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  1. Hi there guys! Some days ago i had the idea of building a 4x4 vehicle...but i wanted something in-between a crawler and a more common 4x4 with double wishbone... so i found a nice UTV made by polaris and tried to replicate it.... then i realized that i liked the body of it but the chassis wasn't that interesting, so i mixed it up with the updated model 900, mainly for its 3 link rear suspension this is what i came up with, i hope you'll like it features: - 4x4 - front independent suspensions - rear 3 link independent suspensions - power functions - custom stickers weight 931g measures: 32.5cm x 20cm x 19cm i'm gonna shoot the video in an hour or so... maybe you guys could suggest me wich version you'd like to see...if you prefer the woods camo or arctic camo once i'll shoot the video and publish everything, on my blog, you'll find the stickers sheet ready for download as i did for the fiesta the polaris is driven by 2 L motors with a 1:3 ratio this is the most interesting part in my opinion...and works really nice too
  2. Hi there guys! i had these instructions for a while and i totally forgot them! If anybody is interested in purchasing them for 5€ (i think it should be reasonable) send me a PM and i'll send you back the details Thanks to anyone who will support me buying them, it will help me out a lot for the future models :)
  3. Hi guys! I'd start saying this thread is more to ask you some suggestions than to show you the model itself :P I think i already told you that the shop wich is sponsoring me http://www.mangiobricks.com asked me to build something that they can sell as a custom model right? At first, they wanted the fiat panda i made last year but i wasn't satisfied by it due to its untidyness... so i made something that i think it's better and wich performs better than every expectations i had As it's made to be sold (hopefully) i couldn't call it with the real counterpart name....but i think it should be quite clear where i took inspiration from :P it's really simple and it's made trying to use the less amount of pieces possible to keep everything clean and tidy performances are really good, even if the most of the weight is in the back of it, it crawls really good having some nice ground clearance and good speed as well! i don't know how many of you could be interested in buying something like this as many of you are great reverse engineers :P but let's say you have the chance to buy a custom model, how would you prefer it? i mean, do you think i should make it with motors or just ready to be motorized? what else could i change to make it more attractive? should i add more functions or just stay on "less is more" concept? ill wait for your suggestions guys! in the meanwhile have a look at some pictures of it! hope you'll like it :)
  4. piterx

    [MOC] Trophy Trial Truck

    that's awesome man :)
  5. that is awesome :) i thought of something like that a while ago but never had the chance to actually try it out! ill give yours a try when i can, im pretty sure that it could solve multiple problems related to auto shifting cars :)
  6. that's pretty cool dude! I hate that nobody even says "good job" after you put time and effort into explaining something they probably didnt know before... :(
  7. i wish there were more people doing the stuff you do dude! this is so interesting
  8. piterx

    BMW S1000/RR

    that is truly beautiful man!
  9. that's awesome dude :) i would definitely try making it RC it would fly :D
  10. piterx

    IDF Eitan AFV

    awesome moc :)
  11. Hi there guys !!! How's everyone? It's been so long ! I had another pretty long dark age plus some kind of "lego creative block" , plus i got into developing videogames last year so i've been quite busy. Recently a friend of mine got me into lego again and somehow that creative block went off also thanks to the purchase of a buwizz :) I've always been quite obsessed by motorbikes and finally with a buwizz i could give them the look i wanted and mainly not run after them I've made two different ones both have something special: The first one is inspired by the 90's look of Honda's dirtbikes and in ludicrous mode it is honestly the fastest lego vehicle i've ever made. In the video it's running on "slow" mode. It works the same way other lego bikes used to work but instead of moving an added weight i've figured out that moving the battery alone is enough to make the bike lean left or right. In the next days I'll shoot a proper video somewhere else where i've got more space to drive it in ludicrous https://youtu.be/o7YUIS2ne7Q The second bike is "better" in a way, it only requires an L motor, it can run on pure power functions while still being enjoyable, it's enough removing the fake fuel tank and attaching the PF reciver. This one is pretty fast as well when running in ludicrous and overall it's a lot of fun :) I will take a video of this one too as soon as i have the chance https://youtu.be/-D2Kf-bZz0Y I really hope you guys will like them Bikes are not so common to see , it's kinda time to start making them :D if anyone is interested in the 3D files i'll happily share them
  12. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    i've made some instructions for those who can't be bothered with pc programs :)
  13. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    Those are flex hoses to prevent the bike from scratching when it reaches the maximum angle it can lean before the frame parts touch ground
  14. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    :) you're welcome! try building the small one it handles really well and it doesn't need a big space. i went out for another test and it looks like in ludicrous the bike needs stiffer suspensions, i believe i'll need to swap them with the yellow ones. Other than that it behaves really well!
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    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    im not a fan of the color scheme but this car is insane! great job dude :) really relaxing video as well
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    Fast RC Motorbikes

