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  1. Mr Copperhead

    MOC - COOP Agrocentre

    You should try for a Chevy Silverado. At least back when I bought mine, it was even made in Canada.
  2. Mr Copperhead

    MOC - COOP Agrocentre

    I'm looking forward to more, very interesting building techniques here. Plus an interesting subject!
  3. Mr Copperhead

    Review Review - 41002 Emma's Karate Class

    Nice set and nice review. I'm tempted to army build this minidoll.
  4. Mr Copperhead

    Review: 30106: Friends Ice Cream Stand

    And thanks for the Target Valentine section tip. I found them there!
  5. Mr Copperhead

    MOC: Coral Reef

    This is one of the coolest things made from LEGO I've ever seen!
  6. Mr Copperhead

    2013 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Don't they though!?! It just cracks me up all the toys they have. No idea what the turreted building is, but a mansion would be nice. I also looks like it could be a library to me and they could use one of those.
  7. Mr Copperhead

    Lego Farm ideas

    That's great! I think you could add a big silo for your cows during the winter.
  8. Mr Copperhead

    Boobs are a No-go on LEGO CUUSOO

    What's a furry? Sounds hilarious.
  9. Mr Copperhead

    Boobs are a No-go on LEGO CUUSOO

    Why don't you make some male figures with cod pieces and see what response you get? I wonder if it would be different or not?
  10. Mr Copperhead

    MOC : Micro Fantastic Four

    Now he's perfect!!
  11. Mr Copperhead

    MOC : Micro Fantastic Four

    That's actually really cool. Thing's maybe a little small though...
  12. Mr Copperhead

    Review: 30106: Friends Ice Cream Stand

    Nice review! I just wish I could ever find these polybags around here, I bought mine on Amazon for around $10 when shipping was added in
  13. Mr Copperhead

    Thoughts on Friends a year later...

    I was quite unsure about the line when it was first announced, but once the Friends were released I've been hooked and bought all of them except for one polybag I can't find except on Bricklink from Europe at an exorbitant price. I even bought doubles of the treehouse and I'm thinking of getting an army of Karate Emmas and a few more squirrels. The sets have great variety and I love the fact that we're getting normal stuff that I actually deal with in real life like houses, shops, restaurants, cars, boats, pets, etc. It's not that I don't like the police or the fire departments, but those are two things that I don't really want to deal with in real life! Call me boring, but... The new parts (especially silverware and other kitchen tools) and animals have been very useful and cute. Part count/dollar in these sets has been very good too. And... it's always good to have new colors! To top it all off, I really like the minidolls, just need more guys so we can have a slightly more well rounded Hearlake City. But I'll keep buying them even if they keep making just girls. Overall I completely love these sets Even to the point of putting off other LEGO purchases in order to get more Friends!
  14. Mr Copperhead

    Set Falling apart while trying to build.

    Sure, the gazebo with the Winter Village post office kept falling apart while I built it. Worked fine in the end though!
  15. Mr Copperhead

    2013 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm really hoping they make that light house. I like the Creator one, but it just doesn't seem to fit with the Friends for me.