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  1. Hi all, It's been a while, but I've found a bit of time to put 1 and 1 together. Hull07_test by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr So, the previous pictures show my earlier version, HOWEVER, it was wrong. I put on the wing and found that the blue cog was a stud too high for the wing to fit. So this meant redesigning the entire inside mechanism from scratch... This is the main column, and the cogs had to be moved down 1 stud... Ver2_05 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr But it's done: Ver2_08 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Putting on the wing was AWESOME. The thing is gigantic, so to see it in action is pretty incredible. Hull04_fold by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here is the folded model, and as you can see I took the rotors off. They kept drooping down, so I'm going to design a blocking mechanism for that. Hull06_folded by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is a close-up from the left side. Here a small gap is left for a cog or wheel to turn the wings with. Right now it is loose, and can simply be pushed. Hull09_heavy by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr I put a little fuel probe on the bottom chin: Hull11_fuel by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr And check out the gunner at the back! Hull14_mg by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr It won't be the only gun, as this bottom bit is where the minigun will come out of. In case you are curious as to 'what minigun?' I am referring to, check out the various online sources regarding the armament updates of MV-22B's. It's pretty wild. Thinking to add some rockets on the side of the nose as well, as some Ospreys have been testing more offensive weaponry. In the picture below you can also see the space for the old battery box. It barely fits and needs a bit of tolerance as it 'hangs' at an angle Hull15_minigun by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here's a detail from the right side. As you can see I used a system piece. Still, it's kinda cool because you can open the hatch and see a bit of cog on cog action: Hull16_detail by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here is a shot of the nose with the pilots and the fuel probe. As you can see the wheels come up in folded position. It's a heavy plane. Once the battery box is in it won't do that anymore. Hull12_nose by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr So, I'm not very good at filming yet, so honestly I apologize for this poorly shot video. BUT, it's genuine, as I just made it and I was so happy with it I just took a little video of the thing. Also, I don't have a camera/phone stand, and it's a bit tricky to film with one hand while operating the machine with the other.... I'll get better at this I'm sure, but for now this is what I've got: Alright that's it for now, but we're really getting somewhere now.
  2. roeltheworld

    Kaneda's Bike (all Technic)

    A bit more work was needed after the last iteration, so now please have a look at version 4: Ver4_03 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_04 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_06 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_07 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The canopy opens pretty well, with the steering column slightly folding against the body. Ver4_09 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr A very simple stand mechanism with the rubber liftarms. Might change the 9 length axle to a black 10 length. but im not too bothered by grey. Ver4_11 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Wheel caps have a bit of space between the rims and the panels, but that's the best I can think of with Technic parts. There's hardly any round panels, and the sharp corners look pretty good anyway: Ver4_12 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is how the steering column is fixed to the body work Ver4_13 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Top view, not the best angle to look at it. Ver4_14 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The stickers are simply colour printed images that I laminated and stuck on with double sided tape. Works really well for lego and it's easy to take off in the future. Ver4_16 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The windscreen is a reused water bottle: Ver4_01 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_02 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr On a final note, I have a bunch of lego in my work office. No one really cares. My P-40, V-22, McLaren F1, no one is interested. But this one.... Every single person visiting the office is just drawn to it. Just goes to show the design of this bike is special, and Katsuhiro Otomo is not just an artist but also a solid designer when it comes to futuristic machines. I highly recommend anyone here to give it a go if you have some red panels to spare. Ver4_03 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr
  3. Love this build! Looking forward to the next steps. Some of the larger grey panels of the 42113 osprey would fit beautifully in the nose section. Hope you can get a hold of them. The landing gears and wing structure will carry a lot of weight when it's done. Can't wait to find out how you'll solve any potential bending issues.
  4. Hi all, Though work on the MV-22B is progressing steadily, I took on this little side project over the past week: Making an all-Technic MOC of Kaneda's Bike! https _hypebeast.com_image_2017_05_jordan-peele-direct-live-action-akira-tw This is what I've got so far, and I still need to cover some of the interior behind the seat (for which I'll need to destroy my little Ferrari), as well as improve the stand: Ver3_06 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver3_05 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver3_04 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver3_01 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Of course, I'll put on a windscreen cut out from some flexible transparent plastic. Also I'll be laminating the stickers to put on with double sided tape. I think it is roundabout the same scale as my bionic Mandalorian as well, so he may be the driver! I wanted to make this model after getting the 42107 Ducati. Just by using the Ducati pieces I got this far: Ver1_frame2 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr ...Which didn't quite cut it, but once the start was made there really was no turning back. Of course, the interim result is not as smooth and round as the original model in the movie, nor does it have the lines and technological ingenuity of Sariel's legendary model, but I'm quite happy with how it is turning out so far.
