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  1. Hello everyone! So i am seeing that a lot of bricks / colorways are missing from the LDD program - So an example would be that 1x2 bricks i cannot get the colorway or the pattern way "masonry" Anyone who can / know to fix this problem? Thanks! :) Best Regards, Mads
  2. LEGO Commissions Build

    Exactly 400 - 1000 seems fair. But Like 2500€ is bit overpriced imo.
  3. Hey Lego Train Tech community! I was wondering if anyone professional is doing commission builds at a fair price? Best Regards, Mads - DELETE IF NOT ALLOWED -
  4. Lego 9v Wireless

    Hello Everyone! I'm fairly new to this. So i would like to know how if it's possible to run 9v wireless or just hide the wires? What do you guys do? Thanks!