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  1. cjtonic

    [MOC] Island of the Lost

    Thank you so much @Marooned Marin! What a fun read this was. I am so impressed by what a lovely story you made out of this tiny little MOC. Keep up the great work. Really love classic-pirates.com. Thanks so much. What an honor to be on the front-page of my favorite forum...
  2. I did the Aquarium thing a few years ago: More on flickr
  3. cjtonic

    [MOC] Island of the Lost

    Mmmh. Good question. Maybe the answer will be in the Lego Islanders section of this forum one day 😀
  4. cjtonic

    [MOC] Island of the Lost

     This post is long due. The Island of the Lost MOC was created as Christmas present for my daughter. And it seems as if it was a success so far. Time to post some pictures here in the heart of the classic pirates community. Here is the story of the MOC: Let me introduce Captain Bluejack to you. This MOC is all about his story and his current life. Bluejack was once the captain of the famous Golden Mermaid. In the good old days the Golden Mermaid was one of the most successful pirate ships out there in the Caribbean sea. And Bluejack was the most successful and wealthy pirates captain out there. But he overdid it. He pushed the crew far too hard, always in search of that one famous hidden treasure. And what do you get for pushing the crew too hard? Mutiny, you are right. One day he was pushed from the Golden Mermaid equipped with just his captains hat and a small raft. Destiny and the wind brought him to this small deserted island called the Island of the Lost. And this is where the story of the MOC starts. Bluejack soon switched into survival mode. He started to catch fish and he built a small hut from the driftwood he found. He even made friends with the red parrot that lives on top of the small rock. One day, just when Bluejack started to really enjoy living in this small paradise he realized that the beautiful waterfall wasn't just a waterfall but the entrance to a hidden cave. What a scary place he discovered. Always seeking for fame and fortune he nevertheless explored the cave and found that the ancient totem is actually a door to just another hidden cave. Apart from the angry snakes in there he finally found what he was searching for in his entire life: The map that will guide him to the famous treasure! And the treasure was hidden underneath that small Imperial Outpost all the time. "But how can I leave this damn Island of the Lost to conquer this outpost?" I hope you like my second Pirates MOC. If you are interested, instructions are available through rebrickable.com: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-94875/ 
  5. cjtonic

    [MOC] The Conquered Outpost

    Thank you so much @Jack Sassy. This is surely the coolest thing that happened to me in my Lego life after the dark ages. Being featured in your blog is really an honor. A very entertaining blog entry by the way. Thanks again!
  6. cjtonic

    [MOC] The Conquered Outpost

    I am a bit overwhelmed. Thanks so much. What an honor. So cool.
  7. cjtonic

    [MOC] The Conquered Outpost

    Totally valid point
  8. cjtonic

    [MOC] The Conquered Outpost

    This is my first Pirates MOC: The Conquered Outpost. While designing it I realized how much fun I had back in there days when playing with the original Pirates sets. Here's the story: This Imperial outpost was once conquered by the pirates who have ever since been living there. Only recently they discovered that there was this treasure cave underneath the small island (it took some time before someone dared to move the skeleton sitting in front of the entrance door ;-)) The model consists of the island, the small cave with the treasure hidden in the back behind the skeleton and a small house with fireplace and bedroom for the soldiers (now pirates) I hope you like it. If you are interested, instructions are available through rebrickable.com. More images are in my Flickr album.
  9. cjtonic

    Modified Ninjago City & Docks

    Incredible work. Love every brick of it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Let me show you my my latest model. It is loosely based on my Brick Lawyers MOC but much larger and more detailed. While the Brick Lawyers build fits well in a smaller town, this model is made to fit into larger cities with higher buildings. The entire model is all about photography. It hosts a photo studio, a camera/photo supplies store and the photographer's apartment. Let's start from the backside of the building. It features a small backyard with a tree that can be accessed through a driveway. You can clearly identify the staircase section from the facade design. The entire staircase uses stained glass: Being a typical modular building all stories can be detached separately: On ground floor the camera and photo supplies store is located. Also some of the photographer's portraits are on display (and on sale) here. On first floor the photo studio is located. It features different lighting devices and of course a backdrop for portrait shoots. Located in a smaller room, the photos are developed (you can tell from the red light). On second floor the apartment of the photographer is located. Being a bit loft-style it features bedroom, living room and kitchen. Only a small bathroom is separated. The model is made of 3443 pieces and so far has only been built digitally. I have only used real existing parts in available color combinations to make the model buildable in real life. I have even tried my best to exclude rare and expensive parts as good as possible. Instructions are available through rebrickable.com Hope you like it :-)
  11. Hi, I wanted to share a small creation with you that I did to better connect the Ninjago City Gardens Set on the left. The temple build on the extra 16x32 plate interrupts the walkway on the second level. I created a bridge to close the gap: If you are interested, there are free instructions available on rebrickable.com Hope you like it...
  12. cjtonic

    [MOC] Modular Airship Station now on LEGO Ideas

    Great build. Really impressive how you nailed the 1920-30ies vibe of the airship era. Supported.
  13. Not sure whether this is really the right forum for this. But I'll try :-) My wife recently got into aquascaping which is basically about trying to model a landscape under water in your aquarium. Of course her landscape needed to include a Lego house. That was my part. I designed an bonded, ruined villa MOC for our aquarium. here it is: You probably get a better view outside the water: And last but not least if you would like to see how we drowned the house in the aquarium, then this video is for you: [media]https://www.youtube.com/embed/Mkx-E6AGtaE[/media] Youtube video
  14. cjtonic

    Lego Herb Garden

    What a great idea. Very cool.
  15. cjtonic

    [MOC] Modular Music Store

    Thanks guys for your replies. You have a valid point about the renderings. I thinks it’s mainly my lack of photography skills that lead me rounding the renderings. I’ll try to have more faith in my skills next time ?. the pink facade is actually inspired by a real building from my youth when i used to live in Bonn, the former German capital. There used to be quite a few older houses from the early 1900 that had pink facades combined with white accents. I agree though that the LEGO Pink is slightly stronger than the one on the real houses back then.