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  1. The coaxial rotor system isn't licensed anyway. As for this H175 I hope the rotor top structure can be lowered by two beams. that would make it look like an H175. Also think that bottom nose window can be brickmade instead of a sticker.
  2. There's a catapult moc out there somewhere with instructions. it's quite good. maybe some kind of amusement park ride would be an idea for this project as well.
  3. Can these pieces be useful in a small functional rotor swashplate?
  4. I got a McLaren Elva speed champions set the other day, and I wanted to make it more interesting by adding steering. Turns out this thread exists, so I want to show you my latest update. So this is the rear, in my opinion the best looking part of the set: It's an 8-stud wide chassis, and the wheel arches are as tight as a colorful metaphor. So here's the front I got so far, though I've got ideas to improve the look of the wheel arches by using the little 2x2 wing plates. Obviously it won't look like an Elva anymore, but it's got a little muscle car shape to it: Here's the bottom: The steering radius is quite good: The 6x1 flat liftarm turns 10 degrees One issue here is that I needed a part that Lego does not have (I think) but Cada does: So, I don't have a solution yet for getting the same kind of compactness without using this part. In my Studio model I've used another part in it's place that shows the movement of the wheels. The next problem is that the HoG cog turns the wrong way, and it's right where I want to put a windshield. So I've designed a solution to fix both issues. This file compares two versions, and shows the degree of movement of the wheels. Here is the file with only the one chassis design: I'll try to get some kind of muscle car done in the next few weeks or so.
  5. Perhaps a larger prop cargo plane for fire services, although the water plane idea has been done with 42040. Otherwise maybe a detailed ambulance chopper, though 2000 pieces would make it very detailed. Could it be possible that it'll be a SA-2 Samson from Avatar for which would be the licencing? There's rumours of avatar sets coming out for system, so if they'd make a technic set, who knows? Although it's a military plane, TLG has also gone all in with Star Wars, so maybe fictional war stuff is allowed?
  6. Here are some IO files I made for the B-model just to try out different paints. Slightly related, here's a paint job of 9396 A-model with the colours that I had lying around:
  7. Although not fictional Mi-26! @Ngoc Nguyen Fictional: the Helo used in The 6th Day (Schwarzenegger movie) Ornithopter would be epic btw Btw that vehicle is called a Whispercraft and apparently Kamov has a design similar to it in the K-90:
  8. Skycrane is an excellent idea! Seaking and Littlebird are also doable. I made a Ka-50 with mostly 42113 pieces but used additional pieces so not a c model. if you're looking for ideas I'd love to see your take on making a C-model ka-50 @Ngoc Nguyen
  9. Excellent work! You got the dimensions pretty well done. 👍
  10. Hi all, It's been a while, but I've found a bit of time to put 1 and 1 together. Hull07_test by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr So, the previous pictures show my earlier version, HOWEVER, it was wrong. I put on the wing and found that the blue cog was a stud too high for the wing to fit. So this meant redesigning the entire inside mechanism from scratch... This is the main column, and the cogs had to be moved down 1 stud... Ver2_05 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr But it's done: Ver2_08 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Putting on the wing was AWESOME. The thing is gigantic, so to see it in action is pretty incredible. Hull04_fold by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here is the folded model, and as you can see I took the rotors off. They kept drooping down, so I'm going to design a blocking mechanism for that. Hull06_folded by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is a close-up from the left side. Here a small gap is left for a cog or wheel to turn the wings with. Right now it is loose, and can simply be pushed. Hull09_heavy by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr I put a little fuel probe on the bottom chin: Hull11_fuel by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr And check out the gunner at the back! Hull14_mg by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr It won't be the only gun, as this bottom bit is where the minigun will come out of. In case you are curious as to 'what minigun?' I am referring to, check out the various online sources regarding the armament updates of MV-22B's. It's pretty wild. Thinking to add some rockets on the side of the nose as well, as some Ospreys have been testing more offensive weaponry. In the picture below you can also see the space for the old battery box. It barely fits and needs a bit of tolerance as it 'hangs' at an angle Hull15_minigun by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here's a detail from the right side. As you can see I used a system piece. Still, it's kinda cool because you can open the hatch and see a bit of cog on cog action: Hull16_detail by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Here is a shot of the nose with the pilots and the fuel probe. As you can see the wheels come up in folded position. It's a heavy plane. Once the battery box is in it won't do that anymore. Hull12_nose by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr So, I'm not very good at filming yet, so honestly I apologize for this poorly shot video. BUT, it's genuine, as I just made it and I was so happy with it I just took a little video of the thing. Also, I don't have a camera/phone stand, and it's a bit tricky to film with one hand while operating the machine with the other.... I'll get better at this I'm sure, but for now this is what I've got: Alright that's it for now, but we're really getting somewhere now.