  5. @Bartybum Actually, I think the wing rotation will be manual. I thought about making the cargo bay manual and diverting the axle to the top, but there's an issue with keeping the central axes in position while rotating the wing, to avoid the nacelles and blades from turning the moment you turn the wing. So... we're not there yet. @I_Igor Yes you are correct, this is one of those pieces from compatible brands that got mixed with my collection, probably bought from CADA at some stage. The pilots also are non-Lego, but I just really like the helmets. I like the original piece in your picture much better, so when I'm back in my workshop I'll try to find the better pieces for the final iteration.
  6. Update on the rotor blades folding: This first version has a simple locking mechanism on each of the blades. rotorhub_03_lock by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Just fold the lock back for all three blades, move the blades you want to move, and then fold the locks back into place. rotorhub_02_lock by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is the lock part in Studio. The real model (ran out of light grey parts): rotorhub_04 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Start here. rotorhub_06 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Fold the locks backwards. rotorhub_07 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Move the blades into position. rotorhub_08 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr They hinge only on a small part. rotorhub_10 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Finally fold the locks back. Here is the IO file:
  7. Happiness! I sat down today to work on the hull, and it is done: the driveshaft is driving. Now I hope my calculations are correct and I got the right height for the turntable, but regardless, it looks right: Hull_try_01 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Taking the turntable off, you'll see the incredibly straightforward driving mechanism. I didn't change the gear and loading bay functions, after all they ain't broke. I did take out all the gears on the front side, the white square frame, and some of the structural elements in the base model (like the two 9-length standing liftarms). Driveshaft by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr In the above picture you see the two mechanisms: the left top axle in the gearbox drives the rotor blades. It connects to the dark grey clutch gear. The right top axle in the gearbox simply extends to the short screw gear. This drives the engine nacelle elevation. So... here's a video testing the machine. You will see the slow rotation of the red axle (nacelles), and the blue gear still. Then flicking the other switch, the red axle is still but the blue gear spins (rotor blades). Finally, I added two pilots from system on two regular chairs from my old system box. Underneath also attached a simple refueling probe. twoguys by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr In case you are wondering, yes, the IO file is coming later. My studio: Taking_shape by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr
  8. Excellent model! Love watching that
  9. Dear all, I'd like to show a MOC I finished last month: the Curtiss P-40E Tomahawk in the colours of the Flying Tigers in China. Tiger_11_wheelup by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr As you can see it's in dark green and khaki; colours which aren't readily available in LEGO sets. I had to order these bricks from CADA and wherever I could find them, so I hope I am not violating any rules there since these bricks are not from LEGO. Still, I don't regret it as my 'original' colour-vomit set made from mostly 42039 pieces just didn't have the right look to it: spareparts by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr It started innocent enough, with me making the front cowl and canopy... but you know the feeling, once you are that far it becomes a life mission and needs to be finished. halfway by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr At first the canopy could open, but I had to let that idea go when the controls were added. canopy by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Really happy with the dihedral there. I used some black 15-length liftarms, which I have not been able to take out and switch to light grey. dihedral1 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Once the model was fairly complete, I ordered the various green and khaki parts, and came up with this: Blank_08_topview by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Blank_03_sideview by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Blank_05_bottomview by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The flaps fell off right after I took this photo, so I fortified them since. They are controlled with a level in the cockpit, but I like the way they slope in down position: Blank_07_frontview by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The flight surfaces are controllable by a small joystick behind the cockpit. It was very hard fitting the mechanisms in there, and I am afraid to take it apart for a picture as it'll be a challenge to put it back again. Tiger_12_controls by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr I am most proud of the landing gear retraction system. As you may know, the gears of a P-40 retract one after the other, so I always wanted to make it fully manual operation. Here below you can see how it works. You turn the small black cog to drive the linear actuator. this will push the gear axle back and forwards. A fixed cog at the base drives the wheel axle, and the 90 degree turn becomes a 90 degree twist, making the wheels fold neatly under the wings: Blank_13_wheelhalf by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Blank_12_wheelturn by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here is the mechanism in case you'd like to try it: The decals are simply laminated colour prints stuck with double sided tape. Works like a charm. Hope you like it and that it may inspire more WW2 aviation models!
  10. Man... i just destroyed my non-studded remake of 8837 (using the old pneumatic pumps of course). Think you guys would've liked it. Anyway, it'd be good to remake another set.
  11. OK, Version 4 is pretty good. Got 4.0 right now, and this is what it looks like: 10_newwing by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Flaps up: 09_flat by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The cog mechanism: 08_cogs by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Suspension: 07_bot by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The central axle mechanism as before: 06_top by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Flaps middle: 04_flapmid by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Flaps down: 03_flapdown by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Because the nacelles are driven by the 8-tooth cog, they can spin 360 degrees. However, the flaps keep them in place with maximum and minimum elevation. This 'brake' is not strong enough to hold an engine for prolonged time, so when you move the nacelles you'll need to switch them on and off on time to avoid breaking the 8-tooth cogs... however, breaking 8-tooth cogs seems to be a thing with this model so why not? This is the maximum elevation; about 100 degrees. 02_vertical by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The dihedral is quite realistic: 01_dihedral by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The only things still to fix with this wing are: - it is 10 studs long. I'd prefer 9, but let's see what it looks like on the hull, then fix that. - it's quite wide too. We could mod about 2 studs off if we had to, but like the above, that's just cosmetics and can fix that later. Here is the IO file: Next steps: - marry the V04 wing to the hull with motorized elevation and blades spinning. - create system for disengaging drive shaft to central cogs and axle to avoid 90 degree turn when folding wing. - re-design rotor blade suspension to allow for easy folding and unfolding.
  12. How about something Technic made at Lego minifigure scale? It'd be fun seeing those little guys driving the big boy toys.
  13. @sycloneThat worked, awesome! Thank you.
  14. Hi all, Little update on the wing design: I've made the structure more compact now being only 2 studs thick on top of the turntable. That improved version I called version 02, and from this iteration two problems became clear: 1) by turning the wing 90 degrees, the central axes are also turned 90 degrees with it. This will turn the blades and the nacelles, which is BAD because they should stay in place. I have a solution, but let's deal with that problem after we sort the wing. (that involves a hull modification, and it also means that the wing turning cannot be powered by the motor.) 2) the nacelle/flap driver axle is now located behind the prop driver axle, instead of in front of it. Two solutions: A) turn the wing structure around to move it in front, or B) create a different turning mechanism. I've tried option B here in my current version, using a lever mechanism, but it's not ideal. Next I'll try a cog mechanism, but if that doesn't work I'll go for option A above. Good news: The central axes problem is now solved. Please check the io file and images if you'd like to try to build it! v03_01 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr v03_02 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Bottom central axes mechanism: you can see the two blue clutch gears. They turn independently from the central axle. It drives the two large tan flat cogs to the sides, propelling the blades. 03_06 wing by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is the top view. The little cog on top is connected to the central axle, driving the small black cogs at the back. This is the flap/nacelle turning axle. 03_07 wing by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is my temporary V03 flap mechanism. Although I love the principle, it's clunky and not smooth. The nacelles are too heavy so they don't move smoothly. I'll try a cog mechanism next in V04: 03_05 flapup by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr 03_04 flapmid by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr 03_03 flapdown by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr V03 IO file: (NB, please rename to .io if mediafire converts it to a zip. This is not a zip, it's an IO file). This version has the improved central structure, but not the best flap configuration. Edit: how do I get pictures to show up on this forum from a photo hosting site? the regular code doesnt seem to work?
  15. ah mediafire was messing things up, but glad you found it! this step is still a work in progress, and only the basic structure without the adjustment into the hull. so much left to be done. i think the pieces are all from the set itself, though I'm thinking in the final product two of those blue clutch gears are needed instead of the one that we have now ( to enable compact connection to drive shaft). the flat 1x5 beam on top is extra too i think.