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  1. victorycount


    Also from my side a big "Thank you" to the organizers (Mister Phes & co), the participants, and the reviewers! Great job all of you! Those were some busy weeks here in the pirates forum. And wow, very hard decisions to make here, I loved so many of those buildings. How could you guys do this in that short time? Impressive! Here is my final selection: Main Building Category Short Pork Island by Yogginton The Hearty Cutlass by Thats No Moon 1872 Imperial Guard Camp - Remake 2023 by MyFirstMOC-Hun Big Kahuna's Atoll by Yatkuu 1795 Imperial Cannon Battlepack by Jansued Mini Set Building Category Fortune Idol by Oky King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat by Kritch Captain's Cabin by MontyMatte Sloop Windy by Marooned Marin Caribbean River Soldiers by Rogue Redocat
  2. victorycount

    Creating Studio files for ALL pirates sets

    Meanwhile I also did some smaller sets: 1464 - Pirate lookout 1481 - Pirate desert island 1492 - Battle cove 6204 - Buccaneers 6235 - Buried treasure 6245 - Harbour sentry 6251 - Pirate minifigures 6252 - Sea mates I did the battle pack sets of each era, so one could just copy the minifigures from there, since they are quite annoying to recreate. Unfortunately there are missing faces and torsos from the Armada era in
  3. victorycount

    Creating Studio files for ALL pirates sets

    Great plan! And thanks, but my name doesn't have to be engraved anywhere. I did that for fun, when I found Steve's lego blog with short text reviews of all the classic pirate sets, back in the days, and I had a similar idea like you to showcase those great builds in 3D, but never finished it. And also because I wanted to build all of them, since my only bigger set as a kid was the original imperial flagship. So to nr. 1: where should the files be uploaded? Maybe also add a note, if a file is finished, but needs double/crosscheck, or is that too complicated? Nr2 & 3: Better also crosscheck with the files you linked here, maybe they are in better condition; just checked my first files and there are colors that doesn't match(But that might be the same in the other files, since LDD is very limited colorwise), 1x2 bricks where I used the ones without bottom tube, and that was just in those small sets. Don't know where this leads in the bigger sets. Btw. when did they change colors (ie. from brown to reddish brown, or gray to bluish gray...? Nr4: In the Mod the Eldorado Fortress thread I saw you already did a .io file of POBB and the new fortress, right? Again, great deal! looking at your picture: you already did the BSB?
  4. victorycount

    Creating Studio files for ALL pirates sets

    Yes, I did make the Imperial Flagship. I guess I can create a Dropbox link or something with the files. EDIT: here we go: I would love to help with the files, but probably won't have any time at all.
  5. victorycount

    Creating Studio files for ALL pirates sets

    A few years ago I created all of them, until 2015, in LDD. They can be imported to, but yes, faces, torsos and printed parts have to be replaced. And raised baseplate I had to do with bricks.
  6. Wow, I like it. I bought that set some years ago, and never thought you could actually make a real building out of it. I should have bought two I guess That would make a great starter set for my son, it has even some sabre island vibes.
  7. victorycount

    First look at new Gift With Purchase Set: Ray the Castaway

    I like that set too, but first I understood that it costs 120$, and I was like whaat? But as a gift with purchase it seems more than fair to me. If the creator ship wouldn't be that expensive by now, that would be a good combination.
  8. victorycount

    [MOC/WIP] Medieval castle and historic city of Thun

    Thanks so much! Wanted to add much more details and refine it at the end, but just didn't let me. Btw. just browsed through your work, and I have to say every single picture of yours is much more art than my whole creation... Thank you!!! Haha, yeah it's crazy to build a whole city, this was never my plan. I just wanted to do the castle, which was more than enough, and it somehow tricked me. I found pictures of the old gates and towers and continued, and when I built the whole wall, it was just empty, so I had to fill it with houses... and so on... But yeah, I would love to see your version of Heraklion, or even parts of it, since it is much bigger than my city. The fortress would even work in BotBS Well I really don't know how many hours, but it sure was countless, only for some houses I needed several hours(I'm not the fastest builder, and still don't find all the parts I need very quickly). Most of the castle I did in LDD, since it is 1.5 years I go, if I remember well I had several crashes there. With studio, not too much crashes, but first it was very slow and almost not usable. Then with a new Computer it worked well, until the project was to big, and I couldn't even select parts and change between submodel and mainmodel, so I had to build every building seperatly and then import it. Only opening the file takes like 2 minutes, since it is way over 100'000 parts. All in all quite annoying and potentialy gives a headache, but still kinda proud of the outcome. Although seeing all your work, makes me feel that even your "ugly clocktower" is more elaborated than any of my buildings. I should definitely visit "Brethren of the Brick Seas" more often!
  9. victorycount

    [MOC/WIP] Medieval castle and historic city of Thun

    Thank you all so much for all your nice comments, from all you talented guys. I appreciate it a lot. I hope I'll find the time to comment all your amazing builds too. Thank you! Yeah all the windows made me almost crazy, I tried the best I could Sure, now that I took out some cypress trees I guess I can afford to build it in real. Thanks! Well yes, with old pictures and drawings I tried to rebuild the city how it might have looked a few hundred years ago, but actually it is mostly the city wall with its gates and some towers that doesn't exist anymore. And yes, I tried to imply as much details as possible, eventhough my building technics are in 80-90s Lego style.
  10. victorycount

    [MOC/WIP] Medieval castle and historic city of Thun

    A little bit late but happy new year to you all! To celebrate the new year and also my finished(as far as I could get) city some firework over the skyline of historic Thun city, and finally a bird view over the city. Enjoy: Hey thanks so much for the kind words and sorry for answering a little bit late... ...was kinda busy... Well yes, I was thinking of something like that too. Although I didn't even now what a LUG is But thanks for the tip! If this is ever getting real, at least I know now who to ask for help
  11. victorycount

    [MOC] Frontier Scouts, 3rd Cavalry

    Looks great, just the right amount of details, and it feels like a real scene, or at least like a movie scene
  12. victorycount

    [MOC] Medieval Countryside Layout

    Beautiful, wanna go live there. Although it also has its spooky sides.
  13. victorycount

    [MOC/WIP] Medieval castle and historic city of Thun

    Thanks, and yes, isn't working properly anymore. It is quite difficult to keep building like that.
  14. victorycount

    [MOC/WIP] Medieval castle and historic city of Thun

    The city begins slowly to take form, but still a lot to go, while seems to get to its limits: a view from the church tower: the city center: some inner city buildings: more citywall, towers and gates...
  15. victorycount

    [MOC/WIP] Medieval castle and historic city of Thun

    Thank you @Tom_Brick!! Update: The City Island called "Bälliz" is now almost done, I added some more iconic buildings like the cornhouse, the orphanage, two guesthouses completed the wall and added some random buildings. Through a hole in the wall you get some better view on the progress: The whole Island, still needs some more details: A closer view: