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  1. And still not robust enough, I made bracket for the steering rack in every direction (I tought), still it can click over by 1 tooth... I assume, the gear rack itself can bend a bit and let the servo gear slip. As I am building the "locked diff" version, I figured out a way to support from underneath, unfortunately it does not work with the normal diffs so I might not publish that version. As it should be a hardcore crawler at the end of the day, I don't mind it.
  2. Hello All! It is winter time, so I am bit more busy on Legoing. After seeing, that @Didumos69 started his 4x4 buggy project, I looked into a bit deeper the Ultra 4 racing, and the rigs been driven in this extreme events. Finally the video, what I linked to his topic, triggered the work on another MOC: the Ultra 4 buggy. Here is another video to see the interesting bits of independent suspension system on this beast: Still, I might end up with IFS (independent front suspension) and solid axle with torque bar for the rear, but the body is heavily inspired by the Lasernut buggy. Parameters: 2x L motors 1x servo motor AAA battery box - in order to be replace ability with BuWizz in case IR control Let's look at into the progress a bit, maybe it is interesting to read. I started on 28. november with LDD model. To set the proportions, and the body ideas, I usually place the essential parts free in space first. Check the real inspiration thing and the very first sketch: After that I added the electronic parts, to check the necessary minimum space. (Unfortunately Stud.io has corrupt models, so some cover parts of the motors are just not present.) At this stage, I built the front axle, to see how can I integrate the steering. The answer is: massive fail. So back to drawing table, I deleted the 5x7 frame, and started to figure out, how to connect the needed fixation points for swingarms, servo. Due to this, the model gets more complex than I thought, but buildability is always first! I recommend to check meanwhile IRL building too, or at least stop by and thinking about how to add the related parts. I was hopeing for a simple MOC, but I ended up already a pretty complex assembly, so I made each step with double check. Later on, I will try to add groups in LDD to represent the buildability order too. So far the front module with steering and IFS is ready, the middle module is almost done, I am wondering about interchangable solid axle or independent solution for the rear - not sure yet. Also the color is to be decided yet, as the springs type as well (soft or hard). I think if soft ones will be OK, than I go for white body, as it presents the "rollcage" better. In case the yellow hard shock absorbers will be needed, of course the only choice is: full MEAN black body. This picture shows the advantage of the white body, and also a comparison for tyre types: 3740 on the left, 45982 on the right, both on 56908 wheels. So far 407 parts, and I guess it is about 70-75% ready. I need to figure out how to fix the roof, and create a solid, but easily disconnectable rear module. Necessary parts are ordered, so real build pics might come in couple weeks first. And how is the road presence? I guess it will be pretty much like a punch in the face. p.s.: Yet another WIP, I hope for long winter nights, to finish at least some of my unfinished projects...
  3. [MOC] Servo JEEP

    Prettty crazy model, good job, crisp pictures!
  4. Front axle modul is almost finished. So far so good, as planned, but pretty dense, buildable, but tiny fingers needed.
  5. Indeed, LDD allows that, I did not try it all the way, but I see some impact around the perimeter... unfortunately I don't have the parts to test.
  6. Update: all the parts arrived! Just made a quick test, the 24x43 tires sit pretty well on 56908 wheels, they have maybe sligtly lower friction, than the 81,6 tires - if not the same. It differs a bit for each, as the old tires are... well, old. I don't believe, that during normal LEGO crawling conditions they will fall off or rotate critically. And the main thing: they do look badass. p.s.: Tomorrow I am on holiday, so some progress is planned!
  7. I don't think the usage of that part is reasonable in technic system like described. Just made a quick test in LDD, You will have uneven offset match, does not fit nor in 1/2 stud nor in 1 stud as usual. I recommend to use 27940 or 87082 instead. Here you can check, it is placed right that deep as just possible. It creates a rather odd offset:
  8. [WIP] Monster Van

