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  1. For like the 9th time today: Because it's literally not in the clone wars. The Rex """"""""""""""""rumor"""""""""""""" started because some random instagram leaker said it, and that lego leaker and their leaks have been banned from the leaks subreddit since then for making stuff up and stealing leaks without credit. Not exactly reputable. I think considering that the Swamp Speeder is only ever seen IN REVENGE OF THE SITH we can assume that it's going to be a ROTS set. The only instance of a swamp speeder we've had (of 3) that could even slightly be considered as not being ROTS was the 2010 one which had a clone trooper and Bariss Offee. It's worth noting that Bariss Offee did not leave the jedi order until 2013, 3 years after the set she featured in the swamp speeder with, meaning she would have been assumed to be on Kashyyyk with her Jedi master Luminara Unduli. The set also featured a phase 2 clone, 2 years before phase 2 armor was introduced to the clone wars TV show. Therefore, the set must have atleast been BASED ON revenge of the sith or the lego designers had time travel. The other 2 swamp speeders aside from that are indesputably ROTS with 1 featuring Kashyyyk troopers and the other feature wookies and 442nd troopers (who were only ever seen in a deleted scene from ROTS) The swamp speeder was only ever seen in ROTS. Literally nothing else. So someone remind me how Rex is supposed to end up in this set? or that the set is going to be based on the clone wars? Could it happen? sure. But why would it? It makes no sense.
  2. I honestly don't see how a T6 shuttle could use 1k pieces. The old one was about 400 pieces so even if they doubled the piece count somehow it'd still only come out to 800ish.
  3. So the issue with the 501st Battlepack is not that it's bad on its own by any means. It's a battlepack which contains 4 clone from a beloved legion. With lots of visual variance, and is fresh and new for clone battlepacks. HOWEVER. The main issue that people have with the 501st battlepack is not the clones themselves but rather the lack of army buildability with the set. Now for your average consumer and or child that's not an issue, they spend $20 they get 4 cool clones and a neat cannon build. Great! But for those of us who generally like to buy unreasonable amounts of battlepacks (like 10, some people take it even further and buy 50+ of these things) the set does not have much of that "re-buy" value and as a result feels like wasted potential for a battlepack slot (of which we get 1 a year now) If you buy 10 of these you end up with 10 officers, 10 snipers and 20 heavy troopers. Which some may not mind. A lot of us do mind though. It's not exactly clone wars accurate to have that kind of army composition, and as a result most battlepack megabuyers generally would prefer it had a couple of normal troopers instead. The best way I can explain some people's dislike for the set is that a normal battlepack would come with 2 figures you do want a lot of, and 2 random figures you probably don't for example: 2 Phase 1 plain clones and then a clone captain and a clone commander. You want the pack for those regs. Then we get build up a big bin of those more high ranking special clones like captains and commanders which you can't do much with. You could even sell them off long after the set retires and make all your money back eventually. The 501st Battlepack is like a set of JUST the high ranking special clones you can't do much with. So getting 1 or 2 is great but getting 10 is just pointless because why would you need 10 Officers, 10 snipers and 20 heavies. Sure if you specifically want to depict a star wars battlefront 2 game it makes sense but for animations, mocs, displaying and just general army building, or even playing, I don't need that many special clones. It genuinely feels like you're buying a battlepack made of the bad halves of 2 much better battlepacks lol. A much better option in my opinion would have been to put these cool 501st Clones in a cool 501st themed set. Like a $50 501st branded vehicle or something similar. That would mean that special clones feel special and that set would be amazing for it's unique clones. But a battlepack is just supposed to be 4 grunts to fill up a baseplate, I'd have much rather they did either a 212th Battlepack (Airborne, Gunner, 2x 212th Troopers) or maybe a 187th Battlepack (2x 187ths, 1x Airborne and Maybe an ARF Trooper or something). Those would be clones taken from more expensive sets, and made much more available by battlepacks, which is the benefit of battlepacks: cheap clones (or whatever figure is in it obvs). Whereas what we have is essentially 4 clones who could have sold a much more expensive set, being put into a battlepack first, but the battlepack doesn't achieve any of it's main purposes: Cheaper availability of clones from more expensive sets or the ability to build an army. TL:DR Good set, bad battlepack. Wasted battlepack slot (since they only do 1 a year now) when those clones could have been used to sell a more expensive set. Would have been better to see re-used clones at a cheaper price point than previously or just a different era of battlepack entirely.
