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  1. I enjoy both the prequels and clone wars and I'm old. That doesn't change the fact that sets based on the cartoons have generally not sold well and that there is a vocal minority of, mostly, younger people on the internet who are loudly adamant about CW sets. That's fine that they are vocal about liking something but some people need to temper their expectations. Just because you want something badly doesn't mean it is in TLGs best interest. (apparently people get offended when I bunch teens and millennials together...the reason why age matters is because of the average amount of disposable income that can be spent on things like toys as far as the discussion is concerned. )
  2. The problem is there are a bunch of kids screaming about wanting CW sets. They are the loud, vocal minority. Both on these forums from leakers and from youtubers. Lego knows what sells. The sets from the cartoons have never sold extremely well. Let's face it. Regardless of the discussion about targeting adults we heard from Nuremburg, we aren't getting large scale CW sets targeted at adults. Lego knows better. Be happy with the sets we do get eventually. (there is a whole other discussion that can be had about the profitability of sets targeted at teens and millennials but, if you want to have that discussion maybe we should have it in pms so we don't get to off topic?)
  3. If it is an at at hopefully it will be a noticeable upgrade. I passed on the 2014 at at because it wasn't better than the 2010 version. If it's clearly better I will definitely pick it up...but I'm not holding my breath. If I had to guess it will just be another side-grade instead of an upgrade like Lego seems to do.
  4. Prior to all of the new movies it was common we saw future waves at NYTF. There is a chance that, with no new movies on the horizon to spoil, we might see more at NYTF fair than we have the last 5ish years.
  5. Dune, please let it be a thing.
  6. From the perspective of TLG it is understandable. Resistance sets didn't sell well. Clone wars sets didn't sell well originally. Clone Wars fans are a very vocal minority. I don't think they would sell as well as some people seem to think they would.
  7. You arent familiar with what he is talking about. There was "ballot stuffing" in the thousands of votes that Hasbro realized and talked about after the fact. It was publicly addressed. So relax...
  8. Stop watching. Vote with your views. I agree. The way he comes off is indicative of his age. One positive thing about our hobby is that it appeals to a wide variety of age ranges. There are plenty of other people producing Lego content. I encourage you to not support the bad ones. Unsubscribe. Stop watching people who dont produce high quality, mature, well thought out content.
  9. lego the hutt

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I've been waiting for a sale. Finally found a new kylos shuttle cheap enough to pick up. It was 84$ out the door. Good enough for a set I'll be building.
  10. Agreed, the scale will determine whether it is a purchase or not. If its not on scale with ucs r2 and bb8 it will be an easy pass. It might be if a bunch of those 500 pieces are tread pieces.
  11. If you think the visual dictionaries are canon you can pm me if you want to know more so we don't get way off topic.
  12. Not saying that is incorrect but, be careful about referencing the visual dictionaries as they are not officially canon.
  13. lego the hutt

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    We definitely disagree. The new one is much better imo but we also disagree about the first one being the best set in the wave. The first one wasn't good even before we got a remake. This remake is Lego's way of saying "this will begin to make things right". Lego reps. seemed a little embarrassed about getting the color wrong based on pre production images when questioned about it after TFA release. That must have been a factor in why they produced a remake so quickly.
  14. Of the sets, for now, I'm only interested in Ben's expected. We will see if the new movie changes anything but I have enough xwings and tie fighters and land speeders etc. These designs aren't different enough that they would add much value to the display imho. I'll probably pick up the busts if they look good.
  15. That face printing was the worst. It ruined those sets for me.