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  1. Pics of the Clone Trooper and Droids battlepack are coming out on instagram the_brick_news
  2. OR...OR... I just never take their helmets off and pretend.
  3. Jokes on you, all my Snow Troopers are canonically clone wars veterans too.
  4. Oh look another obvious fake clone trooper leak. Why do we have to do this every release cycle? What does anyone gain from that? Why do people fall for it every time?
  5. Yeah we said Old Master Maul and Revan when that topic was newer. I believe I was the first person (on here at least), that said the battlepack could be a remake of the 2007 ones combined together and said that it could have a 327th Trooper. However, i'm not a leaker so I hope people don't think my waffling is official lol. I'm sure plenty of other people speculated the same thing though.
  6. Not a single reputable leaker has said this, at least as far as i can find.
  7. Counterpoint, the first clone wars branded lego set was 2008 so it's the 15th anniversary (cue older AFOLs going into shock about how long ago 2008 was)
  8. Those are the footsteps of the Clone Walker Battle Pack (8014)https://brickset.com/sets/8014-1/Clone-Walker-Battle-Pack You have an outer "toe", a block and then a rounded back of the foot. There is also a TCW animated phase 1 clone following the trail. Likely Lego's way of reminding us of it without actually having to put some weird non-canon walker on the poster.
  9. 10 minutes ago they posted some star wars promotional stuff on instagram, no new sets yet but it's unusual for them to post a pretty awesome post with so much effort in it for no reason. Maybe they're building up to something? Actually, there is an octuptara droid in the poster. It doesn't look anything like the 2014 one so unless i'm forgetting something, you might be able to see the real upcoming octuptara droid on there. It is standing next to a shock trooper with binoculars.
  10. LSW designers have been catching flak for like a year over that set not having a crab droid because the box art designer picked the wrong planet.
  11. That is in-fact, what i said. The blue one is clone wars.
  12. Renown was hinting a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile ago that the Octuptarra droid in the set made it's debut in Ep-3. If he's aware of the two variants of the Octuptarra Droid and knows that the movie one is technically different and is smaller and bronze in colour and the clone wars version is blue and larger, then it would suggest that it's an episode 3 set. Realistically though, it won't be that deep. It'll likely have Clone Wars branding because Clone Wars is the hotter topic right now.
  13. Leaks are impossible to predict but you'll probably see official pics 2-3 weeks before it's set to release if this summer was anything to go by
  14. It's a legion. Anything saying otherwise is just the clone wars writers not really knowing what words mean or being stupid like when they had Rex say AT-AT. They throw words like squad, platoon, company etc around like they don't have meanings. In both canon and legends a legion and brigade are the same thing. The star wars writers are awful for this kind of thing. Like how a Captain is the officer for a company (165 troops) and captain Rex is the highest ranking clone in the 501st Legion (approx. 10 thousand troops) When it comes to writing for military stuff Star Wars tends to lean on "it sounds cool and most people won't care" If you want to take the ranking systems seriously i would strongly advise you ignore off hand comments made by lazy writers in episodes of childrens TV shows and focus on what the media that is written for the purposes of actually informing readers about how these things canonically work in-universe, say on the topic. For example it's technically canon that Domino squad has 5 members and no sergeant despite that making absolutely no sense in-universe. The writers don't care, they had 5 characters and a cool unit name.
  15. Battlepacks aren't £120, hope this helps.