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  1. Welcome here, it looks like You brought us a real beast! Looks very promising in the pictures, waiting for the video!
  2. agrof

    Build The Impossible

    @nico71 @Anio Congratulations! Looks like a very cool project, and better than the Honda advertisement - I mean some sub-parts are mechanically complex enough and would deserve a stand-alone introduction. A question though: You say there is no RC part in the builds, but honestly I have hard times to figure out how the superstructure rotations at 0:43-0:52 were realized... especially at the first one there is a visible stop before it is turning further. So a detailed line tour with presentation of all the sub-parts and their working would be super interesting!
  3. Hello All! It is winter time, so I am bit more busy on Legoing. After seeing, that @Didumos69 started his 4x4 buggy project, I looked into a bit deeper the Ultra 4 racing, and the rigs been driven in this extreme events. Finally the video, what I linked to his topic, triggered the work on another MOC: the Ultra 4 buggy. Here is another video to see the interesting bits of independent suspension system on this beast: Still, I might end up with IFS (independent front suspension) and solid axle with torque bar for the rear, but the body is heavily inspired by the Lasernut buggy. Parameters: 2x L motors 1x servo motor AAA battery box - in order to be replace ability with BuWizz in case IR control Let's look at into the progress a bit, maybe it is interesting to read. I started on 28. november with LDD model. To set the proportions, and the body ideas, I usually place the essential parts free in space first. Check the real inspiration thing and the very first sketch: After that I added the electronic parts, to check the necessary minimum space. (Unfortunately has corrupt models, so some cover parts of the motors are just not present.) At this stage, I built the front axle, to see how can I integrate the steering. The answer is: massive fail. So back to drawing table, I deleted the 5x7 frame, and started to figure out, how to connect the needed fixation points for swingarms, servo. Due to this, the model gets more complex than I thought, but buildability is always first! I recommend to check meanwhile IRL building too, or at least stop by and thinking about how to add the related parts. I was hopeing for a simple MOC, but I ended up already a pretty complex assembly, so I made each step with double check. Later on, I will try to add groups in LDD to represent the buildability order too. So far the front module with steering and IFS is ready, the middle module is almost done, I am wondering about interchangable solid axle or independent solution for the rear - not sure yet. Also the color is to be decided yet, as the springs type as well (soft or hard). I think if soft ones will be OK, than I go for white body, as it presents the "rollcage" better. In case the yellow hard shock absorbers will be needed, of course the only choice is: full MEAN black body. This picture shows the advantage of the white body, and also a comparison for tyre types: 3740 on the left, 45982 on the right, both on 56908 wheels. So far 407 parts, and I guess it is about 70-75% ready. I need to figure out how to fix the roof, and create a solid, but easily disconnectable rear module. Necessary parts are ordered, so real build pics might come in couple weeks first. And how is the road presence? I guess it will be pretty much like a punch in the face. p.s.: Yet another WIP, I hope for long winter nights, to finish at least some of my unfinished projects...
  4. Wow, that was pretty neat, I could never achieve that! Though I find those wheels oversized, they do the work pretty well. Thanks @kbalage for the footage and the test, I hope You could enjoy that well... but that view, is hard to beat. Also congratulations for being interviewed by Blocks Hungary.
  5. agrof

    [MOC] The Monolith

    I like it!nGreat idea, and nice presentation, enjoyed.
  6. agrof

    New LEGO Forma

    @icm Thanks for bringing another aspect in, I didn't thought about this. Still, if it is so, I think it is a very slim segment of market to be targeted... but I am really unfamiliar with coloring-book-people or whoever was the target for this product. The commercial is still strange/awkward, doesn't create the big picture to me.
  7. agrof

