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  1. Natman8000

    [MOC] New Republic Z-95 Headhunter

    Very impressive model. I like the technique you used for the blue stripe for the front of the ship.
  2. I currently have a large selection of various minifigs for sale: Some figs that are very valuable include the chrome stormtrooper ($20) scarecrow ($15) , and lots of star wars characters. The more minifigs bought together the better the deal I will make. Also, I have several sets for sale, it is just the set and may be missing pieces. These include: #7259 ARC-170 - $20 7143 Jedi Star fighter $10 X-Wing $25 Imperial Shuttle $20 Anakin Starfighter (yellow one from ep 3) $10 Prices are flexible and reasonable. Email me at or PM if interested Please take a look! Thank you. My pics are too big to upload so upon request I will send them to you
  3. Your Tuskeny presence on the forum is missed.

  4. Do you know what, you can email me if you want:

  5. Hi, I see that you have some brothers in Israel, do they enjoy LEGOs as well?

  6. before anyone else can say this, I wouldn't count on anyone doing this. And also, not a great idea to reveal your address to the public. Just saying.
  7. Natman8000

    NHL fans?

    Guins have a one way ticket to the SCF now! we thrashed the habs during the regular season, I think we will go far!
  8. Natman8000

    The Sabota Death Ring

    Unbelievable. This moc has just left me with a lack for words. Everything is just perfect, the bulbs look great as colonies.
  9. Natman8000

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Before you get beat up on, never ever EVER believe what you read on the Lego message boards. It little kids making up what they want.
  10. This may sound wrong, but I use my teeth. Always. They work fine, even if it is sort of gross.
  11. Natman8000

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    Imperial shuttle? Where did that come from? I fail to see why they would want an Imperial shuttle as a BM set. There really is nothing exciting about it, nor is it iconic. I think LEGO should have made it something more marketable.
  12. Natman8000

    CONTEST: Whack-a-Fig II

    Question. In my entry, it is built on top of an 8x8, however, I put plates on top of it so it ends up being a 10x10 in essence. It really is an 8x8 with an overlap though. would that be okay? I needed the space to fit the bike, so I do need it. If not, I'll have to rethink my entry.
  13. Natman8000

    LEGO Club Penguin

    If this happened, I might shoot myself in the foot. Lego is already selling itself out to a younger audience with fig themed sets (in that sense I mean the figs are the main incentive for the purchase). And isnt club penguin an online neopet knock off? I don't see what appeal molds of collectible penguins would be anyway. I doubt lego will even make a theme for a online game. Star wars game? yes, and look at what a great set that brought us
  14. Natman8000

    CONTEST: Whack-a-Fig II

    Would being run over by a motorcycle count as whacking? If so, I'm finished.
  15. Natman8000

    2010 Winter Olympics Thread

    I thought canada played fine. They are a really good team and will ofr sure rub off Germany, but MIller and the rest of USA were amazing.