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  1. "Ho ho ho ho ho" Jabba the Hutt
  2. I think if Lego are going to make moulded animals there are some I'd put in front of a blurrg. Personally I'd like Bantha as it's in PT, OT and TBOBF
  3. What in the TLJ could you possibly expect to see that hasn't been made?
  4. People were getting the Saturday, all over social media. I picked 1 up.
  5. People in Australia have been picking the AT-TE up in stores all weekend long.
  6. There's one in Victoria too now.
  7. Thing of beauty... love the shape. Minfigs look good from what I can tell.
  8. As stated above, this set is pleasant surprise. Love having a Kaminoan as well, hopefully a couple more come now. Hopefully the full wave is not too far behind, I saw the tease for the AT-TE being shown tomorrow on someone's story.
  9. Noted, system scale more appropriate. My main point was I'd rather see a palace than Endor or Yavin as it makes sense this year, Endor makes sense next year. Depending on Andor as a show would determine whether Yavin makes sense at all.
  10. MBS is minfig scale, we already have him in that scale. Was more thinking of justice to the palace and as TBOBF has given us more insight it could be far more interesting than the odd playset.
  11. I'd rather the MBS be a massive Jabba's Palace. At least that would put an end to the Rancor, Jabba, TBOBF, Mando set wish lists. Throw a few Pykes in there for completeness and MBS set done. Too many people making fake accounts these days.
  12. Darth Malgus

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    Thinking about the unknown MBS set later this year. I appreciate current wisdom is Endor, however, I wonder if it were a bigger scale version of Jabbas Palace, includes Rancor and a space for the slave 1. Personally a more complete Palace would make a lot more sense with an Endor next year for the 40th anniversary... only a thought.
  13. I like it, hopefully a couple of sets there. Lego can reuse its inquisitor moulds too.
  14. Managed to get 5 for my AT-AT, only 7 left to get...
  15. Ahsoka started on backorder, was never anything else. The battle pack is annoying as it will undoubtedly end up like the 501st.