  11. A bit more work was needed after the last iteration, so now please have a look at version 4: Ver4_03 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_04 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_06 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_07 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The canopy opens pretty well, with the steering column slightly folding against the body. Ver4_09 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr A very simple stand mechanism with the rubber liftarms. Might change the 9 length axle to a black 10 length. but im not too bothered by grey. Ver4_11 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Wheel caps have a bit of space between the rims and the panels, but that's the best I can think of with Technic parts. There's hardly any round panels, and the sharp corners look pretty good anyway: Ver4_12 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is how the steering column is fixed to the body work Ver4_13 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Top view, not the best angle to look at it. Ver4_14 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The stickers are simply colour printed images that I laminated and stuck on with double sided tape. Works really well for lego and it's easy to take off in the future. Ver4_16 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr The windscreen is a reused water bottle: Ver4_01 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver4_02 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr On a final note, I have a bunch of lego in my work office. No one really cares. My P-40, V-22, McLaren F1, no one is interested. But this one.... Every single person visiting the office is just drawn to it. Just goes to show the design of this bike is special, and Katsuhiro Otomo is not just an artist but also a solid designer when it comes to futuristic machines. I highly recommend anyone here to give it a go if you have some red panels to spare. Ver4_03 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr
  12. Love this build! Looking forward to the next steps. Some of the larger grey panels of the 42113 osprey would fit beautifully in the nose section. Hope you can get a hold of them. The landing gears and wing structure will carry a lot of weight when it's done. Can't wait to find out how you'll solve any potential bending issues.
  13. Hi all, Though work on the MV-22B is progressing steadily, I took on this little side project over the past week: Making an all-Technic MOC of Kaneda's Bike! https _hypebeast.com_image_2017_05_jordan-peele-direct-live-action-akira-tw This is what I've got so far, and I still need to cover some of the interior behind the seat (for which I'll need to destroy my little Ferrari), as well as improve the stand: Ver3_06 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver3_05 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver3_04 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Ver3_01 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Of course, I'll put on a windscreen cut out from some flexible transparent plastic. Also I'll be laminating the stickers to put on with double sided tape. I think it is roundabout the same scale as my bionic Mandalorian as well, so he may be the driver! I wanted to make this model after getting the 42107 Ducati. Just by using the Ducati pieces I got this far: Ver1_frame2 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr ...Which didn't quite cut it, but once the start was made there really was no turning back. Of course, the interim result is not as smooth and round as the original model in the movie, nor does it have the lines and technological ingenuity of Sariel's legendary model, but I'm quite happy with how it is turning out so far.
  14. @Bartybum Actually, I think the wing rotation will be manual. I thought about making the cargo bay manual and diverting the axle to the top, but there's an issue with keeping the central axes in position while rotating the wing, to avoid the nacelles and blades from turning the moment you turn the wing. So... we're not there yet. @I_Igor Yes you are correct, this is one of those pieces from compatible brands that got mixed with my collection, probably bought from CADA at some stage. The pilots also are non-Lego, but I just really like the helmets. I like the original piece in your picture much better, so when I'm back in my workshop I'll try to find the better pieces for the final iteration.
  15. Update on the rotor blades folding: This first version has a simple locking mechanism on each of the blades. rotorhub_03_lock by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Just fold the lock back for all three blades, move the blades you want to move, and then fold the locks back into place. rotorhub_02_lock by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr This is the lock part in Studio. The real model (ran out of light grey parts): rotorhub_04 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Start here. rotorhub_06 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Fold the locks backwards. rotorhub_07 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Move the blades into position. rotorhub_08 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr They hinge only on a small part. rotorhub_10 by Roel Cruijff, on Flickr Finally fold the locks back. Here is the IO file: