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  1. So only the two buildables. Still waiting to see an interior shot of the MF. Out of the buildables that have leaked the trooper appears the best.
  2. Or we could be getting a Rebels inspired ISD out of it? Perhaps the ship plays a significant part at the end of Rebels and TLG know we all love an ISD.
  3. SVL would be one of those people who are reliable.
  4. Gees people are whining here. Sets will be out soon enough. When you see prelims you can make up your mind. Hassling people about it will not lead to information quicker and only increase the overall angst.
  5. I've emailed one of the people at RS - I'd say at a guess @LEGOscumand had email discussions about LSW before this list about some of the things they posted. They're clearly aren't interested in clickbait. They genuinely have an interest in lego.
  6. Quite like the Han Solo Sets. Good selection of minifigs too. Nice that it looks like Lando and Han in the MF 😊
  7. If anyone was to manage to get an additional DJ polybag, I would very much like to purchase it off you, if willing to sell. These things never come to Australia 😐
  8. Not going to happen... it would be nice to get a huge playset for tatooine... all the cantina denizens, etc. A Ronto perhaps, has playability to it all. I want some original sets, plenty of canon stuff they can do now as well.
  9. I agree its out of whack. I would just prefer something new at the moment... the same applies to the system line: sandspeeder, mos eisley cantina, upcoming x-wing, sandcrawler, Anakin's JSF... TLG is just lacking originality right now and the UCS line is no different.
  10. Reserve the right to be pessimistic on this one... if they redo to Y-wing 😒 surely there are other things they could make. 3 makeovers in 4 or 5 years would be too much...
  11. Hopefully that is true... just hoping that they can feed a few less exclusives in this coming year due to 2 movies 6 months apart...
  12. The two movies close together will make 2018 a nightmare for set finding... especially if they do retailer exclusives with every wave.
  13. Such a waste of potential...
  14. There are images of an AT-ST less cockpit on the internet. Loved a lot of the movie. Middle act wasn't really needed... but the casino and racing was a nice side element, I liked the police and would much rather an escape set with the horsey thingy. I like that it was different as well, Luke was good, different and Yoda, well it was executed rather well.
  15. Agree that the FO AT-ST looks terrible... no fan boy moment there.