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    1h 2012 models

    I ordered the new Technic mini turntables at S@h service. Today they came in. Lego code / Description / Price 4652235 / lower part turntable / € 0,66 4652236 / upper part turntable / € 0,58 These are European prices, so I don't know how pricey they are outside Europe. Now I have 8 of them to play with. Don't know in which MOC I am going to use them, but always handy to have around.
  2. Thanks everyone, but all compliments must go to Jurgen Krooshoop for making the building instructions. Hi Udo, It's very simple. If all the hooks are in sync, there is a problem when ou want to lift a 20" container of the train of depot. You will pick the container next to it with you. That's why the hooks are out of sync. I hope you understand what I mean.
  3. This Ferrari truck is excellent. Looking at the real truck (thanks to Dluders) it is very, very well made! The shape and all the details, Cudos to Ape Fight I realy like the interior. I'm amazed how smooth it runs, not a big deal with 4 XL-motors No wonder a 5L axle has bin turned in a screw. I am realy looking forward to seeing a video of all the moving parts working. Great job!!! The blue truck of Nick Barrett is also a great beast. The interior is just awesome! I'm realy interessed in the engine. I never have seen that type of engine before.
  4. barman

    1h 2012 models

    No, 17 studs is the best width for these wheels, like the 8258 crane truck. I will surely buy the 9397, but modify it from 15 studs to 17 studs width. Meaning; making the hood and cabine 2 studs wider. Trying to get dubbelair tyres at the back (4 wheels on 1 axle), making the fenders wider and order soms more brown wheels for tree trunks. When the hood is wider perhaps a V8 can be fitted. Perhaps even modifying the crane...??? So, there are a lot of modifications to make this set look better, from my point of view. We will have to wait a while, because I think this set will available around March 2012, just like the 8070 supercar.
  5. barman

    1h 2012 models

    I think so too. At the wheels and gastanks it will be 17 studs wide. The 8285 Tow Truck is 19 studs wide, too wide for the scale of the wheels and the 9397 is too narrow. Of course this can be modified, but somehow TLC doesn't seems to get it right
  6. With special thanks to Bladbird and Jurgen Krooshoop, I can say that Jurgen made the instuctions in record time. Instructions Avatar helicopter Thanks guys for all the time you spend on making the CAD-model and instructions. Both have build the helicopter already and a lucky big spender bought it through Creations for Charity. So... how's next
  7. barman

    Technic PF Transformer

    The prototype is taken apart a long time ago, but I still have material to reproduce it again. Meanwhile... I've been working on a G1 transformer. Targetmaster Spoilsport. This was a hughed robot that could fitt in my hand, but this became to big and heavy. Without making photos or video (Just stupid), I taken it apart aswell. Fortunetly I took it to a meeting and Elex made a photo of it. The unike thing about this TF is that is can not only transform, but also move it's arms. The sholder socket rotates up during transformation and in robot form it can rotate about 50 degrees too the front and back. On the table you can see the hands. Sorry that I can't tell you more about Spoilsport. I just don't have the photo's to show you how it works and it is difficult to tell so you can understand the workings.
  8. barman

    2LegoOrNot2Lego's Amazing New Truck

    2LegoOrNot2Lego is a very good friend of me. His truck are amazing. They all are good looking and fully function. I realy love the way he designed the axles. This truck is jet anought succesfull build in the line. The colors look great together and the video makes it complete.
  9. barman

    Nico71's Creations

    This is a MOC that makes me giggle. Very good scale model. I realy like the way you made the cabine. It looks great and give this MOC it's distinguished look. Simple but great
  10. barman

    Barman says hi

    Hello everyone, My name is Barry, aka Barman, Barman76 or Barebos. Depends if the name Barman was already taken. When it comes to Lego, I'm a Technic fan and collect de special Star Wars sets. Some people will know me of my V8 engine and Avatar helicopter. It's taken me quite some time to register here, but finaly did it. Thanks to Dluders (and others) most of my MOCs are already posted here. Thanks for that For people who don't know me, here are some links Other hobbies are collecting Transformer toys and comics, DVDs and 1 to 50 scale trucks (special transport and cranes). Barman
  11. barman

    Grohl's Creations

    I realy like the stuff you make. It's brilliant the way you always manange to get great looking big and small one-set-MOCs Keep on building
  12. barman

    George v2 Video (finally)

    George is a big one. Great work. It nice to see the improvements you've made. Congrates on your article in Hispabrick. It's a great article.
  13. barman

    BricksonWheels and Dennis Bosman Trucks

    I realy liked it on the MACK-day, when you two started combining the different trucks and trailers with each other. It looked silly and great at the same time. The MOCs of 2 Great big scale truck builders fitt very good together.
  14. barman

    Renault 155-54

    Wow, this looks great. Very good detailing. Excellent work.
  15. barman

    fully remote controlled caterpiller loader

    This a realy great MOC. It is in the right proportions and the functions are all there. The quick changing attachment function is a great add-on. Great job!
  16. Nope. I've been working on that for 3 years. Evertime Legoworld would come Iwould start working on it to finish it. I made a lot of improvements, but I got stuck at some time. It is still in one piece, but will soon be taken apart for part. I will make photos so I can make it again when I have new insperation.
  17. barman

    Technic PF Transformer

    Thanks for posting it here Gekke Ted. I never made building instructions, sorry. It's taken me many times of trail and error to get to this level. The basis idea is very simple. Using a wurmgear and a 24t gear powered by a PF M-motor. By connecting a 3L liftarm thin to the outcoming shaft and blocking it that it can only rotate 180 degrees (function used at the lag hinch). When you connect a shaft or link to the end of the 3L liftarm and connect that to a 3x3 liftarm (2 studs down or up from the output axle at the 24t gear) this converts the movement form 180 degrees to 90 degrees. To get the action perpendicular I use the old 14t bevelgear. This is the basic system I used for this Transformer. I am still working (from time to time) to get a fully working transformer. It is very difficult to get right. But I know I will succeed sometime.
  18. Looks great and is well designed.
  19. barman

    Barman says hi

    Thanks for the warm welkom guys.
  20. Thanks everyone for the nice and great comments Thanks to Dluders for posting it And special thanks to Blakbird for making the digital model and the great renders and to Jurgen for making the instruction. Would you believe me if I told you that this one was made in 2 days? Ok first version. Later I made a better undercarraige, cargo doors opening through spring cylinder and an improvement on the rotating rotorheads by making stands.