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  1. [Galidor Category B] TDN Module landing

    Neat! I like how you used the pirate steering wheel to achieve the curvature of the tiles. The surrounding environment also contrasts the ship nicely. Great work!
  2. Created by Gorm's illusions, Boges were essentially biomechanical wasp-like creatues seen throughout the Galidor television series trying to hunt down Nick Bluetooth and the gang. The official LEGO 8318 "Ooni" set was the closest thing we ever got to one of these (and was highly inaccurate), so for category B in this contest I decided to build a version that stayed true to what it looked like in the show. Pictures may also be viewed on my Flickr here:
  3. [Galidor Category A] The Creature From Beyond

    Incredible! I love how you created the eyes.
  4. [Galidor Category A] Zeeba

    "Here at Zeeba's scrapyard we guarantee you won't find a better deal on wholesale robotics in all of Dreejal Vin!" Images can be viewed on my Flickr here as well: (I hope the sizes of these images do not cause trouble)
  5. Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition

    I have another question. One of the rules states that the images cannot exceed 1024x768 pixels in resolution, yet the uploader will only accept a total file size of 0.1 MB. In order to have an image that meets that requirement and results in an acceptable file size, the image ends up being quite small and is hard to make out. If we upload an image via a Flickr URL that happens to be bigger than that size, will we still be disqualified, or is there a level of leeway to that rule? Thanks!
  6. Vimur habilis

    I really love the brutish look of this MOC. Clever use of the Galidor Nepol torso and Ekimu cape as well!
  7. [MOC] Solis

    Thanks everyone! Nope, it's a genuine European misprint.
  8. [MOC] Solis

    Hey everyone! I am new to Eurobricks so I thought I would share some of my creations here. This is my BIONICLE Self-MOC: Solis: You can see more images on my Flickr here:
  9. Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition

    Thank you for the understanding. Really appreciate it!
  10. Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition

    I would like to third the statements made by Poor-Disadvantaged and The Secret Walrus. As mentioned by Poor-Disadvantaged, I completely understand why members that have joined post-March 31 should not be allowed to vote as that would allow the ballot to be tampered with, however I feel as if it is unfair to not allow any entries from new members, especially if the contest is what attracted them to the site. Personally I have been a fan of Galidor for years and was super excited to see that this contest was going on. I have even completed the majority of my entry and have several Bricklink orders on the way that I specifically ordered to complete it. I was rather disappointed to see that this rule was added in to say the least. I feel like I speak for a lot of potential builders when I say that I greatly hope that you will remove this rule. Kind regards, Alex.
  11. Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition

    Ahhh, this looks fun!