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Found 6 results

  1. SmoothJazz

    Xiroc: The Vengeful Shadow

    Because every evil villain needs a top hat... My third entry for BFTGM. A revamp of this moc.
  2. Tr0jinH0rse

    BFTGM Entry - The Malevolent

    Hi everyone, this is my first ever input into Eurobricks. I've been lurking for a while, and this contest made me decide to finally create an account. This is the first thing I have ever built using CCBS. I bought a bulk lot off eBay last week, and having never used it before I must say I enjoy using it a lot more than I thought I would. I'm glad that Bionicle next year is using this system, I feel like it's definitelly a step in the positive direction. Not to say I don't love the old system, I still can't get enough of the originals. Anyway, I digress. Here is my entry to the contest: BFTGM Entry - The Malevolent BFTGM Entry - The Malevolent by Tr0jinH0rse, on Flickr The Malevolent are a race native to the dark caves of Okoto, a violent and primitive species who wear the bones of their victims as armour and trophies. They wear a skull mask to frighten and intimidate their prey, and any who are foolhardy enough to challenge them. The villagers of Onu-Koto are wary of disturbing these beasts, as they don't want to end up as the next piece of armour on a Malevolent. Also, here is a shot of how I imagine the Malevolent to look in the dim light of a cave: BFTGM Entry - The Malevolent by Tr0jinH0rse, on Flickr More photos here: Thanks for looking! Good luck to everybody who entered the contest.
  3. Gamma-Ray

    BFTGM: Hysleria

    Here is my entry for the BFTGM contest: Hysleria Entry Pic: Gallery: Let me know what you think!!
  4. SmoothJazz

    Commander Dynor

    My entry for the Battle For the Golden Mask, as well as the current BZPower Flickr contest. This happens to be my first entry made for the contest, as opposed to being made a while ago, Main: Back:
  5. / Imgur gallery Flickr gallery Once a defender of good, Chro felt disillusioned with his cause, and defected to the shadows, realizing his errors too late. Chro has fallen a long way, and he knows it - the Toa sometimes feels uncomfortable with his choice, but hides this beneath a fa├žade of arrogance. His old cunning nature still remains, if tempered by his experiences. A tactical combatant, Chro would rather fight than run, but knows the right time to do either. He attacks with swift and sure strikes, occasionally faltering only when trying to contain the power of his own dark side. My first newly-built MOC for the BFGM, and a fresh version of my self-MOC/character, Chro. I know that the backstory and appearance of the MOC are highly generic. That was intentional. I feel as though "the biggest, baddest villain" is a theme that lends itself more to somewhat generically-themed villains rather than exceptionally unique ones. Feedback is appreciated
  6. On the Island of Okoto, a new breed of rahkshi has been born: rahkshi that no longer have the need for a kraata to control them, now they are sentient. After makuta fell into a deep slumber, his consciousness contacted the strongest rahkshi on Okoto: Marahk, giant Rahkshi of Density Control. With perfect control over his powers, Mahrak is already a force to be reckoned with, he now commands an enormous army of rahkshi that threaten to overrun the Island of Okoto, but who can stop them? Size comparison with matoran and Guurahk Staff Size Comparison Finding a Mysterious Mask Vs Toa Mata Tahu Gallery (When public)