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  1. There is material of last 4 episodes : Bacta tank, Sanctuary Cantina. Sorry for the "wishlist", just answer
  2. Do you guys think we will get more than 2 sets (palace and unkown 60$) for BoBF? It's sad if we will get just 60$ set for the first season..
  3. There are two sets for 30$, so we can guess one of them is clones battlepack
  4. When we will know the list of summer sets?
  5. Agreed,but i hoped for twi'lek dancer also
  6. To be fair, greekbricks( a person who rumored republic tank) was right about future creator expert set (Hotel),he mentioned it 3 weeks ago,while Falconfan did that just now.
  7. About 3-4 months ago Lego was talking about the desire to make transparent minifigures for Star Wars. Personally i expected a figure of Obi Wan like this in Dagobah Training set
  8. If republic tank rumor is true, then i think there are gonna be 1phase clones instead of 187 ( becouse of 20 anniversary of Attack of the Clones) also it could be a good support for Gunship ( as the battle of Hoth sets support AT-AT )
  9. Do you guys think we will get Fortuna in this set?
  10. Actually there are 2 sets left,not 3. A one of these sets is Bobba'a Palace : 75324, 75325,75326
  11. According to how many support a new AT-AT get, for my it's obvious that the next MBS will be based on Hoth..
  12. We got pictures from catalog on June 4, and on June 17 we got all the official puctures.
  13. Is there any chance for unexpected set like Resistence I-TS Transport in the summer?
  14. That's make sense! But on the other hand, it seems like Disney very likes to support its products such as movies/cartoons,series,so it's hard to believe they will not make more sets of Bad Batch By the way,people don't talk much about that here,but i'm pretty excited to get the information about future advent calendar set.Especially intresting what troopers they will add to it (there are usually 1-2 of troopers in advent calendar)
  15. Kind of weird. Why shoud Lego add all characters just in the only one set? I guess we will get more Bad Batch sets in the future,so it's better to expect Rex,Tarkin and others in the future sets