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  1. BlueBard

    Decal Wish List

    Thanks so much!
  2. BlueBard

    Decal Wish List

    I'm sorry for requesting such unchallenging decals but I've failed myself so many times that I've assumed I needed help. I'm working on an old Madrid city bus and I need some decals for the bus number and destination. I would need a 1x4 brick size for the front and sides and a 1x4 brick size for the back too, but this one is different. Here you got an example for front and sides: And for the back: (it's the best picture I've found...) The line number sohuld be the "122" and the destination "Town Hall". For the back decal I would like the little company symbol, the number line and the bus numer as seen in the picture. As you see, some buses have orange numbers and some others light green. I don't care about the color choice Thank you so much in advance!
  3. BlueBard

    Doctor Who Season 6 Minifigs

    Coud you post a pic? I'm currently working on 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler's minifigs and it would be helpful!
  4. BlueBard

    Attack of the Zombies!

    Wonderful scene!
  5. BlueBard

    Modular Neighborhood Preview Pics

    Thanks! I'll post pics with the so called "add-ons" as soon as I'll finish them, don't worry About the black sidewalks I know it's not the usual TLC one but since the first building I made I wanted to put a distinctive detail in my city and I decided to change the sidewalks colour. I personally like black better than light or dark grey as, with the contrast, the MFs and the facades' details are more visible but that's my point of view and I undesrtand your "complaint"
  6. BlueBard

    Modular Neighborhood Preview Pics

    Thanks for your comments! Second one I just did a fast "cut & paste" with these images, as they are just previews of the final diorama. Normally I use a white background (not necessarily a big one, it depends on the model. For a little MOC, an A4 sheet works perfectly, for example) and I "fill" it in white with a normal Photoshop software. It's just a preview, for the moment, that's why the edges are "jagged"
  8. BlueBard

    Modular Neighborhood Preview Pics

    Thanks for the nice comments! As soon as possible
  9. BlueBard

    Modular Neighborhood Preview Pics

    Thanks for the nice comments, people
  10. BlueBard

    Dutch Police Eurocopter EC135 helicopter

    Magnificent as usual, sir
  11. BlueBard

    Modular Neighborhood Preview Pics

    Thanks for your comments, everybody! I did it myself, using the official "Lego Rock Band" logo and a bit of Photoshop
  12. BlueBard

    Modular Neighborhood Preview Pics

    Hi, everybody! Here are the first "prelim" pics of my Modular Neighborhood project. As soon as I'll finish the last vehicles and have a bit of time I'll take more and better pictures of it with cars, trucks, minifigs, funny scenes and all the typical stuff. For the moment I hope yo like it The rest of the pics can be seen here in my flickr's
  13. BlueBard

    Aethon Quadbike

    Nice creation, zenn Love the helmet combination, BTW
  14. BlueBard

    "Hi, honey!"

    Thanks, and I won't forget to put a TARDIS in my DW vigs anymore, promised About the "2E" it's nothing special, just an area identification, take it as a wall decoration
  15. BlueBard

    "Hi, honey!"

    I know, I tried to put it somewhere but it was not room at all for it in such a small vig Thanks!