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  1. Just finished an LDD of subject matter ... would be nice if someone else would contribute other parts of such GBC ... http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=533483
  2. Of course I have ... and it's notarized too, by the queen herself. What, you think we're lawless savages?
  3. Not quite ... if you read through all the posts, the discussion went back and forth between the power puller and other favorite sets, the shuttle was one of them.
  4. Just did it ... bought an 8480 off eBay ... decent price, only few missing common parts ... should make for a fun evening or two.
  5. Here is what I have so far. Let us make this a team effort and have someone complete the LXF. ... I hope is ok to post. Madoka SUV Mk II.lxf
  6. Working on a gbc that calls for very long segments of the 3mm rigid hose. The longest ever made by TLG was 75c63 and appeared in a spongebob set. Question is: does anyone know of an alternative ... where one can buy a compatible part by the meter (or foot) ?
  7. I have 2 sealed 8258 ... and one open , but not selling ;) ... imho, one of the best sets ever.
  8. Congratulations Jim ... looks like a photo change is in order now :)
  9. Thank you for reviving this thread. This was one of my first few sets, coming back to lego, ... back around 2003-4 .... I liked how they used two motors to generate more torque. Still have it, should rebuild it someday. I never opened the tape, it is still wrapped in cello clear paper ...
  10. In another thread, we've been discussing ideas on how to make auto transmissions more 'realistic'. One common 'desire' was to have different size clutch gears as the current gearboxes (8448/8466) are far from real life. I was just looking at one of the previous generation differentials, and with some skills and a sharp blade, one can in fact obtain a 24 teeth clutch. (The current clutch has only 16 teeth). This is not for the purists but nonetheless one 'option'. The real question is: When are we going to see a transmission based on the newly found clutch?
  11. Train and Model Shop .... hmmm ... wonder if there are many left in the US
  12. The first time I hooked up the two, they were happily talking to each other ... My son would shake the iPad, and the rapt3r would dance side to side. Now, mysteriously, they categorically REFUSE to talk to each other. The EV3 brick simply refuses to pair with the iPad ... I wonder if the slithering contraption (snake) scared/traumatized the iPad for good ....
  13. This 'shapeways' is giving some non-lego ideas ... 1. make a smaller replica of your house 2. capture 'sculptures' of your kids .... over the years Question is: need a 3D scanner that then outputs files compatible with 3D printing. Anyone knows if this exists? I had scans of my kids done in 'acrylic' years back ... It looks like a glass cube with tiny bubbles inside, that 'mimic' the scanned surfaces. Perhaps link below has answers to many questions in this thred ... http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=86328
  14. That is what I thought as well i.e., most likely an earlier prototype in a different color. However, looking carefully at both pics, the camera bodies/shapes are VERY different. Unless, possibly, the black cam is a 'photoshopped' image of a webcam that never existed.
  15. DrJB

    Technic Clone Brands

    Not really ... but an exact copy of a Ferrari car. I would not touch them but .... has anyone seen how 'close' to Lego the bricks are? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ferrari-Sports-Car-Large-Technic-Model-/271273417352?pt=Building_Toys_US&hash=item3f2927da88
  16. I've been looking for more details about the GBC shown in the link below. Anyone knows if we can track the author and ask for some pics? http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=74078
  17. I have replicated 4 of his modules so far ... so much inspiration. My favorite is the pneumatic module (first post in this thread). Working now on the bucket wheel tower.
  18. Very nicely done. Thank you for sharing.
  19. From my own experience, BT's performance is 'flaky/temperamental' at best. I'm using a PC with Windows 8, NXT 2.0. Had to buy 3 BT dongles before I found one that worked. Initially, I was able to download programs directly from the computer to the NXT brick. Lately however, that can't be done. There are many sites out there that list BT dongles that would (or not) work with NXT. IMHO, this BT technology is still very immature, and TLG should look into alternates. Wonder if one can download via wi-fi on EV3 ...
  20. In fact, there is a 9V battery pack 4760c01. It has however the old 2x2 tile connector. You can still use it on PF components with an adapter cable 60656. The reason the 9V is not used anymore is simply 'battery capacity'. The larger (volume) the battery, the longer it'll last. The 9V battery is in fact 6x small 1.5V batteries all packaged together. If you use a 9V battery, be mindful that you'll be changing batteries more often than you did with 6xAA.
  21. Yes, you should be able to, as long as all components are rated for 9V. Now, TLG sells an adapter cable with a PF connector at one end and an old-style 2x2 tile connector at the other end. S@H sells them for $2.99 for the 20 cm version. They are available from other locations (eBay+Bricklink) but a bit more expensive. Keep in mind though that S@H charges both shipping and taxes (at least here in the US).
  22. DrJB

    Technic Clone Brands

    Thank You