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  1. Ah, good point, so it would have been the other way around...the fig was included in the gunship because they already had plans for it in the pack. That makes sense. (I guess we don't know how far in advance of the fan vote those sets were planned out was mentioned they had a Nebulon B model designed well before the vote). The other thing people keep bringing up in regards to that discussion about including the same trooper is that the UCS GS has been readily available. Regardless of sales history, this pack can't be good for future gunship sales
  2. You don't think they had thousands of those troopers already made and that drove the decision?
  3. There is a discussion on another forum about how including the same clone from the UCS gunship is a sign it isn't selling well...thoughts?
  4. I was using your list so you are the only one that knows lol...but I was counting system scale sets. The things you listed under PT/TCW and OT exclusively to simplify it.
  5. I feel you on the big eyed TCW figures. I was never a fan of the big eyes and actually replaced some of those heads (but the ones with the face printing hidden behind a helmet were good). But again now we are bringing opinions into it. I seems like breaking it down the way I did was the most impartial imo.
  6. Rebels could be questionable as well...though personally I feel like we also got some good clonetroopers in the rebels sets that tied in with my PT displays but you have to draw a line somewhere. I'm not sure disney era movie sets should be considered with standard OT sets? But it is an opinion. I thought it was a lot less watered down to simply included standard/system scale OT vs PT/TCW and leave all the extra...opinion based...sets out of it. That seems to be the best way to represent what is being talked about to me. (Though like I mentioned I'm curious about what that would look like for the last 10 years specifically).
  7. Of course I'm not verifying the numbers but, basing it on the above list the spread is way less than I thought. We all know there have been more OT UCS sets than PT sets. It's probably because more older fans tend to be able to afford larger sets? Whatever the reason, it is a given there are way more more OT UCS sets. Hopefully as more PT fans get into their 30's and have more money we will see more PT UCS sets over the next decade or so? So the question then comes down to normal size/price point, system scale type sets. As a fan I tend to consider TCW sets and Prequel sets similarly because they are from the same time frame and contain a lot of the same features (clone troopers/vehicles etc). The question I asked in the previous post was: "What would the chart look like with TCW and PT combined?" Here is the answer using the above numbers: OT:119 PT/CW: 155 I'm surprised by that given how vocal some people are about it being the other way. Though there is the point that the PT/TCW sets came out mostly a long time ago when those shows/movies were current. That's where the chart on the previous page is helpful because it broke it down by year. I wonder what it would look like if we combined PT/TCW sets but only included the last 10 years so we got a much more recent perspective? It's hard to estimate just looking at that chart.
  8. Great post. A couple questions. Where do Rogue One, Solo and Mandalorian sets factor into this? Also, TCW takes place during the Prequel Trilogy. As far as content it expands on those films (Clonetroopers, similar vehicles etc). As a fan, I'm happy to get sets from either of them. What would the chart look like with TCW and PT combined?
  9. Yes, it was the same format where fans voted for 1 of 3 sets. The 2009 Fan's Choice Set is a set where people voted on three alternatives for a 2009 Star Wars LEGO set. Voting was from May 10 to 18, 2008. The three alternatives were: The Arrest of Palpatine Slave I and Cloud City Landing Platform Mon Calamari Cruiser Set It was later found that the winner of the contest was the Mon Calamari Cruiser Set, and became the 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser.
  10. History tends to repeat itself. Home One didn't sell well after it won the fan vote...
  11. lego the hutt

    Loose bricks on my last purchase

    I had similar issues with the older Hogwarts sets from a few years back ...not the new Hogwarts. They have almost 0 clutch power on some of the roof pieces. They just sit there very loose. I can only assume that the parts were exposed to extreme fluctuations in humidity that caused them to expand and shrink a tiny amount before I received them. Fluctuations in humidity tends to be the cause of many problems with abs plastic. Loss of clutch power being minor to brittle cracking and breaking being much more if an issue.
  12. Unless season 2 bombs or the razorcrest gets destroyed in the show I expect us to get season 3 and a remake of the Lego razorcrest. It's basically the new falcon. The protagonist ship from the most popular thing going in the star wars universe. TLG wont miss the opportunity to make more money off of it.
  13. You dont see the issue with your point? You werent collecting back were 9 in 2009 so you are still a kid now. You have no basis to have any kind of valid opinion but you still try to give one. This forum is ridiculous. Just dont respond to me...
  14. I question your involvement in the hobby 10 or 15 years ago if you think it's debatable. Clone wars sets were constant shelf warmers and would hit deep clearance and still not get purchased. There was a general consensus within the afol community of disliking the large, anime style eye printing that didnt match other type of figures. The point is, there seems to have been a shift lately. People seem to be clamouring for clone Wars and PT sets. We dont need to get to off topic and go into why that ^ is (we can have that conversation in pms if you want). I'm interested to see if waves that are a majority PT/CW continue to be produced in the future. There is definitely untapped potential there for sets.
  15. I hope you aren't in a vocal minority. For a long time many people have focused on the OT at the expense of the PT. TCW sets already failed once. PT sets have historically not sold as well as OT sets over the last couple decades but there seems to have been a shift lately. Hopefully, for Legos sake, there are a few hundred thousand of you who will put their money where their mouth is.