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  1. That's a neat idea for the road! As much as I like the old style road baseplates, they just aren't wide enough for the new 6+ wide vehicles. Have you give any thoughts to curves? Curtis
  2. Pencil_42

    MOC: Tramp Steamer

    Thanks! The lights would probably look better with a 1x1 tile instead of a cheese slope on top, but that's what I had in that color.... Curtis
  3. Pencil_42

    MOC: Tramp Steamer

    Thanks for the comments! It was a fun build, and the kids seem to enjoy it. The African Queen would be a neat boat to build, wouldn't it? It's amazing the lifespan of these old steamers sometimes..... Curtis
  4. Pencil_42

    MOC: Tramp Steamer

    Built out of the wreckage of the Black Pearl (lost at sea under the helm of a neighbor's 4-year old), here is a model of a turn-of-the-(last)-century freighter. I had wanted to do a freighter in LEGO ever since seeing plans of a steam schooner in a magazine some time ago, but finally got around to it :) And besides, my daughter was running out of space inthe LEGO rowboats for all the gear to take along on an expedition, so this solved that problem, as well! It has operating hatches and a crane, for loading those really heavy items. And a detailed interior....
  5. Pencil_42

    MOCs: Vintage Cars (2nd batch)

    Great job! I love all these vintage vehicles you've been doing. Thank you for sharing them - they're a wonderful inspiration! Curtis
  6. My votes: 2. TheKingOfBuilding - 1 4. Trijntje - 1 5. ZetoVince - 1 8. Hammerstein NWC - 1 9. Oky - 1 Great jobs, everyone!!
  7. Pencil_42

    SoF: Horse trailer and pickup

    Thank you, lightningtiger! I like to call them 'Cozy Ponies' Thank you, soccerkid6! Thank you, Leela! I wasn't a big fan of the large panels they used for the trailer, so that's where I started the moc. Curtis
  8. Pencil_42

    SoF: The Friend Ship

    Nice ship! It's very colorful and bright, and a neat use of the sailing ship hulls!
  9. Pencil_42

    SoF: Horse trailer and pickup

    Here’s my entry into the Friends SoF contest – Mia's pickup truck with horse trailer. This truck and trailer has room for two minidolls, their horses, and miscellaneous gear - allowing a truly Friendly horse riding experience :) Features include working doors, working tailgates, and cargo capacity for hay and/ or riding gear: With the tailgates down; showing the cargo: Finally, the top of the trailer easily comes off for access to the horses: Thanks for looking! Curtis
  10. Pencil_42

    Build your own Pirate LEGO Animal Battle Pack - Survey

    (With help from my daughters) Animal Battle Pack: Totaling 14 points 1 x Dolphin = 5 points 1 x Jaguar = 5 points 1 x Toucan = 1 point 1 x Gannet = 1 point 1 x Capuchin (Small Monkey) = 1 point 1 x Seagull Curtis
  11. Pencil_42

    MOC: Vintage Cars (1st batch)

    Nice job! Every one of your cars has multiple ideas and parts usages. They are all great inspirations! Curtis
  12. Pencil_42

    Off Road Fire Rescue

    Thank you! Perhaps TLG will start broadening the torsos and legs available :) Thank you! The door attachment isn't as sturdy as I'd like, but it was a fun experiment :) Curtis
  13. Pencil_42

    Off Road Fire Rescue

    Off road fire rescue truck; modified from set 7942. I though the original looked like a bug with the wheels sticking out as far as they did... In addition to widening it to fit two Friends across, I added opening doors. The trailer is unmodified from the set.
  14. Pencil_42

    MOC: Sixteen New Minifig-sized Vehicles

    There are some nice vehicles and great ideas in here - thank you very much for sharing!! Curtis
  15. Pencil_42

    Friendsify Your Avatar - Raffle Winners!

    Congratulations - you three all had wonderful entries! It was great to see the great variety of entries, as well! Curtis