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  1. More detail in Enfys Nest helmet. Shame about the paint ops.
  2. Feel your pain. I only do enough s@h to get free shipping.
  3. I feel there is more to them than the other two... yet maul has 3 more pieces than the rest.
  4. Have mine coming from s@h. The Rangetrooper I get but the others were just too expensive.
  5. Shouldn't someone just ask @LEGOscum
  6. Do you know if we are getting it still?
  7. Same, I was unimpressed... There are plenty of others they could before this set.
  8. Fine for that target market if the price point is right...
  9. I think there are other things they could do prior to a set like this, pretty sure there are a list of sets people are crying out for...
  10. Really... As cute as they were, apart from the little builds in both Ach-To Training and the UCS MF these aren't needed...
  11. Hopefully it is an improvement on the previous version. Not too sure apart from the slightly blocky nose where considerable improvement will come from. Visors should be on helmets for such an exclusive set. They've done printed helmets on faces in the past.
  12. So only the two buildables. Still waiting to see an interior shot of the MF. Out of the buildables that have leaked the trooper appears the best.
  13. Or we could be getting a Rebels inspired ISD out of it? Perhaps the ship plays a significant part at the end of Rebels and TLG know we all love an ISD.
  14. SVL would be one of those people who are reliable.
  15. Gees people are whining here. Sets will be out soon enough. When you see prelims you can make up your mind. Hassling people about it will not lead to information quicker and only increase the overall angst.