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    LEGO Minifigures Online - demo days invite!

    I still haven't forgiven them for shutting down the Lego Universe MMO game after barely a year. It was a "as a pay-to-play game with additional content, features, and characters" too. So I am understandably hesitant to join another of their ventures into MMO games. I am however looking forward to Lego Worlds.
  2. Slick Willie

    Let's make Bat-Pod happen!

    I say no. Keep it a collectable. If the Lego Company wants to blow their money on developing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of 750 Lego Bat-Pod sets to the fine people of the VIP program, then let them. Also, I am pretty sure they will not be developing new pieces to make such a limited production kit. So, once the instructions are posted on their website, you should be able to make your own Bat-Pod from pieces you aleady have, or that you can order from Brick-link. You just will not own the collectable Box or the Collectable Instructions that came with the kit. Plus, imagine if you are one of those 750 people...
  3. Slick Willie

    A roman bath

    Hahahha! That was the hardiest Lego-Laugh I have had in a while when I first saw this. Great historical humor in this simple MOC.
  4. Slick Willie

    Your thoughts on "cutting lego" ?

    I cut blocks all the time. Usually to make those older brackets in colors that you can never find. So I just custom cut them, and glue them together with PVC glue to make the bracket. I would only recommend cutting the blocks using ~~~friction~~~. A bench grinder/sander works great for this. It sits in place on its own, which leaves your hands free to manipulate the brick as you cut it. This should help prevent you from losing a finger, but you can end up with some nasty rug-burns if you let your skin touch the wheel. I would never even think about using any type of "toothed" cutting tool, like a saw, to cut your bricks. It will only result in them either flying across the room, or ripping the plastic beyond the area of what you actually want to cut. By cutting with friction you are actually melting away the plastic, so it leaves you with a nice semi-smooth cut that you just buff-out with a cloth wheel. It will look almost like a new at the area you cut if you buff it correctly afterwards. I make all of my jigs, cutting templates, and supporting blocks for the cuts out of Mega Bloks. Once completed, more Mega Bloks are sacrificed to prove that the cut and subsequent gluing will yield the desired result. After the Mega Bloks prototype has proven my design and passed quality my control inspection for strength and stability, it is then thrown away and Legos are loaded into the Mega Bloks jig to be cut/glued. Once your new custom part is completed and removed from your Mega Bloks jig, the only thing left to do is to go show the new custom block to your woman (who will politely smile at you for your efforts and all the while not care about it), grab a beer from the fridge, and then sit down on the couch and admire the new part you created as you twirl it around in your fingers. Mission accomplished.
  5. Slick Willie


    Frickin' Sweet! Nothing nicer than a well done Lego Plane. Now I know what project I will be working on this weekend. I have to have one of these on my desk my Monday morning at work. Great work! Great texture from the various bricks.
  6. I rather like the new "snappier" colors, and find them a vast improvement over the old gray colors. The best part about the new Bluish-Gray colors are that they actually look gray under these new CFL light bulbs they make us use today. Put your old gray bricks under a CFL light bulb, or any flourescent light bulb, and they will turn a shade of green-gray. It is especially noticable with the old dark gray pieces, as they will turn a shade of leftover pea-soup greenish gray. Put those same bricks under an incandescent light, and the color difference between the bircks is much less subtle and a lot harder to notice. Here is a hint for sorting your mixed up bricks: Do it in a well lit room under bright flourescent lighting. No incandescent lighting, or sunlight from outside, should be present in the room or at your work bench. The color difference between the bricks under this lighting is not subtle at all. It will save you a lot of resorting later.
  7. Slick Willie

    MOC: "State of Maine" BAR boxcar (7-wide)

    At first glance, it looks just like my O-Guage State of Maine Boxcars that we have running around our track. It has great eye catching colors for any train layout, and your stickers are spot on. Great job!
  8. 3: 10 17: 6 33: 4 40: 3 45: 2 11: 1
  9. Slick Willie

    Death Star Investment

    I think the Death Star would be a poor investment. I would put it in the same catagory as investing in Airline Stocks. Investing is about having something that not many people have, but a lot of people want. I think you would be better off stashing something away that is "Limited" or seasonal.
  10. Slick Willie

    Lego Boxes - Worth Keeping?

    Box and Instructions are worth more than the loose legos, if you ever decide one day to break your sets down and sell them. You can store the boxes in your attic inside 50 gallon black trash bags. Keeping them inside the bags will not only keep them clean, but it will keep the print on the boxes from fading. The instructions you should store inside the house in a dark closet, or a non-translucent container. Just stack them up, and pile them high. You should not store instuctions in your attic. In the attic, the heat will cause the acid in the paper will yellow, and the paper will become very brittle.
  11. Slick Willie

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    21. by NuffSaid1996 (3 votes) 38. by ummester (3 votes) 197. by Legoroni (3 votes)
  12. Slick Willie

    My video of Ecto-1 Ghostbusters build

    That was so cool! Very simple amimation, but it plays at a perfect pace that kept it smooth yet not to long in duration. Plus I love that it is shot from the security cam's point of view. That was a nice touch.
  13. Slick Willie

    Crash Tests

    That was awesome! I am already starting to feel sorry for what I am going to put my trains and miscellaneous accessories through tonight. For scientific purposes only, of course...