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  1. CroissantBricks

    [MOC] Fire Lookout Tower

    It looks great! I really like the fire pit with the smoke coming out. It's on top of the chimney!
  2. CroissantBricks

    [MOC] [BDP-S4] Opera House

    Thank you! Thank you! We wanted to build the model with real bricks to check the stability and structural integrity of the design before submitting it. Having the IRL prototype in parallel to the version helped us ensure that the design is rigid enough. We probably could have reduced the piece count if we were willing to sacrifice on the stability of the model, but it's not something we wanted to cheapen out on. As it is, I can even lift each section with a single hand. The balcony seats are easily accessible from the front of the balconies. Here's a quick picture of me placing my sigfig into one of them. It can be done with the balconies section in place or when it's taken out, like in this picture.
  3. CroissantBricks

    [MOC] [BDP-S4] Opera House

    Thank you! We went a bit outside of the modular standard: The base is 1.5 baseplate deep which is a bit of a peculiar size for a modular layout, but it was the best way to achieve the overall design we wanted, especially in order to include everything we wanted in the interior. We will add a half baseplate behind the building with either a fountain or statue when we integrate the opera into our city (when we have space for a proper city, lol). This way, both the front and the back of the building will be visible, and we quite like both. Thank you. We had a lot of fun creating the posters and titles for the performances. Thank you!
  4. CroissantBricks

    [MOC] [BDP-S4] Opera House

    Thanks! I'm quite proud of finding this title with double meaning. Thank you! Thank you for the support! We spent a lot of time figuring out how to build the curved rear. Achieving that shape while having the floors detachable and also trying to avoid creating gaps in the walls/floor was what took us the longest.
  5. CroissantBricks

    Bricklink Designer Program 2021 Discussion Thread

    I hope you'll forgive my shameless self-promotion, but here's the Opera House design we submitted to series 4. It was a lot of fun to design. Opera House - BDP Series 4
  6. CroissantBricks

    [MOC] [BDP-S4] Opera House

    Hi everyone! Here's the Opera House design we submitted to the Bricklink Designer Program Series 4. We hope you like it! Please support us by clicking "Love it" in the link below if you want this design to become a set. Opera House on Bricklink Series 4 Here are some actual pictures of our prototype. We're still missing the minifigures, the interior stickers, and a couple of decorative pieces, but it's 99.5% complete.
  7. CroissantBricks

    D&D x Ideas

    As a long time player (although I paused it for the past couple of years), I'm very excited at the prospect of getting D&D sets. I even built an entry for the contest, it's my first time submitting something to Lego Ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come out of the theme.