    Think about the wheels of a shopping kart, they have the pivot point in front of them so when you push the kart they're (almost) always rotating in the direction you want. The pivot point of the front wheel is mounted 2 studs away from it right behind the white number plate 🙂
  17. piterx

    Fast RC Motorbikes

    Here they are (for 3 days only unfortunately) , you will have to use Stud.io to open them, wich by the way is an absolutely amazing software :D https://mab.to/209lFaIwq
  18. such an amazing model and such a nice presentation too! Beautiful for real!
  19. dude that's sick! i love it
  20. hi there everyone! this model just got me back from a second dark age but i will be back soon :D How's everyone? gettin back on topic: did I mount something wrongly or the gearbox of this model goes extremely slowly and the fake engine barely moves when i push it on my desk?
  21. hello :) So, as i need to couple the samurai with another offroader of the same scale, i had the idea of building it here step by step as the chassis will be identical to the suzuki's one :) All im gonna do is just copy and paste the chassis changing the axles and maybe adding a winch if i can i need to change the way axles are made because i dont have enough dark gray hubs to host gears :D it will take something like a week or less, so stay tuned i hope you'll like this project and build along with me :) STEP 1
  22. Hi there guys! I can finally show you this model that i've tried to build several times without too much success I don't know if you've ever seen it before, but if you're italian, you'd identify it as an icon... It's the legendary Panda 4x4 by Fiat, a cheap and undestructible city car from the 80s - 90s with great offroad capabilities people still use it and still buy it nowdays because it's just a great car. so here's my lego version of it! Features: - Front and rear live axle - 4x4 - Openable hood and doors - Power functions Measures: 27cm x 12cm x 12.5cm 690g weight It performs really well thanks to the light weight and the absence of differentials...even if it's a small scale model it has "a lot" of ground clearance if you relate it to the wheels i've used. The gear ratio i've used, driven by two L motors, is quite fast and it makes the driving experience funny :D The only thing i don't like too much (but that's not my fault XD) is the steering radius that's quite large...i had to chose if i wanted a narrower radius having some stress on U joints or vice versa ....and i choosed no stress on U joints But anyway it's a feature that i can easily change by just removing the front part, that's connected to the chassis by only two pins, and changing two or three pieces. The short travel suspensions i used are very similar to those i used in my ford fiesta some months ago...the geometry is not perfect but as the travel is only 1 stud it doesn't give any problem. In 2 hours i will take it out for a ride in the itailan countryside so probably tonight the video will be up on my youtube channel... obviuosly i will update the topic once i'll have the video ^^ I hope you like it Pit
  23. Hello guys! Do you remember my ford fiesta? Well Zimix and Alasdair Ryan made some amazing and free instructions for it :P they've done a great job and made me really feel proud so i thank em really much! i hope you'll thank em as well !!! here's the PDF http://bricksafe.com/files/Zimix/piterx%20Ford%20Fiesta%20WRC%20BI/Ford%20Fiesta%20WRC%20by%20piterx.pdf and the brickstock file as well http://bricksafe.com/files/Zimix/piterx%20Ford%20Fiesta%20WRC%20BI/Fiesta%20WRC.bsx just