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  1. A lot of people are didn't MandR run a campaign for Jar Jar? Perhaps an ObiWan as Kenobi is coming soon would be a nice omage to the OT as well.
  2. I'm waiting to see the finished article, they may have to Range Trooper pauldrons. The figs look better that I expected, really like the look of the heavy trooper as well. Easily one of the best waves in years and with 2 possible UCS reveals, it could go down as one of the best waves in SW Lego.
  3. Please expand on toxic... Pretty sure @Brikkyy13 is commenting on things that are out in public forum here. On the wave, it's "A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one" feels like the Rogue One period, well before TROS started the Lego dive for a few years...
  4. They should be politicians, deflect and avoid. We're not asking for special treatment just equal.
  5. The battle packs are the best news I've had in a while... So much potential now with all the shows coming up.
  6. UCS falcon had figures related to the movie either OT or ST so that argument doesn't really stand. Nothing has been out of place for UCS, it's always been a Hugh end focus with appropriate minifigs. Lego said it was an AOTC focused set in the vote, Cody wasn't in it. Mace, Yoda, Anakie, Padme, Obi-Wan and phase 1 clones were, pick from them. Honestly SW fans are getting a little bit annoying with all the Cody carry on. If I were lego I'd not ask anymore after the brickheadz and this whinging fiasco. If you hate the fact that Cody isn't in don't buy the set, personally I don't care, I'm actually buying it for the ship and not a minifig. By the way I actually voted for the Nebulon and paid over the odds for the SDCC one which didn't come with a Cody or any minifig for that matter, just the ship. I get it's a sore point but nothing new since 99, the sets that were missed or minifig selection back then was the same as it is now... It took us until 2020, to get most of the Cantina done, a decent portion of Jabba's throne (2014), no Genosian Arena, no Yavin base (probably wouldn't sell well). AOTC, TPM and ROTS aren't all that well represented and we're complaining over what essentially is a CW character... please I know he was in ROTS, but no context to the relationship was established on film. People should be happy we're getting a PT UCS set, not too many of them around. I'd kill for and ARC-170, JSF, amongst others. We get recycled system scale sets, nothing Wookie updated in a while. I don't see why people are surprised of have such hurt feelings over it. Still no bantha or arena creatures either, complete missed boat.
  7. I don't get the Cody love for this set. It makes zero sense. Hopefully we get him in another set, but not pinning my hopes on it. I also don't understand the retric that many fans will not forgive Lego for this, so a bunch of people didn't get what they want, if you've been doing this since 99, it's par for the course. Otherwise, welcome to the party...
  8. You're probably right, can't remember if they did the Razor's Crest though...
  9. Saw on usual places the new Headless character from the HP line being fully glow in the dark... Would really love some Jedi spirit characters...
  10. Yeah I commented on the post last night saying I wouldn't believe anything therein. People sprouting nonsense like @MandRproductions get people like @BigA_7 (not saying he watched the clip) influenced by others when it is really nothing more than an opinion on a geographic region that he has very little knowledge of. With regards to being in Australia, it was difficult getting any set Lego last year, I was lucky that I got mine in the first release window. Being in Melbourne (for those of you who don't know, it was the worst hit city in Australia and 4million of us we're locked in/down for 100+ days) I was still able to get my hands on them. I think the problem was people (myself included) bought several of them, I don't personally trust Lego or retail here to get it right so purchased a few of them.
  11. If you can buy them, not too fussed about some price point go for it. Each to their own I guess.
  12. I feel like getting them day 1 is a thing in Australia as retail barely have any to buy most times these days.
  13. I find I only buy the UCS sets these days, I'll pick the probe up on Amazon, probably be cheaper and well i trust their shipping when comparing with lego here. Shame that we get treated so poorly.
  14. Feel like we are always hoping for more minfigs.