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Let me introduce you to a new, or rather old, build contest this month. Like some of you might remember, next to various build months like FebRovery or SHIPtember, there once also was Marchitecture, for building microscale architecture MOCs in March. However, since this ended back 5 years ago, I decided to revive this concept. So this March we're celebrating Marchitecture yet again!

Marchitecture 2024

Everyone is invited to contribute Architecture MOCs. The builds should model an "existing" original, concentrate on man-made immobile structures (i.e. buildings) and be smaller than minifig scale, basically in spirit of the LEGO Architecture series (but you don't have to adhere to LEGOs strict design principles). There's two different categories, one for models based on real or historic buildings and one for buildings from films, games and other media. Both categories also accept digital entries, but they should at least try to make a structurally coherent build and not go overboard with unavailable part colours either. There's two prizes for each category, a LEGO set and a custom-build trophy, as well as a third prize pair for all digital entries.

So how do you take part? The whole thing works similar to Summer Joust and the like. There's a Flickr group, which also contains further information about the contest and rules, with entry threads for the individual categories. And you can also participate on Instagram using the hashtag #marchitecture2024.

Happy building (and tell your friends)!

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