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  1. Exactly,probably "civic" implies civics
  2. Doesn't make too much sense imo,becouse she is "literally who"?
  3. Perfect way to include George Lucas in Lego
  4. How do you know that these options are false?
  5. As it told before, it's hard to believe there are shock troopers in this set
  6. Becouse it's gonna be the third set with shock troopers If the riumor about Z-95 is correct, then it's probably Secura?
  7. Indeed,thanks. Also there is a pilot in the Arc-170 with the closed helmet in the end of this video
  8. As i know,they wore just the open helmets ( and P1 ofc) but if you have any of the official stuff with them wearing closed helmets P2,then please send me
  9. Hard to believe there are 2 shock troopers in Grogu's set. Doubt it. Hope the leak about Z-95 is true, for me it's even better than Y-wing, becouse pilots in Z-95 have awesome helmets Hope she is gonna be more unique than Vaughn
  10. Could you tell us please if a leak about Z-95 true or false,becouse it seems like a speculation
  11. Ok , so if this red line on his torso doesn't mean the rank, then it's a good choice to build the army of DW. Thanks
  12. Is it so? I have some loylists in my army and i thought to use the Fleet Commander as "–°ommander" of them, but now i'm not sure if i do right. Aren't there any of marks that tell us about special role of the Fleet commander?
  13. Doubt we will ever see commander as magazine's addition. Also, last years we get only 1 magazine with ckone per year