  4. I wasn't questioning anything Jdubbs said, I said "Swamp speeder isn't TCW" and then clarified that I wasn't leaking anything, it was just my own cope. Me trying to manifest the set into not being another "CLONE WARS *Wink*" set where they take something that was distinctly NOT in TCW and call it a TCW set. *sobbing*
  5. It's not a leak it's a cope. It HAS to be a ROTS set. The swamp speeder never appeared in TCW and i'm a little tired of lego taking things from other movies and games and calling them "clone wars" sets. Looking at you Republic Fighter Tank (never seen on screen), 187th Legion (Purple appearance non-canon and never seen on screen), 501st Battlepack (all 3 figures being from Battlefront 2 and never being seen on screen). Those all being sold as "clone wars" sets. It's definitely a me issue but I think it's criminal we got a £40 Republic Tank with something never seen in the clone wars and characters we never saw in the clone wars (aside from Windu and battledroids obviously) and a battlepack that once again has no basis in TCW show or movie. Instead of either of those being sets actually being based on the TV show rather than a video game that long died off in popularity. So if it's another instance of Lego doing a set from another movie or a game and then trying to call it clone wars I'll be incredibly disappointed. Hopefully it's just coincedental that that happened twice recently and Lego will just use their brains and say "Oh this was only ever seen in 2 scenes in Episode 3 so let's put episode 3 figures in it and put it in an episode 3 box" (Preferably something with the 327th but 41st Elite would make just as much sense, would even pair quite well with Yoda for some ahem, reenactments of iconic scenes. Oh they could put Aayla in the swamp speeder with the 327th for the same reason. IDK if that's too dark for Lego but i can still want it.)
  6. I don't remember the precise date but isn't there supposed to be some lego reveal thingy in like april? It's annoying I cannot even remember what it was called to google it. EDIT: I think it's at star wars celebration, 12pm (IDK What timezone, thanks google) on April 8th. But apparently they're focussing on ROTJ so we might not see the Swamp Speeder there.
  7. I really don't know where you're getting "4th 5th battlepack type set" We've had a lot more than 5 clone battlepacks over the last 20 years. But even if we pull it to just the current clone style we've had 3: 501st Legion set, clone command station and the current 501st. If you're including the republic fighter tank or the AT-TE as a battlepack or even a vaguely battlepack-esque set you really need to recalibrate your definition of battlepack because $20-30 per clone is not standard battlepack pricing. Battlepacks also tend not to include 1000 piece walkers either. Pointing out that the clones are non-unique doesn't make them army builders. What clone army do you know that has no actual troopers? It's an additonal cash grab to go with the 501st Legion set that just retired. I also have no idea where you're getting "4 clone wars era sets this year" If we understand a set as a "play set" then we have the battlepack, presumably the yoda interceptor and presumably the swamp speeder which is 3. Notably the swamp speeder isn't even a clone wars set either it's a ROTS set. As a side note The swamp speeder, much like the 501st clones from the current battlepack, much like the republic fighter tank and the clones in it ARE NEVER SEEN IN THE CLONE WARS TV SHOW OR MOVIE. Even the AT-TE is based off of ROTS and not the show itself, similarly the clone command station was based on Episode 2. So what do TCW fans get? Set's based around Battlefront 2, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Bad Batch. And our only actual clone wars set based off Star Wars: The Clone Wars we've had since 2021 is: Yoda's starfighter. and if we understand set as "anything lego" then we've got 5, battlepack, 2 helmets, yoda fighter and swamp speeder. Oh yeah cus 2016 is somehow worse even though it had 1 large republic vehicle (with 2 named jedi) and 1 mid sized cis vehicle. That definitely beats *checks notes* a mediocre battlepack, a star fighter and a 100 piece swamp speeder (that may not even be a good army builder, we don't know yet). 2018 - At least gave us a grievous for the first time in a while, and as hated as the jedi and clones battlepack is, it came with 2 nice jedi and 2 clones. Given that lego only ever puts 2 of the same clone in a battlepack anyway, that's a win for me. All those spare Ki-adi-mundis and bariss offees would suck but it's no worse than giving us a clone commander and captain for example, of which i would want 1 or 2 anyway. Better battlepack, better named figure selection. Next. 2017 does draw my ire now that i look at it though. 1 actual clone wars era set, and once again it is the RFT, a set we've had an inexplicable amount of times for something that literally never appears in the movies or tv shows. FINE. 2017 sucked. But "second worst ever" still isn't ideal. And i'd hardly call "you said worst ever but there's actually one year that was worse" hyperbolic
  8. Okay if 2023 (as we currently understand it, it's of-course a case of speculation and leaks at the moment) isn't the worst ever. Then what is? What actually IS the worst? Because I just looked through literally every year back to like 2005 and saw great looking waves.
