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  1. Hey, so i was looking at some old Quinjet concept art and the model from Endgame is actually the OG model after Captain Marvel. so i was thinking of replacing the the blue pieces with dark grey and use that model for my The Avengers battle of New York display since the Quintet wasn't properly seen in Endgame.
  2. Cool box design but man oh man this line has major inconsistencies. The logo keeps changing and the back ground makes it seem that it takes place during the Battle of New York in The Avengers. i worked in marketing and this leads to confused consumers and low sales. i assume the rest of the line will have the same logo but not the side artwork of the Endgame characters... With the older sets having the Marvel Super Heroes logo made things simple. It was a super hero line regardless if the set was based on the MCU, comics or the Avengers and Spider-man Tv shows.
  3. Hey guys anyone have a good png website to find hd images of the marvel super heroes line?
  4. I third and fourth this!!!!
  5. yes so true!!!!!! and the electro polybag
  6. please watch this, very informative and Grace has contacts in the biz. don't freak out.
  7. Captain America Civil War - Crossbones' Hazard Heist Cap Civil War - Superhero Airport Battle All of the Age of Ultron sets Ant-man set Thor Ragnarok - Arena Clash All of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 sets 2014 avengers 2012 sets
  8. ah ok so Amazon had a few that i couldn't find before. but only sets from Ant-Man onwards have that artwork released.
  9. Does anyone know where i can find HD images of the marvel sets artwork that appear on the boxes? Its normally included in the press release. I can't seem to load any photos no matter how small the size! does anyone else have this problem?
  10. Any links to view the Asis build from Captain Marvel SDCC??? SET - 77902
  11. I love the new set and i really hope we get more MCU sets. Ronin is a cool fig to have as is the big battle war machine but damn LEGO! you guys skipped Scarlet Witch for Avengers Infinity War and Endgame (for obvious reasons) for a character who is the only other female Avenger on the team since Avengers Age of Ultron and has fought and almost beaten or held off Thanos TWICE!!!...please give us an updated Wanda. The suit she has been wearing since Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame has not been made into a mini-fig yet. (her civil war fig is based on concept art) She even appears in the concept art for Endgame...SEE BELOW PLEASE I NEED THAT UPDATED SCARLET WITCH! https://www.deviantart.com/artlover67/art/Official-New-Avengers-Endgame-Concept-Art-795637078
  12. so great to see them using the Captain Marvel sash on her costume. so happy about that Side Note: nay rumors on LEGO The Avengers 2 game coming from TT Games...????
  13. i swapped the iron man heads....oops
  14. OMG SpiderJazz just congratulated me!!! i feel honored I seem to be having some issues with loading photos.... https://www.instagram.com/stories/busterbrick/ only way i could manage to load pics...