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  1. BadgersinMeadows

    Book 3 Challenge V Category C: Aftermath

    Fun build. The scorched plants on the wall really add to the scene, excellent work.
  2. BadgersinMeadows

    Floating temple of Ya'Hum

    Really nice build. The ocean looks really nice with the gradient. Well done.
  3. BadgersinMeadows

    [Freebuild] Blood on the Mountain Slopes

    Thanks, Grover! The lighting is something I intend to work on, my one lamp works well enough for minifigs but for even small MOCs it's inadequate. I'm looking forward to improve it and share more fun builds.
  4. Looks great! The use of colour really adds to the build.
  5. The smell cut through the cold air of the high mountains. Sour sweat and dried blood left rancid aroma in Keira's nose, it was not her first time smelling such things. It was not her first time hunting a bandit either, and this one was going in an unexpected direction. What would have been a simple task had turned into an eight day game of hide and seek. Her taste for such games had faded centuries ago in her childhood yet they were all too common. The smell was stronger. She was getting nearer, and he knew that. A canny one. A nameless sailor unemployed in this time of peace, he had turned to small scale looting and robbing of merchants taking advantage of the economic boom that they sensed in Historica's future. A vulture hunting vultures. Rustling. Stubborn plants were widespread even this high up on the mountain and for the wise predator a boon. He was fleeing now, but he would go only so much higher before finding the harsh cliff faces turning him away like a haughty noblewoman to a young and desperate suitor. She was right. She heard muffled swearing and heard small rocks falling as she continued her ascent of the mountain. She had not yet taken out her sword, maintaining a carefully kept distance that let him know he was being followed but not letting him see his follower. He would see Keira shortly anyway. ---- He stared at the steep slope facing him, far too smooth for any human to clamber up. Anger took over as he punched the cliff face, instantly regretting it as pain slapped him in response. Looking around saw only a short drop to a smaller peak, flat and spacious though ending in a precipice. He walked to the edge of the precipice he was on, and an idea took hold in his head just as a low thump like a lion pouncing across a stone issued behind him. Eyes wide, he turned to see a woman with greasy unkempt hair and green and blue tartan, with a sword at her side behind him, appearing from seemingly nothing. He drew his sabre and pointed it at her, voice quivering a little as he attempted to negotiate. "Who are you? What do you want?' Her expression did not change at the sword in front of her. He slowly backed away from her, eyes still locked on her. "It is not a feat of intellect to guess why I stand in front of you. Sheathe your sword and I'll take you to prison in chains." "No- No! I didn't leave one prison for another! You'll not-" "Take you alive? No worries." He was closer to the edge of the cliff he stood on, and the peak below waited for him. Energy coursed through his veins and he felt invigorated. A grin broke on his face. "Leave, is what I meant." And he turned and leapt. ----- He had made a mistake, she thought, as she leapt in pursuit. He was creative, but that was suited to a painter rather than a bandit running for his life. The stone was smooth as her feet made contact with it, and as she met eyes with the outlaw she knew he realised his error. His descent was more ungainly but the fall wasn't long, and he rose to his feet quickly and pointed his blade at her. Keira's tiredness for the game was great now, and she lunged forward seemingly faster than any human and more graceful than a cat. Hana's metal edge gleamed as the thin clouds above parted for a moment, and then it fell. ----- Hey everyone, my first MOC in years. This was a fun little build though in no way very skilled. I'm pleased though, with a very disorganised brick collections I've put together something I find quite nice. This is a story that is set sometime before the current events my character is in, just a little prelude to show who she is. ---- The outcome was predictable. Keira of Old Day wiped her sword of the blood as the body tumbled and crashed into the foliage, and turned her head to the skies to witness the sun in its glory.
  6. BadgersinMeadows

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Keira of Old Day, monster hunter Kaliphlin. A figure well travelled, her garb is strange for Kaliphlin and seems more suited for a Mitgardian, but Keira is a strange figure. Old folks gossiping to one another have said they saw her when they were children and that she has not aged a day. Even more strangely, obscure archives mention a figure wandering the Badlands with brown hair and an angry scar on her cheek and the same sword carried by the monster hunter. These claims notwithstanding, Keira's abilities in swordsmanship are formidable indeed, supplemented by the seemingly ordinary sword's sharpness that can pierce thick hides and plate armour with ease, and those who use her services to remove troublesome monsters or worse find themselves having made a good choice. In the smaller villages and tribes of Kaliphlin, she is known as one who protects the innocents for no cost and has earned her cognomen as she is one of the rare figures of the world that follows ancient values of honour and kindness. Kindness in a world as troubled as Historica is nothing without strength to consolidate it, and Keira of Old Day is far from lacking in that aspect. In recent times, fate has had her aiding refugees fleeing Nocturnus and guiding them across the Rakath mountains and the Badlands, doing all she can to protect a large group of them to the Wither Woods, and maybe even freedom. @jtooker Sounds good. I had seen the Nocturnan party as wanting to be near a river, so the positioning is fine.
  7. BadgersinMeadows

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Sounds good!
  8. BadgersinMeadows

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Sounds great! @jtooker Would you also want to collaborate on the Summer Joust a day in the life category?
  9. BadgersinMeadows

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey! New to Eurobricks and returning to LEGO, having fun so far. Only have limited access to the collection right now, but did a little piece that I feel works nicely. My character is named Keira of Old Noct, a Nocturnan born monster hunter who has grown fond of Kaliphlin and its people in her travel. The strife in Nocturnus has seen many refugees leave to Kaliphlin, a major group travelling to the Wither Woods to find safety and Keira has accompanied them. Picture of her will be posted later! :)