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  1. Official pictures have called it the Bosco suit too, some research and you'll see
  2. Here are some suits I hope we get: Bosco Suit Bombastic Bagman Velocity Suit Electro-Proof Suit Homemade Suit (Doesn't have to be MCU version) Superior Spider-Man Suit Scarlet-Spider (Kaine) White 2099 Suit Noir Suit ITSV Miles Suit ITSV Peter Suit Battle Damaged Suit (I can dream, can't I?) Symbiote Suit (Please?) Spider-Punk Suit If atleast one of these suits come in the 2020 sets then I'll be content.
  3. It is true, there is nothing we can do as both studios are being a hardass about this whole ordeal
  4. What new variations of Spider-Man do you guys want/think are possible? My guesses are Spider-Punk, Bosco Suit, 2099 White Suit, and HOPEFULLY a symbiote suit despite the SDCC figure from a while back. The velocity suit would also be awesome too I am a die hard F13 fan so I could only dream of even a single mini figure being made officially by lego 😂
  5. The inevitable Black Widow/Thor Love and Thunder sets are on my radar, I need an MCU taskmaster Is Mr.Negative realistic to expect in one of those 2020 Spider-Man sets? I think it'd be cool. Maybe the variations of Spider-Man can be the bosco suit or more suits from Spider-Man Ps4
  6. We never got comic Electro? The only 2 we gave ever gotten was TASM 2 polybag and the Ultimate electro from the Ultimate comics/tv show
  7. We still need comic Electro for that I know ): But they can cater to their larger demographic and STILL give them original stuff and not rehash worn out builds. Hypothetically if they had collections from years past they would have nothing but mech,jets, and motorcycle builds (helicopters too)
  8. I whole heartedly agree. There is only so many ways they can shell out different variants of a motorcycle, mech, and jet at this point. They are grasping at straws, and I think they should make builds based on concepts that are synonymous with the characters they represent.
  9. This is a first for me saying this, but lego is getting really lazy with their marvel sets. More mechs, jets, and motorcycles? Really?? Because if there is ANYTHING we associate with Spider-Man it's him riding a motorcycle and a jet, not web swinging the NY canvas landscape, fighting on skyscrapers, or on bridges. It's vehicles. Also, WHY WOULD THANOS NEED A MECH, EVER?? I'm sorry guys this genuinely annoys me 😂😂 I hope these sets have amazing figures because this is so cookie cutter at this point. (I know lego is for kids objectively) But come on, when you're reusing designs and ideas because they are safe, that is bad.
  10. We already have a set with the new black suit, Molten Man Battle 76128
  11. It's not really a theory....everyone here has been hoping for another FFH set
  12. I do, as that was the most action heavy scene in the movie and they can just include a regular variant of Mysterio, the red/black suit, a drone or 2, and a part of the bridge that has a battle damage feature or something. The elemental could even be a set, the possibilites aren't as limited as you think.
  13. The final battle? THAT scene with Mysterio (you know which one, arguably the highlight of the movie). Those 2 scenes immediately come to mind
  14. The lego expert london bridge, with some modding, could be a perfect representation of THAT scene in FFH (if you know you know)
  15. Thank you! I've been having debates with comic book snobs about MCU Spidey's accuracy as I said he is accurate (I've been reading his comics for 20 years) they act like I'm a moron for saying he is accurate