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  1. Bigdwazda

    AT AT MOD 75288

    Thank you for your kind words Of all the Lego sets I have this one is the one I really wanted to look great. As a kid I always wanted an AT AT but I never got one. Well, at the ripe old age of );£& I finally get one to fulfil my childhood dreams.
  2. Bigdwazda

    AT AT MOD 75288

    Slight further tweak
  3. Bigdwazda

    AT AT MOD 75288

    I changed the head slightly to get it more accurate to At At in universe.
  4. Bigdwazda

    75288 - AT-AT Modification with file to download

    There we go. Your mods were awesome. Love the finished result.
  5. Bigdwazda

    AT AT MOD 75288

    Do you have any pics of what this looks like? @macaron35
  6. Bigdwazda

    AT AT MOD 75288

    So, this is my mod based on the pictures from @Kozikyo86 I have to say that the mods to this set were easy to make and as always the only difficulty was parts. I had to take apart a good number of sets, mainly for smooth tiles. However, In my opinion it was totally worth it. First off, the head, Here i just added some parts to smooth out the jaw and the front end. I also replaced the black window with red, I am not sure why Lego went with black, red looks much more menacing for a robot dog. I also changed the canopy and increased the size as per the mod. Next, the legs, again this follows the moc, this was just a case of adding smooth tile pieces and added a few extra parts to the top of the leg to create a more bulky outline. In addition i added a few plates on the inside of the legs, to bring the depth closer to the technic beams. I tried to bring these totally level but it looked too bulky. I also tried making using 2 stud wide smooth tiles to totally cover the legs, again, this looked too bulky. Next up, the sides of the AT AT. This was an area where plates were in short supply so I had to use what I could find. I followed as closely as I could and made sure that any studs showing looked like they were purposfully placed. I still think the panel over the front leg needs adjusting slightly. I also added some small pieces on the leg joints. These look great from a distance and are easy to remove, i think they add a little extra interest. Bottoms of the legs, I added some smooth quarter pieces on top of the round circles. I also increased the height of these by one extra plate. On the (real) thing these parts are really high. I also echoed some of the detail on the outide of the legs onto the inside sections. All in all, I am very happy with the final result and I think it looks great on display with my other star wars stuff.
  7. Bigdwazda

    75288 - AT-AT Modification with file to download

    @Kozikyo86 I have always wanted a great looking AT AT. I bought the set a few days ago and started to gather parts to mod it. I have taken apart and stole so many bits from other sets. But now I have a mod very similar to the one here. So much so that I have used brick link for the first time as I am short of around 20 parts needed. I haven’t made all the changes but it’s close. I will share some pics of the real life version once I get the bits. Many thanks for your hard work on this.
  8. Bigdwazda

    75257 - 2019 Millennium Falcon MODs and MOCs

    Wow. I haven’t been here for a while. In terms of bits, this is a complete guess. I would say around 100-150. Mostly plates in all honesty. @macaron35
  9. I know. But I can dream
  10. Perhaps they will re release all the most popular/rare figures from the past series's of minifigures as a set. Hopefully it will be a streetfighter 2 themed series. That's what i would like, imagine how cool those would be
  11. For about 7 or 8 series there has only been one rare figure and that as that sailor. As a figure it was pretty lame.
  12. I thought there was a teaser on the Lego Facebook showing a Lambo in silhouette. Does that not count as a teaser.
  13. I used to love these minifigure series, however, the cost of them now is way too high. In the UK they are £3.50 per figure which is crazy. As a blind bag that is way too expensive. I find the designs to have taken a turn for the worse, there are perhaps 2 or 3 in each series that stand out, i normally feel these out and have done with it. In terms of rarity, these figures are worth nothing. At least from series 14 or 15 on wards. Like many i purchased them hoping they would be of some retail value in the future. To this point most are worth less than the purchase price. Bad times indeed.
  14. Bigdwazda

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    There is a solution to everything. Its not one for me but you can definitely see the mandible and engine mods.
  15. Bigdwazda

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Ok. I finished the massive build and now have a huge paper weight to store in my Lego room The engine mod was a bit of waste of time as I will never see it . The lights will also never be seen again It looks totally epic in person and I’m glad I have it in my collection. That said my favourite set is still my modded 75103 First Order Transporter. A very odd choice I know. Also a big apology to all those offended by overuse of emojis.