  9. "Clone fans get Rex and Cody helmets" Woo! We were all so excited about that, everyone LOVES those overpriced vaguely helmet shaped sets don't we. We definitely wouldn't have preferred literally any other sets at the $60 price point. "Clone battlepack that finally includes macrobinocs" A clone battlepack which includes 0 army buildable standard clones. It's literally not even a "clone wars" set. It's a battlefront 2 set. 6 Years after that game came out. It's an obvious cash grab of "oh you missed the actual good set? here's another ""501st battlepack""" which contains no actual 501st Clone Troopers from the original set." What devalues this year to me MOST is that mediocre battlepack. Think of what other clone battlepacks we could have had, but Lego wanted to capitalise on the last few dregs of 501st hype 3 years after the end of the clone wars tv show. We could have had any number of clone battlepacks which included macrobinocs, they could have done a 212th battlepack, theme it off the umbara arc and have it include that accessory. Or they could have done a 327th pack with them too. Even if Lego was actually trying to do right by Battlefront players, all 9 of them left, the actual game features 4 classes: Assualt, Heavy, Officer and Specialist. The 501st Battlepack does not contain the assault class, which is visually a standard trooper. That was a deliberate choice they made that I can only describe as dumb or actively anti-consumer. By no means is the 501st battlepack the worst battlepack by any stretch but it's very clearly something most clone army builders didn't want or ask for, it's very clearly an attempt to milk the 501st Legion set that retired last year. A rumor of a Rex figure doesn't make this a good year for clone wars fans. An actual Rex figure wouldn't even save it from being a mediocre year. With that all out the way. I wasn't even talking about the year as we see it. I'm talking about that hypothetical year from the original post where the yoda starfighter and swamp speeder are 4+ sets for toddlers, but thanks for mocking me and giving me a platform to complain about the 501st battlepack. Assuming the swamp speeder wasn't designed to be as anti-consumer as the 501st battlepack i'm sure this year will be fine.
  10. If the swamp speeder doesn't have clones Lego can keep it.
  11. oh good, the worst lego star wars year in history if true.
  12. Should it? sure. Will it? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. I really don't see them resurrecting the B2s after like 8 years. UNLESS they've updated the legs. In which case that'd be a pretty good set IMO. I'd buy like 5 of em to get myself a little team of new supers. But if not that'd suck.
