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    Mars Mission / Space
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    Benny's Space Squad

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  1. 1980sSpaceGuy

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    I'd love to see a LEGO Speed Champions: Lamborghini Countach LP500(0) (Red) Lamborghini Murcielago SV (Orange)
  2. 1980sSpaceGuy

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Can't wait for my first Lego sets in 20+ years* 60227: Lunar Space Station & 60224: Satellite Service Mission *received Benny's Space Squad as a gift recently. Love the white with orange accents color scheme as well as the overall and Space Exploration/the Martian influence! Love the whole line including the great people pack with scientists, astronauts and lots of funny humor.
  3. 1980sSpaceGuy

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    From Syd Mead designs to Miniature/Mega Cities, Mechs, Spaceships and more, so many wonderful creations!!! Thank you Each and Everyone for sharing!