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  1. Small fairy dragon with magic wand of Love. I build this MOC in one night, highly inspired by Elves set I got.
  2. The Chosen One

    Glaurung the Fierce

    Wingless dragon, known for its cruelty and ferocity. My entry for Jayfa's dragon contest, BWTB non-humanoid MOC contest and Brickset character building competition.
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    Absoulte unit.
  4. The Chosen One

    Christmas tree ornament

    Christmas tree ornament.
  5. The Chosen One

    Cossy the Blue Warrior

    Remake of this MOC for 2018 Secret Santa challenge.
  6. The Chosen One

    Bounty hunter pursuit

    My entry for GRID WARS contest.
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    Coordinates obtained, target locked, taking measures.
  8. The Chosen One

    Mr. Jack O’Lantern

    A welcome guest at any party.
  9. The Chosen One

    Arachnid cyberslamus

    My entry for BBC contest №76.
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    Son of Makuta - Rahi Control

    "Go, my sons. Use the shadows, and keep my brother asleep."
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    ██ FORTIS. ███ SANAT. ███ LVMINA. ███ INTERCEDAT. EGO SVM ███.
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    Information received, data processed, task assigned.
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    Case established, suspects identified, investigation in progress.
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    We're all living in Amerika

    Amerika ist wunderbar. My entry for second stage of Biocup. My subtheme was holiday and somehow I got Independence day (USA).
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  17. The Chosen One

    Set and Horus

    Set and Horus. My entry for the Bio-cup round 1.
  18. The Chosen One

    Preta the Demon

    My entry for Bio-cup preliminaries.
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    Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip from "Chip 'n' Dale" series. My entry for detective contest on Additional pics. Also check Dale for full experience.
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    Teridax: Master of Shadows

    "Toa of Light. Now so bold. But at heart you are still just Takua. You failed to save your friend. You didn't even warn him. Perhaps, for your next great failure, a simple game of kohlii? Win and you may try to open the gate. When you lose, l'll have that mask." — Teridax, Mask of Light. This is an occasional MOC made for BBC Contest №75. Once my mate kinda dropped out, I decided to make something for Patricks Biggs Takanuva (his mate kinda dropped out too, so DViddy suggested anyone to join him, in case they want). This MOC was specially made in Pats fancy coat style to fit his Takanuva. It was a pretty fun reverse engineering experience. I paid as much attention to details as I could, though not everything I wanted was released... The key chain is supposed to be a reference to Hau-gate from Mask of Light movie.
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    The Beast

    The Beast from "Over the Garden Wall". (source pics)
  23. The Chosen One

    [Galidor Category B] Jens

    Here is Jens, the one and the only.
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    [Galidor Category A] G-drone

    G-drones were used by evil Gorm for searching, recording and collecting information. They fly really fast. When they are done G-drones come back to base, translate the info and also get some charge at docking station.