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  1. If the list is true, then I'll be very happy right now.
  2. I also live in a capital city in Australia and there are massive stock issues with SW Lego over the past 18 months. Can totally agree with the AT-ST Raider, luckily picked one up on day 1 otherwise would've never got it. Additionally there have been stock issues from warehouse to other retail outlets and this has a flow on affect, luckily I got my 501st and AAT sets online last year but know a number of people who have had issues trying to purchase in stores.
  3. I've posted in the future speculation thread, wondering here if anyone has heard of any High Republic sets for 2HY? Seems to be a big push from LFL on this era.
  4. Darth Malgus

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Does anyone think that we may get a 'The High Republic' theme? They did this with 'The Old Republic' I expect they may stick to the movies/streaming but Lucasfilm have pushed this project like no other outside of TV/Movies beforehand... This dropped today. Got me thinking that Lego may jump on board as some of their other licences have.
  5. I'm ok with it the way that it is, I feel its far easier for me to scroll to the points that most interest me or check out the other pages on occasions. I wish for the days when we used to have more pictures and leaks than we do these days...
  6. PLease not another DS, I didn't even get this one as it felt very little changed between this and the last one. Unless its a DS2 with sections I don't think there is the need and there really were only 2 iconic scenes: 1) Emperor's arrival 2) Throne Room.
  7. As people are speculating here, what if the set came with Beskar armour and perhaps a few more prominent Mandalorians from animated shows?
  8. Tie looks good. Glad they kept the edging on the wing panels, was worried that may go.
  9. Perhaps another ARC-170 could be good. Some PT Star Destroyers would be nice also, anything Nubian except for the N1. I would prefer the Genosian arena if they were going to do playsets. There are things out there that could be done which would have appeal.
  10. ERG would be tough, if they get it wrong then it would look terrible and possibly kill the line. Would be nice to see some Rebel helmets at some point too. I'll wait for leaked pics before I get too excited or disappointed on 2021 sets.
  11. Will be interesting to see how it pans out, wonder if the X-Wing could be an ESB one say from Yoda's hut? The Tie, well they're always around, 3 minifigs is interesting though, usually a Pilot, droid and Imp Officer; wonder if they go with the same 3? Battle packs will be sorely missed. Although who knows what mid year will be like, without much content out there at the moment and current events perhaps the timing was right for a refresh/pause on ideas?
  12. True, I remember people getting excited about bantha's.
  13. Agree with the sentiments here, a bomber shouldn't be that hard and to be fair looking at the reviews of the current wave with exception of a few sets the designs appear to be underwhelming. Making a set that others want and has as much presence as others shouldn't be too niche.
  14. I was referring to the marketing aspect between LFL and the licencees pre and post Disney: https://www.jeditemplearchives.com/2020-07-09-what-changed-at-lucasfilm-after-disney-bought-the-company/ its worth a read and it seems to reflect some of what people believe. I'll take the word of a guy who worked there for 15+ years at face value.
  15. Not too sure if you've read quotes attributed to JW Rinzler in the last few days, they may change your perspective...