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  1. NotToScale

    Suspension bridge

    I think this is who you mean: I also like the ones in the Texas Brick Railroad layouts but of course SavaTheAggie, Michael Gale and everyone will know an endless amount more about them than I do from the pictures. However, there are a lot more bridges out there than show up on a Google. I would suggest looking at the big US, UK, German and Australian LUG shows for various examples over the years.
  2. NotToScale

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    Opening Door with framed window gets my vote.
  3. NotToScale

    Bricksby station - starting a layout [WIP]

    I agree - I I’m judging the time / style location right then you’d be looking at: • BR plainish White bar which is not super exciting but there are some great older signs. • GNR/LNER were white on black then changed to white in green. Can you Brick build something like this?
  4. NotToScale

    Best place to buy MOC trains?

    Start with the train motor and a bo-bo design. I chose a Class 20 because I like them and because most of the core pieces I needed were in the last generation LEGO 60052 City Cargo Train. There’s a thread here: If I had the money I would do the same with the current set and turn it into a Warship: Here’s a thread where HodCarrier built his own spectacular version: The joy of Lego is that we can all set our own perimeters and all end up somewhere brilliant. That’s part of what makes it interesting rather than “I bought this model from this company and painted it brown”. Personally, I find here a Flickr the best places to look. LNUR are fairly active and interesting on the various social media and have examples of what you’ve said your interested in as well. As for your original question and selling - I don’t have anything worth buying that you can’t work out from those photos. The classic BR diesels are very clean designs so the inside is effectively there to hold the PF parts in and the outside on!
  5. NotToScale

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    I agree but think it’s the proper train windows and the interior (without going to 8 wide) which are the foundation that helps it up there. Thanks again for sharing - build photos next?
  6. NotToScale

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    Thanks Phil; I like the curve on the sides to the point I constructed the whole coach around it. In terms of the Doors, my first attempt (Hogwarts Express) is more prototypical but the second (BR Blue / White) avoids the visible hinges: in terms of end door, I am definitely more happy with the second version and will be moving that way. The thickness is part of the deal with the curved sides; it’s a lot easier to deal with in the main body than the doors! Apologies for the poor photo - I didn't have one with the doors open so pulled them out of storage to show you the options I’ve liked so far. Please keep updating - it’s great to see another way forward and I love that you managed to get the compartments in.
  7. NotToScale

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    I really like this interpretation - I am also still at a WIP stage with a Mk1 design. I set myself slightly different restrictions and therefore came up with a different look:
  8. NotToScale

    British Rail Class 20

    Thanks! I have got as far as working out a way of using the newer 2x1 plate with rounded ends as the headboard on the cab end; this leaves the packaging tight but manageable. The hood end is more tricky. Not that I need to explain fitting PF into a tight space to you having seen your extraordinary GWR 0-6-0 Pannier Tank! Thanks; yes that’s a pair of hockey sticks for railings with lightsaber handles to match the length.
  9. NotToScale

    British Rail Class 20

    Hello, I have been mostly lurking and occasionally posting here for a while. I though it’s about time to share a MOC or three and this is the first. The prototype is the long serving small/medium BR Class 20 in BR Blue - a common sight for most of the last 60 years on railways across the uk: In terms of background, I set myself some limitations before I started building trains: 1. 6 wide core build 2. A Lego model based on a real train but not a scale model per-say. 3. No Bricklink etc purchases - parts on hand only. 4. Doors must open! Finally, they had to be sturdy enough to be played with by my children without to many issues: Its first run out was round the office Christmas tree (I’m up to date with the photos as you can see!) pulling a wip MOC BR Mk1 carriage in Hogwarts colours and a “festive” train of sweets (hence twin motors and polarity switch hidden in the cab). The next stage is decals for the side panels and a splitter for the lights so I can have three point lighting through the headboard boards. Comments and alternate versions very welcome, I know there are a couple of other versions of this type out there but there doesn’t seem to be much information on them.
  10. NotToScale

    2018 Lego Trains

    But you could have said: “I like to see the train doors being used more, even if not on train sets as such. We have only had blue ones in trains but black, white (only one side, but still) and now orange ones in the last few waves of sets”
  11. NotToScale

    2018 Lego Trains

    This has come up before in this thread. It does not seem likely at this stage that the Modular building (as in this year’s diner) will be a station because it doesn’t fit in with the floor plan of those buildings. However, on of the early lists of sets had a ‘modular station’ which, I presume, will be similar to the recent city sets with interchangeable panels.
  12. NotToScale

    2018 Lego Trains

    Could the modular train station be ‘modular like the skate house’ rather than ‘modular like assembly square’? I know that they have had a few City modulars this year rather than the full CE modulars and if they’re doing more for next year then it would make sense for the station to move that way.
  13. NotToScale

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I love the Orient Express (although I'd really like the station!) I have also supported the maintenance train and I think it looks particularly well done.
  14. NotToScale

    2017 Lego Trains

    It's on sale at Amazon: Lego City 60098 Heavy Haul Train It's down to £109 for Prime members from £147. As has been discussed before, sometimes this means nothing, other times it means that discontinuation is imminent.
  15. NotToScale

    2017 Lego Trains

    The other thing is that the winter train crosses over into a lot of areas: 1. Winter village with pent up demand for a train. 2. Cheap steam train without batteries for the younger children. 3. Great parts set for more serious building - either combining two (which looks awesome!) or the fact that you get 3 large drivers in red plus a front truck with new red parts. Any DB steam train you like? Sorted. Thats 3 markets at once - which means that the costs get defrayed much more widely. Personally I'd like to see some smaller engines with PF built in - tank engines or shunters. I can't come up with something as widely popular as the winter train though.