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  1. [MOC] Class 1 Brian Ickler Buggy

    Very capable, sturdy and fast buggy! (Btw: not too wide, it looks accurate for me.) A bit on the critical side: the paneling could be more smooth to give a more coherent appearance, and the light bar should be on the front of the cabin. Despite it's incorrect position, the steering wheel is a nice gimmick. All in all, it is a very good MOC, I dig it.
  2. Looks good, I would say keep all the accessories as option in the model, so everyone can pick to add for personal favour. I wasn't sure about the quite horizontal position of the springs, but You achieved MONSTER movement range, which is definitely a huge plus! What about a compromise for the color combo: black 3x11 curved panel with 3x5 panel? (Or keep the actual ratio, I am lazy to count properly.) It adds to the insectoid look, and also could be used as number plate - as seen on motocross bikes.
  3. Getting better, than I expected. I like the color scheme, for me it didn't work, but here it looks good. I would change the roof sides for black - I experienced quite a bit time with colors, and the black "window frame" adds a bit contrast to the main colors. A bit like in cartoons, You see the contours a bit more appearant, also adds a bit illusion of roll cage. I would also move the engine towards the cabin, at least for sake of optical center of gravity. I am following the build further with great interest!
  4. I think You maxed out the panelization - it is already a fact to admire! I am sure, the performance is also up to the bodywork, great MOC.
  5. Yes and sorry, I meant misleading for me - who was not aware of the existence of this rig.
  6. Misleading title a bit, but definitely ugly enough to like! I love the sleek and re-thought chassis design.
  7. Spare wheel in this size just does not look good, and covers a lot interesting bits - tried already in my designs, it destroys visually the nice lines. Honestly, not much to look on a wheel, but an engine is definitely eye candy.
  8. I say make the golden middle: keep the engine, drop the drive for it - a fake fake engine. It does add a lot to the look. Edit: or keep the drive and add lights too, if you want to show the versatility of Buwizz for a certain contest... For performance MOC, I would stick to my first suggestion. Edit 2: speaking about contest - just for the contest purpose, You could add some brick built schematic seats - also a + to use the studs on Buwizz.
  9. [MOC] Truck 6x6

    It is a badass looking rig! I think the layout is great, I wouldn't close the project, but rebuild the parts you are not satisfied with, I do believe it is worth a V2 overhauling.
  10. Stunning... You really topped your MOCing career. Best wishes and good luck for You!
  11. [MOC][WIP] Steppenwolf

