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  1. Constraction Deva


    My interpretation of the 2005 Visorak set of the same name. I wanted to go for a more realistic spider-like look while still retaining aspects of the original.
  2. Constraction Deva


    A bounty hunter working in more densely populated cities in the core worlds of the galaxy, Ventra has become somewhat of a mainstream pop icon for her unique sense of style and charitable contributions. Many companies and corporations with particularly shady business practices sponsor her as they believe her character and sense of righteousness will portray them in a positive light. Ventra on the other hand couldn't care less about who or what she sponsors, and instead gladly accepts any extra revenue that comes her way so that she may give give it to those in need (after upgrading her weapons and armor of course). More pictures here:
  3. Constraction Deva


    Synchro units are a type of high-end service robot produced exclusively for anyone who isn't intimidated by the seemingly outrageous price tag. A Synchro unit's internal structure is enhanced with artificially grown muscle tissue, which allows its movements to be extremely fluid. Because of this cutting-edge biomechanical technology, in conjunction with one of the galaxy's most powerful AI programs, these robots are able to react with lightning fast reflexes. This makes them ideal for dangerous and complex tasks that require great concentration. Often times Synchro units are stolen by groups of bounty hunters or outlaws and are modified with illegal weapons to make them more suitable for their missions or malicious causes. More pictures here:
  4. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] Jens

    I adore how well you were able to make this look like the original. Great work! It looks like the knee utilizes Mixel joints but I could be wrong.
  5. A common ancestor of the Siktari, Snow Trolls were thought to be extinct for thousands of years until explorers had discovered a live specimen roaming the snow drifts of Elta-Siktar.
  6. One of many powerful warships deployed by Gorm in the early days of his reign to eradicate any unauthorized vessels attempting to travel between realms.
  7. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] Dreejal Vin

    Best Galidor MOC ever made. This is going to win 1st place no doubt!
  8. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category A] Grundurf

    Love the colors on this guy!
  9. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] Shimmel Revamp

    This is my revamp of Shimmel from 8321 "Nepol and Shimmel." (Note: the original is only for comparison and not part of the MOC) You can view more images on my Flickr here:
  10. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] Ooni Beast

    That head is gorgeous; leagues better than my design. I actually had the same thought to use the cherry pieces as eyes but it didn't work out for me. Love the interpretation on the set!
  11. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] Nepol

    Love the use of the Ben 10 arms as his head pores, and I love how well you were able to pull off the shaping with just BIONICLE parts. Great work!
  12. Originally released with 8317 "Allegra," Keewop was but a small, 2 piece robotic reptilian looking creature that never made an appearance in any extended Galidor media. With it's unknown origins and rather unusual aesthetic, I thought it would be the perfect candidate to revamp/re-imagine. With this version I went with a more dog-like look while still keeping key design elements intact: (Note: the original is only for comparison and not part of the MOC) You can view more images on my Flickr here:
  13. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] Tager

    Absolutely incredible! Love how you pulled off the shaping of the head.
  14. Constraction Deva

    Krikuva Mantis [BIONICLE MOC]

    Ah! These are so cool! I absolutely love the 2001 vibe they give off; really jogging my nostalgia. Keep it up!
  15. Constraction Deva

    [Galidor Category B] TDN Module landing

    Neat! I like how you used the pirate steering wheel to achieve the curvature of the tiles. The surrounding environment also contrasts the ship nicely. Great work!