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  1. pint14

    Selling my 41999

    Use the chance to get 41999 for reasonable price!
  2. Maybe somebody is intrested in good contition 41999. Comes with instructions, original box etc. If you are intrested please PM me so we can make a decicison about the price.
  3. Since i ride bmx almost everyday, i must say you have done good work but i would make handelbars at least 1 studs higher and try to build new seat.
  4. The truck looks great, but am i only one who thinks that those wheels are too small?
  5. So 4 L-motors all connected to one BB and one S-brick output is not a good idea i guess?
  6. I personally haven't build any of b-models.
  7. When i saw the headline, i knew it must be your entry :D. Can't wait to see more progress!
  8. I made a short video
  9. Well as i told you there's nothing jammed in the plastic gears and i doubt that there are any more gears inside the electric motor.
  10. I removed those plastic gears, but the motor still runs for 2 seconds and wobbles in the same time and then switches off. The problem should be in the electric motor i think. EDIT: if it's helpful i can make a short video about the problem.
  11. So today i i switched on my BB in moc, which hasn't moved about a year. Then the problem occured: 1 xl motor worked fine, but the other not. So i took motor out and tested it. Motor run's fine in one direction, but if you switch it to other direction, it wobbles for 1-2 seconds and then stops, beacuse BB switch itself automaticly off. I opened the motor, but i can't see ant problems. Do you have any ideas?
  12. Just to be 101% sure, more than one motor for any function is not allowed? For example 2 xl motors for driving.
  13. Yep, i saw them first time about 1 year ago on 41999. Also the compound around wire is more softer(like rubber).