    In that case You might involve metal U-joints (from RC hobby) rather than 3D printed ones, and modify axles to fit inside. But keep in mind, this model was built as manual model, many extra reinforcements, redesign might be needed to keep up the required performance. Not to mention many parts can be destructed: differential,gears, axles...
  12. For me this is one of the most appealing vehicle themed MOCs recently. Clever solutions, moderate size, purpose oriented design, my favorite wheel/tire combo, nice presentation. Everything to like.
  13. Nice and clean solution with the new steering links, like it! Also the performance is great, I am really curious what kind of bodywork will be dropped on. I suggest a rather minimalistic, easy to remove (modular) panel solution.
  14. Is buildability against of this simple solution? I took 5M beam in order to give support in steered positions too.
  15. Answered in Didumos69's Buggy project:
  16. Hello All! It is winter time, so I am bit more busy on Legoing. After seeing, that @Didumos69 started his 4x4 buggy project, I looked into a bit deeper the Ultra 4 racing, and the rigs been driven in this extreme events. Finally the video, what I linked to his topic, triggered the work on another MOC: the Ultra 4 buggy. Here is another video to see the interesting bits of independent suspension system on this beast: Still, I might end up with IFS (independent front suspension) and solid axle with torque bar for the rear, but the body is heavily inspired by the Lasernut buggy. Parameters: 2x L motors 1x servo motor AAA battery box - in order to be replace ability with BuWizz in case IR control Let's look at into the progress a bit, maybe it is interesting to read. I started on 28. november with LDD model. To set the proportions, and the body ideas, I usually place the essential parts free in space first. Check the real inspiration thing and the very first sketch: After that I added the electronic parts, to check the necessary minimum space. (Unfortunately has corrupt models, so some cover parts of the motors are just not present.) At this stage, I built the front axle, to see how can I integrate the steering. The answer is: massive fail. So back to drawing table, I deleted the 5x7 frame, and started to figure out, how to connect the needed fixation points for swingarms, servo. Due to this, the model gets more complex than I thought, but buildability is always first! I recommend to check meanwhile IRL building too, or at least stop by and thinking about how to add the related parts. I was hopeing for a simple MOC, but I ended up already a pretty complex assembly, so I made each step with double check. Later on, I will try to add groups in LDD to represent the buildability order too. So far the front module with steering and IFS is ready, the middle module is almost done, I am wondering about interchangable solid axle or independent solution for the rear - not sure yet. Also the color is to be decided yet, as the springs type as well (soft or hard). I think if soft ones will be OK, than I go for white body, as it presents the "rollcage" better. In case the yellow hard shock absorbers will be needed, of course the only choice is: full MEAN black body. This picture shows the advantage of the white body, and also a comparison for tyre types: 3740 on the left, 45982 on the right, both on 56908 wheels. So far 407 parts, and I guess it is about 70-75% ready. I need to figure out how to fix the roof, and create a solid, but easily disconnectable rear module. Necessary parts are ordered, so real build pics might come in couple weeks first. And how is the road presence? I guess it will be pretty much like a punch in the face. p.s.: Yet another WIP, I hope for long winter nights, to finish at least some of my unfinished projects...
  17. Hi Didumos! To keep the relevant informations in one place, I answer here. I just checked for You: 1) Like a flick missile, not very tight, not very loose. 2) Same - that's why I also have blocking structure below. 3) Super loose. 4) Quite good, You can pull the half pin out without any separation wilingness of the towball. 5) No. (I tried old Binocle ones - don't know if these have been changed during the years.) "The pin with tow ball I'm using disconnects when the front wheels generate too much traction." - Can You explain this in details to understand the phenomenon?
  18. Very good test, too bad You took my sketch design 1:1. That would be my guess, definitely structural reinforcement is needed, sorry for not to explaining that previously. I would test all build by simple shaking, and dropping first. If it holds well, without falling apart, than it is ready for real test. Whatever, it was worthy, lesson learned, for me too - next time I shall provide more detailed ideas. I would increase the wingspan (by 1 more 5x11 panel in each directions), and use liftarms to connect each panel properly together, sandwiched (curved panel - 15L beam - flat panel), or connected from below. Main thing, that try to lock each connections - especially in the middle section - in all X Y Z directions. I am still positive about this project, though be a fail in the end, but definitely interesting to follow.
  19. This is such type of MOC, which I had to look twice to realize it is made of LEGO - great photography compositions! I am very impressed by the look and the functionality (LEGO wise it is good), for me this is also HOF material.
  20. I see now, thanks. In LDD sometimes You need to rebuild assemblies in different sequence - that might help. Background: the constrains which are automatically created, might block the placement of a new part due the system senses it as overconstraining. Bit annoying, but with rebuild in most cases I could solve such issues.
  21. Looks nice (the frame) but a bit busy, and awesome (the whole chassis). What about to build the frame more monochromatic in LBG? One thing what I don't really understand, beside the 9L links look good in the front area, do they actually have structural role? As I see, the red connectors, which to they are connected, can rotate freely, or are the inner axle connections fixed somehow?
  22. I second @J_C 's lines, these were my exact thoughts too immediately. It is a true Technic model.
  23. To answer the question: The window frame turns to black - so easy to see which mode You are in. All the parts are red in this mode, so You need to recolor them, but watch out, if You want to have legal (available) colors, than You need to switch back to LDD mode, and choose there. This will not ruin the parts, which are already added to the scene. Extended allows any color.
  24. Looks great, I was also wondering about rotating the rear stabilizer, to create opposite momentum for balance if the COG is in the front (upper pic). But if it is behind the elevation vector, than it should be like the original (lower picture here, but lazy to rotate the panels back - You get the idea). I am not an aviation expert by any means, but I would like to see, how a Technic construction like this behave. For sure there is a lot testing needed, for sure the technic panels create a lot of turbulence and non predictable forces, but let's see what can be done with existing parts. I am very interested to see some videos. P.S.: prepare further panels with, to increase the wingspan.