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  1. This was brilliant!!!! Please make a sketch of this pronto!
  2. I think these are from a toy store as there are two War Machine Busters sets on a shelf. Toy Fair usually display only one of each. But I'm hoping we get more leaks if they are from NY toy fair
  3. was thinking the same thing haha thats good actually, I DONT WANT TO DIE with all the sets being revealed all at once
  4. This just made my day!!!!! Thank you @SpiderJazz
  5. Its not our fault. Blame these Lego leak Gods these guys seem to make of themselves. The fact that they have countdowns on instagram and show us only a leg one day and then a whole fig the next is just them having fun with the "power" they seem to think they have.
  7. Thats a pity, ok cool i just wanted to check. some guys made youtube videos reporting on it. I was busy doing research and stumbled on it.
  8. Hey guys, last week some set descriptions "leaked" Can anyone let me know if this is true or not?...or has any merit. 76123 Captain America - (Quantum Realm Suit) Ant-Man (Quantum Realm Suit) 3 Out Riders (different prints from IW) includes a Quantum Portal but smaller 76124 War Machine (Different from Bricktober Pack) Nebula Rocket Big Fig Out Rider War Machine version of the Hulk Buster with little lab/repair shop 76125 Iron Man (Quantum Realm Suit) Bruce Banner Tony Stark Pepper Pots (Rescue Suit) Happy Hogan includes armory with multiple slots for suits. Brick built Avengers statue (Could be the giant "A" from the Avengers HQ or a memorial statue for all the fallen Avengers. 76126 Hulk (Quantum Realm Suit) Captain Marvel (same suit as the Captain Marvel January set but with more detail) Rocket Black Widow (Quantum Realm Suit) Thor (Quantum Realm Suit) Quintet in red, white and black color. biggest jet yet. includes QR creature (that slug creature that was seen in antman and the wasp 76131 Thanos Iron-Man Mark 85 Captain America regular outfit (maybe with scales) Ronin Thor (regular outfit) Black Widow (regular suit) Chitauri - not sure how many Set is based in both New York during the end battle "The Avengers" and the planet Titan
  9. Do you guys think we will get a Valkyrie MiniFig?
  10. its the War Machine helmet. same helmet but small changes to the printing make it look very different.
  11. Lex Murphy's hair from the Jurassic Park Raptor set would fit much better as it is in a braid.
  12. Do you guys think that the rough translations for the smallest set with Captain America in it means Chitauri and not the Outriders? I mean they are both armies of Thanos. That could be one reason. But in INFINITY WAR his torn suit did have the scales underneath.
  13. HAHA for a second i was like HUH!?!?! what Chitauri figure lol i can't wait for this set...based on the new york battle. Also with the captain america helmet and these new guys i can suppliment older sets!!! I see that it is just a head leaked so far. lets hope that they improved the body too.
  14. i would've preferred the darker skin tone as it would fit with the other captain america minifigs. Also the lighter skin on the dark head print, like that new angel figure from the Overwatch line looks bad. With the Quantum suits being associated with the new Quintet set. What variant of captain america will be in the small "Captain America and the Outrider attack" set (i know its loosely translated)