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  1. I'm talking about each individual figure we have seen. The only one who interests me is Captain America because of the new helmet mold. Everyone else has heads used in the past with the same body. Again, I am not into uniform conformity personally.
  2. Now you're speaking my language lol
  3. I just don't care for it, call me crazy. I'm more excited for the FFH wave
  4. That nebula figure is a custom
  5. We aren't forgetting that at all. The mere concept of there being the same exact body across multiple minifigs is just dull. We understand the uniform conformity. We understand why it is in the movie. If anything it is as stated before on Marvels end and not TLG
  6. Who knows, I have a distaste for the concept art as well so this is on marvel studios end and not TLG. I still hold my claim that this will be a very boring wave in my opinion in terms of minifigs (assuming this isn't trolling)
  7. EVEN war machine has the same QR suit body....I'm sorry but the endgame wave is really disappointing me. The OG members I understand. But side heroes like him? This wave may get stale super fast
  8. That is probably where the meat of our leaks will come from...somehow that is
  9. Is there even the slightest chance we may see the 2019 marvel sets at NYTF? I know they don't want to spoil anything prior to endgame releasing but I just feel like it is a good time to capitalize on marketing (I know the IW sets weren't there last year)
  10. How are people only getting portions of minifigures? I'm really curious how sources get ahold of these figs early
  11. It was war machine. I love the minute changes
  12. Sorry I was just going off of what some leaker said on Instagram
  13. Elemental named confirmed to not be MM or HM