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  1. Gamma-Ray

    Westworld Host Printing

    "bring yourself online" Built for the Bio-cup preliminary round, the theme is the future. Westworld has one of the most interesting portrayals of the near future I've seen. Humanoid robots called Hosts populate a vast theme-park humans visit for an escape from reality. These hosts are printed by more traditional industrial robots. Such a cool visual. Played around with some lighting for this one, really liked how it turned out.
  2. Gamma-Ray


    Some Ta-Koro tohunga whisper stories that these Rahi are Makuta's hatred in the flesh... --------------------- My entry for round one of the Bio-Cup, the challenge was to create a fire Rahi.
  3. "Go, my sons. Use the shadows, and keep my brother asleep."
  4. Gamma-Ray

    Gamma Dragon

    The Gamma Dragon flys high into the sky to absorb gamma rays usually shielded by the atmosphere. Theses rays allow for tremendous power and give it a glowing appearance. -------------------- I finally got a chance to put the head used for my profile picture into a moc! Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think.
  5. Gamma-Ray


    Here's my entry to the Makuta challenge on Rebrick. In this design I really wanted to include elements from the story. For instance, the skull spider on his chest represents the first wave of G2 sets. Additionally, I wanted to give a little throw-back to the original series. I did this with the infected mask hanging on his belt. And the story wouldn't be complete without Makuta's mask of control so I made a brick-built version of it to suit the larger scale of this build. Thanks for taking a look and good luck to everyone in the contest!
  6. Gamma-Ray

    NCS Fighter LL971

    Now for something a little different from my normal Bionicle stuff! One of my main goals in building this was to incorporate Bionicle parts into the build in some way. Partly because I had a shortage of system parts but mostly cause Bionicle is awesome.
  7. Gamma-Ray

    Dume and Nivawk

    I wanted both Dume and Nivawk to have action functions in the spirit of the 2015 Bionicle sets. Dume features moving arms using the new gearbox part and Nivawk's wings can open and close similar to the original set! Here is a demonstration of the wing function. When the knob is turned the linkage opens and closes the wings!
  8. Gamma-Ray

    Saka & Razulin

    Nice design, Razulin looks great and I like the contrast between it and Saka!
  9. Gamma-Ray

    BFTGM: Hysleria

    Here is my entry for the BFTGM contest: Hysleria Entry Pic: Gallery: Let me know what you think!!
  10. Here is my entry for the contest: Hysleria Entry Pic: Gallery:
  11. Gamma-Ray

    MOC: Zaldrīzes

    Had a lot of fun making this dragon inspired by Michael's design: Click the Images to see them full size on Flickr C and C always appreciated.
  12. Gamma-Ray


    So I made Midna from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Midna is one of my favourite characters in the series because she has such an interesting story. Here's a link to the reference image: Check out Flickr for more of my stuff:
  13. Gamma-Ray

    MOC: MT05

    My most recent moc! C and C appreciated! More pics on my flickr:
  14. Gamma-Ray

    MOC: Sharp ED

    This is Sharp ED. Overall I am very happy with how this guy turned out! The colour scheme was really fun to work with because of the limited part supply and because teal is my favourite lego colour. Comments and criticism are always greatly appreciated!
  15. Gamma-Ray

    MOC: BONGO BONGO - from the Legend of Zelda

    Thanks everyoe! If only the Legend of Zelda set on cuusoo had been approved :(