parents and finds herself at the thrift store, she finds herself picked up by teens who consider her trendy! Perhaps it's time to hang up the towel and just enjoy being a doll. Those imaginary cookies are rather tasty, after all.
  3. 8BrickMario

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    Why has this thread suddenly revived?
  4. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    The minifigures are only known because of leaks, but there is a grandmother head and hair that can be switched out with the wolf head.
  5. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    The "Weird Grandma" concept is going to be a real figure, along with a new Red Riding Hood, in the Ideas Pop-up Book set. No hat because they couldn't get a new mold, but still.
  6. I see why people think it looks right, but it's just too puffy for me to agree. I think it's definitely the best option they had without making a new piece, but if Commissioner Gordon can introduce a subtly different combed hairstyle, why couldn't they put Umbridge in a set with the budget for a subtly different granny hairstyle?
  7. Snape is really disappointing; that hat was made specifically to have a bird on it when the Scarecrow CMF introduced it, but they couldn't bring the crow back in dark tan for Snape's hat? I also think Umbridge's hair is lazy. While it's in LEGO's current design standard and library, it's too wide for her hairstyle, and even though they didn't put much expense into this set, I'd really liked to have seen a direct update of the older sculpt.
  8. 8BrickMario

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just picked up Trelawney, and she's lovely. The cup and saucer are also fantastic additions that I can't wait to see more of. It's such an astoundingly dramatic improvement over whatever they thought that older figure was.
  9. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    I'm not gonna be so complimentary to the custom work, because it's objectively not that great. But when you've reached that level of influence, it is certainly a great honor for the original.
  10. 8BrickMario

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The D2C is a very nice model and the founders are excellent. I just don't have the interest in getting it.
  11. 8BrickMario

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    These figures look really nice. Sybill Trelawney is a major standout, especially since we never got anything close beforehand, but I'm also inordinately excited about the new briefcase. I'm glad the cheap "folded=hinged" pieces are being replaced. The Triwizard Cup is pretty lame, though.
  12. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    He is an exception.
  13. 8BrickMario

    Ideas for CMFs

    Those would have to be licensed characters; that's how LEGO works. The soccer players are real people, the Batman figures are licensed, so they're not yellow for those reasons. Robert8 is not going to make a fleshie series unless there are licensed figures involved, however, because LEGO does not use flesh tones for non-licensed characters.
  14. 8BrickMario

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, Cho's skin is much too dark. It's not a bad choice for some Asian people, but Cho would be better off with the light nougat skin color. Were it not for the hairstyle, I would have assumed it was Padma Patil.
  15. 8BrickMario

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh goodness I need all of these. Finally, a good Trelawney and Moody/Crouch! But Gambon-Dumbledore is great, too, and Dobby is much more LEGO. And then Credence and Graves/Grindelwald? Herbology Neville and Luna too? Very exciting. My inner HP nerd is exploding.