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  1. AIM soldier is disappointing, pretty sure that breather piece is upside down, maybe the figure looked bad because of that mistake. The rest look amazing, especially Cap! Love his design!
  2. I think this was alluded to before, but isn't it true that Lego brand stores also sell retail exclusive sets?
  3. Pretty sure we’ll get Widow, Taskmaster and Yelena. No chance for Red Guardian
  4. Shame that we won’t be getting classic comic AIM soldiers, but this sounds pretty cool too
  5. I think both figures look amazing, especially Noir! Finally!!!
  6. I like the game design as well.
  7. Cap looks like he's wearing hockey pads...
  8. Falconfan talked about rumored characters that might appear in Wandavision set. Anyone has any idea what characters he was referring to?
  9. That's cool as I don't actually have the 2016 Vulture. Also good to hear that Lego is finally moving on from the "age spot angry old dude" face for vulture.
  10. Considering that the Vulture figure is being called disappointing, I wouldn’t have much hope for game Vulture. But dang do I want a game Doc Ock!!!
  11. He could be. This could explain why the Thanos minifig looks like a mix between Endgame and comics
  12. If this is real, this is one of the best surprises in this 2020 marvel wave. Also it’s based on the new game! If this is true we can definitely expect to see more minifigs based on the game for this wave
  13. That's a great idea! They really should consider this
  14. True. MODOK would make this wave so much better...
  15. Does this further confirm that we are getting a sub theme of characters in Mechs? I am very intrigued to how they will design these mech builds. I hope they are not just random robots, but instead battle suits that reflect their respective characters.