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  1. LetsBrick

    [MOC] Spanish town

    What are those pieces that make up the palm tree trunks?
  2. LetsBrick

    Which island type do you like the most?

    Of course, please do. I'm surprised by the decent spread of preferences so would be great to see a poll.
  3. LetsBrick

    Attachments -- and how to delete them

    Can I get the two attachments removed from this post please:
  4. Playing around with building techniques for islands. I wanted to see what other people prefer. Vintage - Bricks Only if you wanted a really stylised look I guess. Classic - Printed Baseplate Simple Plates - Tan Plates Blue baseplate and tan plates, reminisent of Pirate III from 2015. Slopes - Pirates of Barracuda Bay Medium azure plate with tan slopes. Can use the round slope parts 95188 & 58846 for convex turns. Hard to do concave bends in island. Slopes Curved - Eldorado Fortress Like above but with sloped curves. In addition to Brick Round Corner (76797), you can use Slope Curved with Stud Notch left and right (80177 & 80178). Slopes Curved with Dark Azure - Friends Beach Amusement Park (41737) As above but with dark azure plate for base and medium azure plates around the island. Detailed Plates - Tan and Dark Tan Plates Tiles - Tan and Dark Tan Plates Tiles and Plates - Multiple layers of plates and tiles Please comment if there is another build colour/combination you have seen. And definetly let me know what's your favourite, I'm happy to add more to the list.
  5. LetsBrick


    My voting is based on the original contest post stating "The emphasis is building a creation that could pass as an official LEGO set". I was amazed at the quality of some of these but I couldn't see them as official Lego Pirates sets. The sets I'm voting for, I could all see on store shelves as actual sets. Main Building Category Saber Island 2023 by TomSkippy Big Kahuna's Atoll by Yatkuu Cutless Reach by LetsBrick The Hearty Cutlass by Thats No Moon Le Scorpion by Jansued Mini Set Building Category Shark Cart by TomSkippy King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat by Kritch Treasure Island by Oky Hidden Cache by LetsBrick Treasure Found by JopieK
  6. LetsBrick

    [CONTEST] Creative Critic Registrations

    Can I remove myself from the creative critics. I haven't had the time to participate. Don't want to waste the admins time looking at my minimal comments.
  7. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] Hidden Cache (Mini Set)

    Hidden Cache. A mini entry with 42 pieces including treasure and minifig. This pirate has hidden his treasure in some rocks and covered it in palm leaves. Seems to be guarded by some native wildlife as well. The cache can be accessed by pushing the axle. Total Pieces: 42 All parts exist and available on lego/bricklink. Cheers
  8. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] Saber Island 2023

    Haha. I love it. The curved tower is AMAZING. Can't believe I haven't seen it before. Think you're my number 1 vote. Would like to try and play with the circular tower and see a bigger build with multiple towers.
  9. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] Cutless Reach

    Thanks so much for the kind words. For the gun barrel I did the same pretty much as 70412 Soldier's Fort. I do get it looks a bit spotlights. Would it be better to be more like 70411 Treasure Island? I think the big cannon would be to big for the boat but I want a cannon for some playability. What would you change the shovel to? I thought a shovel would make sense in the sand to dig for treasure? Would you change to a plant or rock?
  10. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] Cutless Reach

    Thanks for that. Yeah it does keep it all looking in the same theme. Thanks. Yeah I thought it would make sense from a lore point of view too.
  11. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] Cutless Reach

    Thanks on the island shape, spent ages moving pieces back and forth trying to get it right. When I build in real life I'll use better minifigs but options are limited in digital (from what I can see).
  12. LetsBrick

    List of play features in all Pirates sets

    I would like to see an exhaustive list. For what it's worth, I'll add the crane from various sets most notably Eldorado. Other sets like pirates 3 imperial Fortress and a winch, moreso than a crane.
  13. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] 6254 Rocky Reef - Remake 2023

    Ha, your churning these out. Looks great as always.
  14. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    This looks amazing, I loved Islanders but couldn't afford this set as a kid. I had every other Islanders set and dreampt abiut having Enchanted Island. This set looks so good in contemporary colours and pieces. The best thing about Islanders is there is so much colour, and you've really captured that here. The updated statue/head looks really good, you should be proud of it. The bridge must have been hard to do digitally but looks great. I like the floating/disconnected island. Allows more playability. Here are my nitpicks/suggestions: A bit more red on the other tower maybe, just a touch more colour. More foliage or something between the tiki statue and tower piece. It's just a bit bare and I think an official set would have something there. Fire for cooking maybe? In the same vein, under the bridge a bit of variation in the level of green plates would be good. Maybe even put water there and have the bridge span across two islands. Try and squeeze some play features in somewhere. Under the large rocky area I feel you squeeze in some technic functions for some playability. This set would be an instant buy for me, though I don't think lego would release any Islanders sets.
  15. LetsBrick

    [ENTRY] 1492 Battle Cove 2.0

    Why black and grey for the walls? I feel even the simplest official lego set would have a few more details than this. If you want to have the wall black then Add some details like MstrOfPpts suggested. Add a simple roof with just two sloped bricks. Maybe through a window in too. You could also try some variation in plant life. Add some flower stems, with or without flowers.