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  1. Reaching out on behalf of the server. Brick Tap does not exist to serve the Eurobricks community. Go ahead and delete if you want. We, the admin team only make posts when we're confident in our news/reveals section, or posts on the reddit community. Discussion in the channels is just merely discussion of rumors and leaks, when we have decided something is confident enough to confirm, we make posts. Leakers of any credibility are welcome to talk about the rumors they've heard about in the server, but we don't confirm/deny them until we've made a post. The jedi temple and z95 rumors are completely fake. Harassment of users, and brigading for your own gain is not tolerated in the Brick Tap community. Please leave our members alone. Playing telephone between different platforms helps no one.
  2. Especially with how bad Mando sets typically are in terms of minifigs/price - I’m not expecting more than Kelleran, Grogu, and 1 501st trooper in a $30 set.
  3. Malak is in a set you very much don’t want, hence him being an add-on. @Mandalorianknight Just Malak coming for now. My mistake, it’s not Revan. I misinterpreted what Renown said.