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  1. Edding the springs is a very nice touch. Looks good. One of your best so far. Nice to see that you slowly evolve your motorcycles by edding better details. I don't know that much about motorcycles, but both handlebars / hand brakes are the same. The brake line is on top on the right one and at the bottom on the left one. If that is correct, than it's fine, but it is just something I noticed :) The chrome and gold chrome really make it pop, but this is not the first bike your made like this. Nice work Buddy!
  2. @nguyengiangoc For the Dutch LEGO World 2017 I got the assignment to build all available sets at the webshop, also including the B-models. Because I need the time to modify the sets so that some functions are moving when the models are on display, I wanted to build the sets as soon as possible, so I asked LEGO Benelux (orginizers of the Dutch LEGO World) if they could sent me the B-model instructions and they did, but under heavy restrictions not the share and mail them. Beening part of the Steering Group has its advantages :) I think the instructions will be available in the second half of August. That is normaly the case. @vectormatic The driveline is the same as in the A-model only with 2 axles in stead of 3. Both axles are fixed to the chassis, so there is no suspension compared to the A-model who has 2 swing axles.
  3. Finished building the B-models and edited them to the Flickr Album. Quick review on these models. 42068 A very nice looking fire truck with trailer and boot. It is a nice function that the crane can be controlled. The system is the same as in the main model, only the turning of the crane is almost 1 to 1 so controlling it isn't easy. The front wheels steer but only at a max of 20 degrees, making the turning circle big. It's a nice model, but the main model is better. 42069 Not the best looking model color wise, because the dark purple parts are all over the place. But it is a very cool vehicle! Driving it is just like the main model a bit bumpy, but it's fun with the articulation in the middle. The model is very well detailed and has lots of functions. The detachable station is great. Been playing with it since I finished the build. It is a large set when it comes to parts and the B-model uses most of the parts, but there are still a lot of spare parts. 42070 Oke... yeah... uhmmmm... Still like the color combo, but that's about it. This is a ugly thing. Some sort of Desert Rally (service) Truck?!? It just weird with the very low cabine and rear wheel steering. The long wheelbase doesn't do the turning circle any good. The only thing that makes this vehicle interesting is that you can raise the cabine and trunk. The 42070 is a big set with not that many parts, because it uses many panels. The panels are also used in the B-model and is also a big model, but roughly halve of the parts are used. So many spare parts! For a full review of these B-models we will have to wait for Sariel to do his magic.
  4. Thanks for your review of this wonderful set. I really like the color combination and design. There is nothing wrong with a vehicle free designed but based on a excisting vehicle. Only the 42068 looks close to a real crashtender. It was en interesting build, specialy the spring door system and the extendible roof construction. Fitting this model with wheels isn't a bad idea and the fast fix in the video gives a good example how this might look. I do agree with Lucullus that the axles had to be reconstructed in order to fit the wheels better. I like the yellow on the track holders, so yellow rims would look good when this model is fitted with wheel. Th only thing that I found wrong in you video Sariel, is that you say that you could leave out the rubber grips on the tracks for more smooth driving and steering. You only replaced 1 of the tracks with smooth tracks and the other 3 tracks still provide traction, so the smooth track will still run. If you replace all the tracks the vehicle will not drive on a smooth surface. There is just to much friction in the drive system to let this work. The rest of your points in the video I agree aspecialy on the sticker remark. The only thing is that on my model I don't have any problem with the doors getting stuck half way once in a while. I am so glade that after a thorough inspection the hamster approves this set :) As do I and recommend it for a nice building and play experience, with a nice price to part ratio.
  5. Thanks Jim for the excellent review as always! I like the humor you use to make reviews a more joy to read and of course the wonderful photo's you always make. About the differencial and de red and grey side of the axle. This set was build by a colleague of mine. It was his fist set since his childhood... When he finished the set and explored all the functions, the chassis twisted up when driving and I told him dat 1 of de diff's is fasing the wrong way. Trying to get the diff out in the finished model was a bit of e challenge, but I did manage to flip the diff in the front axle. Driving the model around is very satisfying, even the cat was very interested in it and try to sneak up on it and I scared 1 of her 9 lifes away when driving towards her... hahaha. Like you, I didn't like the model that much on seeing the first pictures and video's, but seeing my colleague building it and than playing with it, it grew on me. The colors (dark azur, yellow en red) look wonderful together and the model is very bulky, rough and cool to look at. I do agree that the back of the model isn't great. The way the outriggers work is a very nice solution, but the crane is way to small. It this was 5x5 studs, it would look much better. I think that the term Tow Truck is a bit over used. It doesn't have a tow rack to begin with. This is more of a salvage truck with the swinging crane and heave build outriggers. It would be nice to completely redo the back section and make an actual tow rack on it, making it more like the 8462, but with a bigger crane or perhaps even 2 cranes that can swing out to the side.
  6. The set has 2 yellow hard springs and 4 light gray soft springs. Het yellow ones are in the suspension in the back and gray in the front. The second par of gray springs are used in the door mechanisme, keeping the doors up and closed. It is a very clever and simple technique. The suspension is pretty much build the same way as on the Mercedes Arocs front axles,
  7. Here are photo's of the 2017-2H sets 42068, 42069 and 42070. My photo's aren't as good as Jim's, but you can still see all the nice details. 42068_42069_42070 by Barry Bosman, on Flickr And here is the link to the Flickr Album: I got these sets directly from LEGO, for the Dutch LEGO World 40 Years LEGO Technic display. Not only the sets of 2017 will be displayed, but also all available sets via I have to build all A and B-models and make some of the functions move so the display isn't so static. Fortunately I have some helping hands building all the sets. Enjoy the photo's Looking forward to Sariel's and Jim's reviews!
  8. Again a great build. Nice and compact and a very funny video as it should. Absolutely brilliant! Well Done!!! I also like that you made multiple Peel's in different colors. Now it only needs a scale version of Jeremy Clarkson to ride it
  9. NIce to see a hybrid in this Porsche competition. Very nice job on your first super car. The colors are bold and make it stand out. I like the stroller as a nice nod to the bag in the original Porsche set.
  10. Wow, This is so cool!!! Way to go Paul You must be so proud on this mile stone. I can understand that this was hard to keep a secret. As always a wonderful and interesting car design and the one of a kind paint job makes it very unique. Great that it has reached such a high amount of money. Well done friend well done!!! The truck looks good.
  11. Again another wonderfull review bij Captain Jim. You can clearly read that Jim loves this set. Very excited about it myself. It is already on the to-buy-list. Thanks for the very crisp high quality photo's, as always. This is what makes you stand out. Also thanks for mentioning my video on the Claas steering system. When Ralph and Sariel where present in Denmark for there interviews with the designers, they both told me that my version was very close. Nice to know. As being part of the Dutch LEGO World Steering Group, I got the assignment to motorize 2 times the Class and BWE. This takes a lot of time to figure this out. Fortunately there are many examples on Eurobricks to help me with that task
  12. Very cool rock crawler. As I had some interest in RC cars a couple of years ago, I still watch many RC video's especially crawlers and buggy's. It is very light weight, powerful and has lot's of grip with the special tires. It works great on the rocks. It is a very good design.
  13. Ooooh WOW!!!! Amazing models. You really hit the bodywork spot on. Fantastic. Yes the green panels will look a bit better with stickers, but this is just epic!
  14. Thanks for all the nice reactions. Good to hear you like this truck.