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  1. Looks like a beast of a machine! Looking forward to the next step.
  2. Rethinking that, I now find the first version looks actually very good - despite the barrel. I need to check how this looks in reality on my table. @steph77, @JRS86 Thanks for providing the idea and the example pictures which are better than my imagination in that case.
  3. Thanks for the hint! But 30139 is much bigger, even the smaller 2 x 2 x ? barrels are longer then the above combination IIRC. And it looks like a barrel, even in black.
  4. Thaks for having a look. I also assumed COBI but browsed their sets to no avail. But maybe as @JRS86 is from the US, it's maybe a part from a US brand. Well, what a pity... @JRS86 thanks for the closeup pictures.
  5. Indeed, that's a really cool and would have been a useful part. So sad this looks like i's not a LEGO piece because I then don't know where to get it from... CCing @Gray Gear, maybe he does know that piece (front of headlight from 42036 mod on top of page)?
  6. Thanks for your support, finding that part would be great, because that part looks really useful not only for headlights but also exhausts and such. Well, I also did a search and browsed round bricks, round plates and cones on Bricklink, but maybe this is considered something else by LEGO.
  7. @JRS86: Nice build and so much functionality for the scale! I also have a question about your modification of the 42036 B model: What's that black cone like part at the front of the headlight?
  8. @Jim, @Milan: Just to be sure: If you consider the chassis picture for my entry too small, please let me know, I'll then replace the last picture by a 1024x768 version of the chassis picture.
  9. Well, actually this contest comes much too early for me, as I wanted to dive into motorcycle building in a few weeks or months or so earliest . So far I only built the 8051 B model ( which actually sparked that bike building idea in me) and the 42036 A model but am otherwise totally unexperienced in bike building. But I couldn't let go and so yesterday started something which should be a bike extraordinaire (even for the future!), the 2055 GENESIS Renegade. There's no engine yet, and there's also no suspension yet. But maybe I can come up with something similar to the one used at the front of the 8051 B model. I imagine a hardtail for this bike, so most likely no suspension at the rear. And as this bike should fit in my Turbo Racers vs. Police Interceptor series it of course should feature a turbine as engine and most likely shaft drive. Please check the bricksafe folder for high-res pictures. Not sure if this is going anywhere from here, but there's still some time left, so we'll see. What do you think, should this bike be continued?
  10. This is finalized now, entry post here:
  11. 2055 GENESIS Renegade Functionality: Steering Front suspension and hard tail Turboshaft engine (Buford system), impeller on turbo shaft driven by the rear wheel via shaft drive utilizing overdrive (20z => 12z(, 16z => 16z), 36z => 12z) Openable engine hoods Free standing Pictures: Discussion thread:
  12. @Seasider I like those fat tyres and that it's so low and long, and the golden shock absorbers make a great highlight. White and gold seem to work great together. I think I also need to get these harley tyres and rims for future bike projects. Say what parts are the small white top-rounded pieces in the pin holes of the panels at the front fork and the headlight assembly?
  13. Actually I meant this piece: head rest.
  14. Or maybe last seat and one of these new small tri axle connector panels (from 42122 or 42123)? Maybe supported by an axle connector with pin hole on each side (though not sure if the shoulder parts are angled the same way than the part that supports the head rest).
  15. Thanks @Thirdwigg! I today could realize a positive caster angle, but I didn't like the resulting position and look of the front fork and handle bar so I went back to what's pictured above. But I found a way to move the direction conversion 1 stud to the back, so I could connect the turbo shaft with an axle connector resulting in a moving impeller! Watching @grohl's video about gear wheels: ...actually made this possible, because it showed me a meshing gear config I didn't thought of. Together with lessening the tension on the drive chains the whole drive train works smoother now. Though the "hanging" chains don't look as good as before.
  16. johnnym

    [TC19] Foxbike

    Cool functionality (kickstart, clutch, and such - and all works as intended!) and impressive size! The rear wheel is well fitting! I need to get at least one of those, too.
  17. Gets better and better! for using older panels! I would have gone for the bionicle teeth as rear lights as I think they more fit the scooter theme. Maybe also as front lights? But maybe too dangerous .
  18. @syphoon, @MajklSpajkl: Thank you guys! Glad you like it and - you guessed it - I'm also a big fan of the older panels, i.e. check my turbo cars at Rebrickable, most of them use one or another of the old panels somewhere. I think their shaping is advantageous compared to the newer panels, especially in small models! And indeed @MajklSpajkl when I fitted those two panels above the rear wheel I was like "wow, these must have been made just for this purpose!"
  19. johnnym

    Moved to New Server

    Same here. Apart from that I didn't notice anything else broken. Also much thanks @Jim and others involved in the move! Glad to have the forums back.
  20. Nice! I'm still unsure if I should buy one of the new sets, OTOH my recent LEGO order (with some new parts) seems to take forever, buying a set could be quicker.
  21. Thanks! That rear light part was a chance find at a Bricklink seller some time ago, it's a curved slope 4 x 1 with two studs and I actually bought it for my Turbo Racers series cars. I initially only got one trans-red one, but for the bike this was sufficient.
  22. @imvanya, @Thirdwigg I see, thanks for the info. I only knew of that similar bigger part which is 2 x 2 IIC. This smaller part looks like something I could use more often. Thanks for the link, that clarifies it. Fully agree and the longer smaller panels would stick out too much at the front. Good point, a break without a fixed attachement is not really a break. Though I think it could work in reality on that side if you make the wheel (with integrated ball bearing) run on a fixed tube or so attached to the swing arm and attach the break calipers after inserting the wheel and the break disc on that side. Cool, thanks a lot. Great, thanks! Keep up the good work!
  23. Closing in on the finish line - here's what changed since last post: I added a suspension to the front and exchanged the bend liftarms against two 4L half beams each - not sure if it looks better or not. The Vortex 500 got its attachments and tubing. I also did a color cleanup, the (swing)arms are now LBG, so is the handle bar - not sure if I'll keep the latter, though. The seat area got some LBG stripes, and the sides got some white highlights. I also shortly had a centered headlight but didn't like the result and came back to the existing ones. And I closed the rear wheel up against the turbine exhaust, which now exits between rear fender and the seat extension as planned. More high-res pictures on my corresponding bricksafe folder. Hope you like it!