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  1. "Great vehicle escape" wonder what makes the grade... Ep 2 speeder chase?
  2. I find it easier to get it s@h, don't miss out that way... I always think of the rebels sets, last years freemakers sets where people missed out here in Australia.
  3. I got that, however. I think TLG tends to look at these with OT eyes, it just works out that they can create these scenes in the Freemakers series. I still stand by my original assertion that he needs to be made to complete the scene from ESB, whether it happens as a result of some other media medium, personally I don't care.
  4. I'd get anything that had a Zuckuss in it... He's the last one from the SSD that we don't have, guess they held him back from the bounty hunters pack for a reason?
  5. Figures... Is that the ''rumored' cloud city set?
  6. I like the solo sets as a whole. Nice to get a few net sets from time to time... PT & OT seemed to be on repeat. Conveyex really needed another carriage to be fair. Shame it wasn't designed to go on the new rollercoaster tracks...
  7. More detail in Enfys Nest helmet. Shame about the paint ops.
  8. Feel your pain. I only do enough s@h to get free shipping.
  9. I feel there is more to them than the other two... yet maul has 3 more pieces than the rest.
  10. Have mine coming from s@h. The Rangetrooper I get but the others were just too expensive.
  11. Shouldn't someone just ask @LEGOscum
  12. Do you know if we are getting it still?
  13. Same, I was unimpressed... There are plenty of others they could before this set.
  14. Fine for that target market if the price point is right...