  14. As someone who doesn't really pay much attention to OT sets (particularly stuff that isn't army buildable, because that's just my particular flavour of lego star wars collector) I was genuinely baffled earlier when i found out there was no Nien Numb figure available atleast once, even like 10-20 years ago. With regards to the Swamp Speeder If the set really is a tiny build with 100ish pieces it pretty much HAS to come with some insanely good figures. Lego may be greedy but they're not stupid. The key question is this: If you're lego which product would you sell more of? a terrible little swamp speeder with 2 named characters vs 2 enemies? Let's say the """"rumor"""" of Rex and Luminara vs 2 Super Battledroids (this isn't really a rumor its just a wishlist someone ran with but we can illustrate a point with it.) vs a terrible little swamp speeder with 4 battlepack figures? Let's say the logical choice for a swamp speeder would be 327th Troopers. We also know even at a $30 price point lego will not part with more than 3 of the same clone (501st Legion set) so a $25 set certainly won't part with 4 of the same figure, so it could come with, 3 327th Regs and 1 327th Officer. It could also be Bly, as that would be the most logical explanation as to why this set wouldn't just be called "327th Battlepack" vs a terrible little swamp speeder with 2 named characters and 2 clones, Let's again stick with Luminara and Rex since they're in the talks about this for some reason, with 2x plain phase 2s. So the first option, you're selling a maximum of 1 set per fan. Nobody is buying more than one of those. The second option would be TOO good to be true in my opinion. We already have a clone trooper battlepack so i doubt lego would cannibalise their own sales with a more expensive battlepack. Whether the Swamp Speeder would eat the Battlepacks sales or the other way around IDK. I'd personally buy way more of a $25 swamp speeder with army builder figures over a $20 battlepack with figures i'd want a max of 2-3 of (I really like the officer though, im not sure why it's just cool to me.) The third option seems to be the best of all. You get 2 named characters, basically making sure that most dedicated prequel fans will buy atleast 1. Then you get 2 clones, basically making sure that most clone army fans are gonna buy 5+ of them. You might say "who would pay $25 for 2 clones, multiple times" and i'd point you to current republic fighter tank at twice the price, of which many people have bought several EXCLUSIVELY for the clones. I'd also say, it's still effectively a very overpriced battlepack. We all know that most battlepacks only really give you 2 of the figure you want a lot of anyway (except the hoth battlepack that was really good). You always end up with an officer you don't want 10 of and some deathstar gunner or something that is equally obvious padding. So paying $12.5 per clone is not that much worse than paying $10 per. It's all terribly overpriced but EVERYTHING in LSW is terribly overpriced so it wouldn't be a surprise and there's usually a 20% off sale at some point in it's lifespan anyway. So with that in mind my guess is gonna be, best case: Named clone, Named Jedi, 2 unnamed clones. slightly worse case(imo, im sure this is better for some): 2x Named jedi, 2x clones much worse case: 1x named jedi, 1x named clone, 1x wookie, 1x clone (again this could be the best for some, though the wookie would effectively force the rest of the set to be 41st Elite clones, which many are a bit sick of) misery: 1x Named jedi, 1x Named clone/un-named clone, vs 2 enemies worst case scenario: We're wrong and it has less than 4 figures. apocalyptic hellscape scenario: it's 4 grogus.
  15. Commander Doom. I can't upload a pic for some reason it's just giving me an error. Regardless he was a minor character from Episode 1 of Season Six of the Clone Wars. He's present during the Battle of Ringo Vinda where Tup's chip goes a little goofy and he commits a war crime. If there was ever a CC to call a background character, it was him. He does have more screentime than a lot of OT characters who had figures but ignoring that because screen time doesn't matter, He's insignificant. He's just a Doctor Doom easter egg as his appearance was based off him. Same with Thorn who is a Thor reference. I doubt we'll ever see someone like Doom or Thorn unless Lego ever does a CMF series and needs somewhat desirable, visually interesting minor characters to pad it out. Stranger things have happened though. Republic Fighter Tank with 187th Clones would have been much lower on my list of "things likely to ever happen" and we got that. Honestly some kind of "Battle of Ringo Vinda" set with Tiplar, Tiplee, Doom and like, Admiral Trench is PEAK wishlist clone wars fans nonsense but it'd give us some very unique characters from a fairly well remembered scene of one of the more well known clone wars episodes (It's part 1 of Fives' last arc in TCW) so I still cross my fingers on that. Thorn just will not happen though. He just died and looked cool for 30 seconds. There's nothing set-able about his scene.