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  1. victorycount

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Wow, this is probably the most beautiful pirate island I’ve ever seen! cheers and congratulations to that.
  2. If someone lives near San Francisco, CA, this might be quite intersting: 19.00 $ for this seems to be a quite good price.
  3. yeah same here... and it also doesn't fit well in the pirateline.
  4. Well that's true, but you could say the same about the other builds, I've seen way better buildings than the tavern or the skull island, but I guess that's due to the 3 in 1.
  5. Oh wow, finally a good picture. Thanks! The ship looks nice, the figurehead and the animals not so much. Yeah the captains torso seems to be new, that's cool. His hat is the one from 2009...? That's weird and the worst possible option. And it's really the redbeard head from 2015... weird combination...
  6. victorycount

    [MOD] Monkey's Revenge

    I love roasted chicken, so I like that monkey And yeah, cool setting, not planet but "bay of the apes". Guess I wouldn't try to go there, never know who's next to be roasted
  7. victorycount

    [MOC & Instructions] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited

    I found no sail in Bricklink Studio, that's the reason.  Ah ok, that's a good reason, I was so blinded by the beauty that I didn't even realize it was from Well done
  8. victorycount

    Which is your preferred skull & bones emblem?

    Same here. I didn't even get that this should be because of the minifigure head until someone explained that.
  9. Yeah, looks like somekind of a mix between 2009 creator and 2015 junior pirate captain torso, but the head looks more like 2015 redbeard, but indeed very hard to tell. Yeah, thanks for that, that makes me like the ship more. And I guess it IS supposed to be a carrack, and perfect for the spaniards. But on the other hand it makes no sense to be a pirateship then, because a carrack is to big and slow. Then again, this one isn't quite big... So maybe no carrack... ahh whatever... I also might buy it, as a vessel for Francisco Pizarro to sail to Peru and meet the Incas, and if I don't like it, there is still a nice mill or island to build.
  10. victorycount

    [MOC] - Tiki

    Yeah, another nice one. You do such a great work with those Islander/Indigenous!
  11. victorycount

    [MOC] The Bear's Fortress

    Yeah, I like it a lot! Some nice details, and building technics. Only in some pictures there is a lil bit too much out of focus, for my taste. But that does nothing to that great build.
  12. victorycount

    [MOC & Instructions] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited

    Yeah, that's really nice modernized version. Love almost everything about it, without missing much the old style. Only the sail and Lt. de Martinet's tricorn, but that's after looking at it for ten minutes
  13. victorycount

    [MOC] Castaway's Sandcastle

    Yeah, I like it a lot, especially the color scheme, which is rather unique, looks like in the evening sun. And yes the cracks are awesome too. Sure gonna support it on Ideas.
  14. victorycount

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    If you look under "Model" "Model Info" you see all the parts listed. There are a lot of parts that don't even exist, like the dark blue baseplates... Doesn't bother me too much, since I'm not gonna upload it, and don't think it's a problem to just rebuild it if I'm not gonna sell it and I'm not gonna do that. For the colours, you can do that, but for me it's ok as it is. I've sent you the file, aight? No, I won't, but I don't know what he is gonna do.
  15. victorycount

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    thanks, well if you want, you can upload it, I actually don't wanna make an other account for uploading that. Do you have the file? I don't have instructions either, and as I saw, you only can make them by using steps, and I didn't do that, so.... no instructions. But at least there is the building now, so anyone can do whatever he wants with it. For me, I leave it here, I just wanted to rebuild it and share it, nothing more. If you did some changes to have it more true to the original, we better should upload this version. The issue with the transparent parts is indeed misplacement, some are minor other bigger problems. But you can turn that on/off with the collision (detection) button, if I turn it on, i see it also like that. But I realized that too late, since it was my first build with Guess I did some parts from the beginning wrong, but like you say, after mixing our versions, it got completely messed up, and I had to shift around like whole parts of the building. But if anyone has a problem with that, he can fix it, or rebuild it again if he likes... And if you look closely on the pictures, even the original had some collision issues Yeah that might be, I also read that. But I don't know much about those colours, so I started and as it looked ok, I didn't bother about it anymore. I don't know if there's a possibility to select all the parts of one colour as in LDD and change it.