    New LEGO Forma

    Indeed, that is the moment, when I had the feeling, I am looking at something fundamentally unnatural social behaviour - served with this spoonfeed narrative... This whole concept is just wrong. Wait, maybe not just wrong but also BAD. I have the impression that this commercial degrades adult humans for stupid incapable naive beings. The opening dives us into the spirit of creativity - the state of mind when one creates an unique, custom materalized or philosophical (or whatever) something to express feelings, thoughts, anything. Think of sculpting for example. After this intro, they bring us a mass product, created by following the step by step instructions (1 part per page I guess)? Customisation means to buy another set with another skin, and attach the pre produced skin into the very same frame to the very same spots? Did I understood this right? Good boy, you were able to buy, follow the instructions without thinking, YEAH - you ARE creative and unique by buying even more sets! This is so contradictory, isn't it ?! The old style sets, with 3 or more different models were more eye-opening, and motivating for being creative (MOCing). I hope this line will end as soon as possible.
  8. Finally! This is exactly what I need, and always wished for being released by TLG. The perfect electric system, if it will be proven as good quality, I am sold.
  9. An expedition truck? What I especially like, that it is both hands-on and motorized model. Best fun! Forgot to praise the aesthetics... now I did, I guess.
  10. I am just about to leave China. I was around Shanghai and area + Hong Kong. As AFOL, I have kept an eye on LEGO and must say, it is not only a premium product, but premium premium here. Actually I saw only at places, where You can buy luxury products only. Surprisingly, I even saw advertisement to encourage not to buy fake products (on TV, and in malls). Does it make a difference? I don't think so, as who can afford to buy, he/she will. Looking at the country size and how much wider the social scissor opens here, there is market for copycats. Also the media is filtered well, people will not get the message about stolen MOCs, even if they would be interested (insert massive skepticism here). Feel the issue size compared to reality from this perspective. Till the local government doesn't decide to do against (and this can happen if TLG makes them interested by market share-tax, etc), we can keep shouting. My best advice is: keep on MOCing for fun, and sharing for the pleasure. Who appreciates and understands, will even pay (I do).
  11. Hi All! I have this beauty modified, mainly i filled the gaps, recoloured, outfit detail things. From technical point of view, i instantly added a second differential, and a re-tought crane, which has now improved movement range, looks more serious, and closes itself properly. All functions work as before, i only installed a swith in the top of the cab, now the playability is much much better (search for the black antenne on the top), since you can easily reach it, not like the battery box in the original design. I hope You enjoy it! More pictures HERE . agrof
  12. agrof

    [MOC] Baja trophy truck

    Really good looking one!
  13. The manifestation of my gut feeling when I first saw 42081... and how an excellent MOD! Just makes the set perfect. I really believe, that not making the original set pneumatic, is a missed opportunity (see: mistake) by TLG.
  14. agrof

    [MOC] Unimog 437

    @Thirdwigg Those Unimogs are AWESOME, love the whole concept and how well You captured the shapes. Fine details are the cherry on the cake.
  15. I was wondering about this as well, I settled by the next: - those are needed for the B-model, - they help for easier assembly with several pins, - or both. I tend to first option, as some simmetrycal sub-assemblies are built differently, and must say, it is pretty clever where and how they hid these axle pins.
  16. It is actually very stable connection, I can not make the rope plug move at all, the whole fork+mast assembly bends. Tested. EDIT: at the top position it does indeed disconnect, the reason is, that the 3x5 liftarms slide apart above a certain (unreasonable) force. What I only can think of as "not-so-ideal" situation: the rope is actually sliding on the top of the mast - instead of having a rolling support. This might cause earlier wear of the rope=reduced lifespan. If it really matters, I don't know, for me it still seems an acceptable trade-off.
  17. Beautifll review Jim! I couldn't miss to grab this set for 35 EUR during my holiday, and must say, I am in love - the perfect Technic set at this size range! Surprisingly the reversed steering doesn't bother me much - it works for me some reason, but the lifting height is just terrible. Here You can find instructions for my EASY! modification:
  18. Here is my 5 minutes MOD. This was so obvious, I am wondering why is it not applied on the set as default. Forks all the way up to the top of the mast, making 21 studs clearance beneath. I love this little set, and now it is PERFECT! HERE you can download in PDF format, 7 extra pcs needed: 4x 2x 1x
  19. Hi, 1. I built this once, but I changed couple of things for my liking during the build. 2. My main complaint were the wider rear axles, and that the XL motor (vertically placed) was not braced properly enough. 3. I have also only the jpgs, one can connect them into a pdf with minor effort if needed. 4-5. No idea, sorry. I go for holiday now!
  20. I edited the picture comparison, so the problem is visible: while the lifting height might be realistic for special purposes, at the maximum the fork unit reaches always the top of the mast. In case of 42079, we have a noticable pole above. Limited lifting height has it's reasons, like low ceiling, low gate entering, etc... so having unused mast above is just a barrier for this purpose. Nonetheless, still my favorite set from this batch, deserves the modification.
  21. I am absolutely pumped to get this now! I do believe it is a very-very playful set. Thanks @M_longer for the LDD model!
  22. Absolutely stunning in this scale , congratulations for the collaboration!
  23. agrof

    LEGO Technic MOC Excavator

    Like it, especially the hands-on manipulation - so much, that I wouldn't even miss the motorization of the undercarriage. Nice MOC!
  24. Great reading for the morning coffee, thank You Jim! I was coming for nice pictures and to read a nice story with some objectivity, I am not disappointed.
  25. @AVCampos is right, the Mack is great in every aspect, the garbage truck is on pair with any A model, and 42079 seems to be my most anticipated set for 2H for me. Though, I would warmly welcome Creator like 5-in-1 sets (500-800 pcs), of course with printed instructions. That could be also show the versatility of Technic system, and also great learning material.