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  1. Hi there! Recently rebuilding the official set 31203 [World Map] to [Map of Germany[! No extra part is required! All the parts are already included in the official set! (Sorry for the low resolution picture) _______________________________________________________________________ More MOC of mine on
  2. beewiks

    [MOC] 3D Mini Art Gallery

    Again added two new paintings: I hope you will love them. Thank you! ___________________________ More MOC of mine:
  3. Modified the official set 75978, photo frame style and book stand style: These are renders because I know I am not a good photographer: Thank you! _______________________________ More of my Lego Photo Frame Project:
  4. beewiks

    [MOC] 3D Mini Art Gallery

    Added two new paintings. I am considering making a structure putting them all together. Will look fine I guess :) Left: Pable Picasso's Le Rêve (the Dream),1932 Right: Mark Rothko's No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red), 1951 Below I copied the information from and wikipedia in case someone might want to know their backgrounds:Le Rêve (The Dream in French) is a 1932 oil painting (130 × 97 cm) by Pablo Picasso, then 50 years old, portraying his 24-year-old mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter. It is said to have been painted in one afternoon, on January 24, 1932. It belongs to Picasso's period of distorted depictions, with its oversimplified outlines and contrasted colors resembling early Fauvism. Le Rêve was purchased for $7,000 in 1941. On November 11, 1997, it was sold at Christie's auction house for $48.4 million. In 2001, it was further sold to casino magnate Steve Wynn for an undisclosed sum, estimated to be about $60 million. "No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red) is a painting by the Latvian-American abstract expressionist artist Mark Rothko. It was painted in 1951. In common with Rothko's other works from this period, No. 6 consists of large expanses of colour delineated by uneven, hazy shades." In 2014, it was sold for €140 million. As at 2020, it ranks number 7 the most expensive paintings in the world. I hope you will love them. Thank you! ___________________________ More MOC of mine:
  5. beewiks

    [MOC] Iron Man Inside Iron Man

    Thank you all :) If you have any idea or theme to suggest on this "something in something", please let me know :)
  6. beewiks

    [MOC] 3D Mini Art Gallery

    This is my new MOC. To avoid embarrassment, I won't ask you to guess :) They are from left right: The Card Players, The Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, The Scream, and The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (in Japanese: 神奈川沖.浪裏). Hope you like them :) ___________________________ More MOC of mine:
  7. Modularize a van into a building is an interesting process and experience. No extra part is used. You get all necessary parts within the official set - 10220 Volkswagen V1 Camper Van. The G/F is a shop for car assessory. There is a Michelin figure outside the shop too. Also there is a dog walking down the street I hope you can recoginze it. Lol. The 1/F is a residential. You can find inside a bed, a desk with a computer, a sofa, a small table, a TV set, a cupboard, an air-conditioner, water tap and sink, etc. The roof there are a table and two stools. I hope you would enjoy this modularized van! More MOCs of mine:
  8. In this uneasy times, we need some more love and peace. This frame is originally desinged by xuer and I help make the building instruction and make it free to download so that everyone can share LOVE! Let's begin from saying I love You to your another half? The PDF building instruction has been uploaded to for FREE download. Let's share LOVE!
  9. Hello everyone! I borrow the idea from the new Minions play set and create this Stormtrooper version! This youtube may demostrate better: I hope you would like it! ___________________________________ The MOC is originally posted on MocsMarket:
  10. If you have seen Joker the movie, you will probably agree the scene of Joker dancing on the steps is a real classic. Some many others had recreated the scene many times. And this is my version, a mini one (8x8) so that it is more economic to reproduce :) ____________________________________ Please visit my page at for more MOCs!
  11. Hi everyone! Iron Man Brickheadz is so common. But how about an Iron Man scene inside an Iron Man Brickheadz? Parameters: Width: 12.2cm Length: 7.8cm Height: 14.2cm Parts: 379 pcs Lots: 79 lots This Brickheadz is double in size of ordinary brickheadz. Inside which, I placed a portion of official set 76125 Hall of Armor. You may of course decorate it with your own design :) For more description, please visit my page at Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
  12. beewiks

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    This is mine. It is a framed verion of 75953 - Hogwarts Whomping Willow. No extra part is used apart from the frame. Or one may use an IKEA frame instead. The car and the willow are untouched so one can keep them and put the castle into the frame. Of course, if you have extra parts in hand, you may replace some smaller parts (especially for the floors) with larger parts to improve the stability and color unification. (actually I shared it on Rebrickable just few days ago. =p)
  13. beewiks

    [MOC] Iron Man Base

    Hi there! Ar... it may be too late for another Iron Man Hall of Armor now, but nevermind. It is my first large MOC with more than 5000 parts! and the PDF building instructions has 600+ pages! It really took me a lot of time but I enjoy it during the process. Here is the overview: I added some play features so that it is not only good for display but playable: Some modular componets: If you enjoy this MOC, please "Like" it at my rebrickable page. By the way, the PDF instructions for minibar and kitchen are available for free! Happy building!
  14. beewiks

    [MOC] Krusty Krab

    This is so nice!! So many details. I wish you success in LEGO ideas so that we can have it in our collection!
  15. Hi there! Just want to recommend a MOC - Alternate build of official set 2136: The Flintstones. The idea of my LEGO Frame project comes from the situation that displaying an official set at home needs too much space. When a new set comes, the old set have to go. However, instead of putting the old set back to its box, would it be a good idea to reduce it into a photo frame and hang it on wall? Displaying a photo frame needs minimal space and one can keep it free from dust! For this MOC, you don't need any extra bricks but only an IKEA phtoo frame! Most of the original features are retained with some modifications such as, the vehicle is reduced to a bike; the palm is here just no coconut(?); the mail box, the sofa (shortened), the telephone, the lamp, the tv (you may choose the tranditional style or the plasma style), all are still there but the fireplace is gone I am sorry and the table becomes the cloud (which I like the most however) :) I hope you enjoy this MOC. More details at