    I see now, it will be a hands-on model! This is great, and also then You have the opportunity (in case), to implement a badass V8 fake engine in the trunk. I know it makes the chassis more challenging, but this is the point.
  9. It is a properly done replica of a properly ugly vehicle - so I like it! The front suspension is just great, would be interesting to see in action on rough terrain.
  10. Glad to hear to have your problem solved! It is trully the most advanced and iconic set from official Technic up-to-date, enjoy it!
  11. Looks pretty well for a C-modell, waiting for the video!
  12. [WIP] Monster Van

    I would say, keep the body color as it is, looks funky! I like it so far very much, these wheels are my favorite ones, the rim covers add more visual play. Just add the electrics, and follow this direction, without ruining the proportions, than You are fine. Da Funky Monster! @I_Igor: those are 68.8x40 tires. (2996+2995)
  13. @I_Igor Now You bring as example one of the sexiest thing in car history. That Ferrari IS an icon in industrial design, the new McLaren is still an eye-disease (though most probably very functional). Holes and gaps will be always there in LEGO given the system limitations, and I think this is the reason for the practice: usually not car manufacturers copy LEGO car designs, but the opposite.
  14. This is no excuse for McLaren... And for the second part of the sentence, yes it can be done:
  15. Just saw yesterday this new McLaren... well, might be the ugliest design they ever made. I am just happy if not this will be the next Technic supercar - which could be finally some off-road car: Mercedes G-class, Ford F-150, etc...
  16. Hello! I would like to present my first MOC, which i was tempted to build since a while. I was always more a "fan" of Class 1 buggies ( https://en.wikipedia...i/SCORE_Class_1 ) over Baja trucks, and I also couldn't find any LEGO versions of them, so i decided to build... and failed, built again, and failed..., built again, and so on... The long travel independent suspension with driving was really a challange, finally I found a solution, which works... kinda. I reached my goal, to make this thing move, but I must admit, the driving performance is poor, as the suspension arms are still not rigid enough, so the rear wheels start to lean. It moves, but not what i would call: clear run. Still, i thought, maybe it is worth to share, because the rest of the car is OK. I also would like to inspire others to build such MOCs, i would be happy to see more (and better performing) unlimited buggies! Building instruction (V3): here And now... the pictures (edit: no more video will be made, lack of patience and knowledge) - fixed: EDIT: as updated version is available, old pics and video removed. Pre version pics added. V0 - sketch model: V1 model with XL motors - not really good performance... V2 model with L-motors: Update: V3 is ready - see page 2. A clever patch by @Didumos69 for the rear swingarms, now they can not disconnect at all!
  17. I hope we will see designer videos in this year later, what I saw till now... well no better word: lame. No passion, no dynamics, feels very mannered.
  18. I added real rollcage, for sake of stability, the main parts are made of liftarms. The magenta colored 12M axle should prove, that everything aligned - which is actually 99% true, but as LDD approved it, I consider it legal. It extends the roof line well, so I might keep it. Can't wait for parts arrival, fingers crossed that not much must be redesigned, and I considered all directional structural stability.
  19. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    I believe You can easily drive the current HOG upwards with light modification, so your planned trailer will fit perfectly. There is always a way.
  20. Cool video again, pity that there was not enough space to gather more speed for the jumps though. This starter solution is great if you are the cameraman and the "driver" in one person.
  21. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    I disagree, there is enough place for a hand (see below), and also it is a reasonable compromise not to destroy the look with a sticking out control knob on the smooth roof. Don't forget, it is a licensed model, where overall appearance is a very strong constraint. Steering solutions therefore must be more hidden, think for: 42043, 42053, 42054 and now 42078, not to mention the Porsche.
  22. A while ago, @Didumos69 made a clever patch for the rear swingarms. With this MOD, the inner hinge parts (yellow connector #1) can not disconnect. I applied it (~ 10 minutes build), and I am very satisfied with the result! Thanks Didumos!
  23. Sure, virtual reality is our friend, but meanwhile makes our heart sour not to having parts in wished colors...
  24. Great idea (...sad background) and presentation! I am surprised how well the "wheels" keep up with hard surface drive. Thanks for spreading the word with due quantity of humor.
  25. I have no exact idea, might might be that. VS, I think your backhoe would be based on a Claas Arion / Axion in real life, so in proportions something like that. Hard task for a C-model, I know...