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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    It would be wrong because Hermione is a main character, not because it would be sexist. Such an idea that LEGO would be making a statement by denying female minifigures double-sided heads is absurd and has never been seen before.
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I think it's really creepy that Voldemort's face is rotated on Quirrell's head, almost like it's twisting and writhing and trying to pull free.
  3. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    While I agree that accuracy should be aimed for, I think this is far from the worst they could have done. The average consumer is not going to notice that this figure mashes together a few different costumes, and obviously, neither did WB or Rowling. He looks like Quirrell, and it would be pretty impossible for him to not stand out in the lineup. 'Cause of the purple turban. If anything, I wish the color of that was different, but there's no "sand purple" option that would be optimal. The older color would have looked fine.
  4. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I don't mean to sound rude, but how do you propose they would do that? Not only would the trailing part of the robe prevent a minifig from sitting flat, but where would a hinge go? The closest I can think of is what Playmobil does with long-skirted figures, with one big piece connected between hinges on the side, but that's how all their legs work and their dresses are flat for sitting.
  5. Final impressions: Classic Policeman: He's really just riding on nostalgia, but it's a great little commemorative piece that would normally be a purchase reward at LEGO Stores, and making him an extra figure makes it easy to exclude him from the series if you so please. The rest, ranked: Party Clown: I really wanted to love this figure, as all of the previous clowns have been great, but no. Nothing really works for me here. The colors really don't work together for me, and I think if he had full white face makeup, that would have worked better, since his yellow skin is causing some of the clash for me. The balloon animals are the only reason I'd get him. Firework Guy: There's just nothing about him I find interesting. Brick Suit Girl: I like the concept, but she strikes me as a little boring. Brick Suit Guy: Same here, but the classic red is better. Unicorn Guy: I'm disappointed it was a simple palette-swap, because I really wish they had expanded on the knight theme. Cactus Girl: Odd and entertaining for a couple of seconds, but not much more can be done beyond using it as a source for desert MOCs. Cowboy Costume Guy: He has some decent pieces, but he doesn't really interest me. Race Car Guy: Cars and racing couldn't interest me less, but the figure came out great, and I love the face. Birthday Party Girl: She's cute, but not much more than City-level, and she ought to have had some gifts in that box. Birthday Party Boy: I like him a bit more because of his minifigure packets. Elephant Suit Girl: The mouse and the screaming face make this one. The pink tutu is also nice to have, if there's a torso it would work with. Dragon Suit Guy: A great reproduction of some of the large dragons in past sets, and the face is great. Cat Costume Girl: I really love the weird 80s-hero kind of anthropomorphic vibe to this one, and the face makeup underneath is a great touch. Flower Pot Girl: Cute, and destined to become a monster. Birthday Cake Guy: The whole design is great, as is the idea. Spider Suit Boy: I had doubts, but the Toy Fair proves the mask's eyelids are silver, not blue. I hope we get to find out what connection he has to the other spooky kids.
  6. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Year two will probably be the only other movie/book whose sets will have student characters will with short legs, as by the third film, the gang would no longer be considered little kids and would look ridiculous with shorter legs.
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Cho was also much more significant in the books than in the films, so it's possible, maybe, that she'll get made, but it's far more likely Ravenclaw clothing may one day be represented by Luna in rare House attire.
  8. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I just realized that Nick ought to have the Elizabethan ruff collar piece, right? Sure, it's small on the real costume, but I think he'd have looked much better with one.
  9. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    In the time passed, there are now three categories of part improvements: New molds for this theme, much better molds created in the time since the last version, and new molds being released in multiple sets and themes that work great here. New molds, thus far for this line only: Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore (it's subtle), and Hagrid's hairpieces Hagrid's body Hagrid's lantern Wands Sorting Hat Candle flames Small rectangular lattice windows Curved roof spikes Small shingled roof cones New molds that have arrived in between and are great for this line: Luke Skywalker's hair for Ron Penguin's umbrella for Hagrid (though the solid color looks worse than the built-up ones) Doc Brown's hair for Nick Spooky Girl's hair for Susan Gandalf's beard for Dumbledore The Snake Charmer and Desert Warrior CMFs' turban for Quirrell More realistic spider from Jungle sets in the City theme Simultaneously-released new parts Scabbers (will also be released as a generic mouse in CMF series 18 and in Arctic sets) Height-adjusted and robe-shaped slope for McGonagall (wherever that's released), also used in some Solo sets
  10. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I noticed that, too. Honestly, if he's brick-built, that might be the one regression that this theme has in comparison to the earlier versions. Fawkes had a satisfactory mold then, so why not make him a better one now?
  11. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Oh, everything about this has me excited. And I thought the previous revival was a huge improvement, but this one set blows everything from Harry Potter 2.0 out of the water! Many more new hairpieces, better molds overall that are just perfect here, Nick, new Hagrid, wands, short first-years, the reinclusion of the character who brought us double-sided heads...argh, it's all too much. The castle is also really pretty as a display piece, too! And I thought LEGO had loosened its pull on me in recent years... I hope we get to see a proper Trelawney figure and a new Umbridge and Sirius in the future, because both felt glaringly in need of a new figure in the past iteration.
  12. Oh, I forgot about that. Don't know why I didn't see it in the image.
  13. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Huh. It's even less of a modular than the city, but I guess it's appropriate. Hi-res pictures will make the decision.
  14. Technically, Series 10 was golden, but yes, that does count. When looking at WhiteFang's most recent comparison, the color looked different enough from the flat yelllows that I didn't consider it.
  15. They haven't 100% exactly repeated any colors, but we've had two orange series, two yellow series, two light blue series, two lime green series, and three white series if you count the spinoffs, and yet no purple series. The licensed series do have their own scheme and use themed backgrounds to stand out and prevent more reuses than there need to be, but it seems purple is too "girly" for a CMF color and not worth the risk.