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  1. monai

    Mega Construx "Train Heist"

    If you observe better the flag about this warning is empty, the selected warning is that for 3 years old, anyway I agree about railway model world but this was always true, it's an expensive hobby if you do it with an high degree of realism, the marklin aren't exactly "toy" trains.
  2. monai

    Mega Construx "Train Heist"

    I totally agree, after watching the video I realized the wheels are really a "toy", ok they are all toys, but in this case they are not supposed to be "model" class at all, a pity. The above discussion reveals how "hungry" are afols for a decent train wheel set, really 3d printing is not yet at the right level and it's also more expensive, I'm old enough to remember when LEGO was selling small boxes of bricks or wheels not necessarily included in sets, but business is business..
  3. monai

    Mega Construx "Train Heist"

    I've calculated a width of 6 studs, that is 48mm or roughly the XXL size of the 3d printed wheels already available. The quality should be better since they are molded and, above all, the flanges are far smaller and should negotiate better the curves but perhaps not the lego switches.
  4. monai

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    From a longtime I was wondering if it could be possible and you have demonstrated it is! now some question and one purpose: - the flanged wheels, are they working well on these rails? I noted they are old O-gauge and not today standards (the totally absurd Lego flanges are not working well on code 180-200 modern rails) - since the O tracks gives you power with the third track, why not using it to move a Lego motor? (an avatar of the 9volt era?) many compliments and best wishes for Christmas and new year Sergio
  5. monai

    Seeking opinion: JNR loading gauge

    If you want to do scale model, you have to find the exact scale ratio, that is: the real gauge divided by the Lego one. For instance if you consider a 1000m real gauge and you have the standard Lego gauge (38mm) you get a scale 1:26. Obviously this change if you have a narrower Lego gauge. When you have the scale you can find the true stud measure by dividing the width of the real locomotive by 26x8=208 (8mm is the space between two studs). So for a 2.7metre width you get 13 (!) studs =103mm. This for scale modeling, If you look for minifig scale modeling this is vastly debated because the lego minifig are not scaled on the human body (no knees!) so everybody has is own opinion. Finally the answer is when the result is good to your eye, that is the most important thing :-) Sergio
  6. monai

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    many compliments, the loko looks wonderfull and the tender is ice on the cake sincerely "in bocca al lupo", but for the cars (very nicely detailed indeed) I must agree with Valkoinen, their width looks unnatural, it is common in Lego but nevertheless is somehow disturbing, at least in videos..are you sure that a 8studs width could be unmanageable? again many compliments Sergio p.s. we in Triest are using to say that "Austria (KkStB) was an ordered country"
  7. monai

    AT&SF #2926 - 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive

    well the LEGO gauge (38mm) is scaled to the standard one (1435mm) as 1:38. Ok you choose to model at 1:48 and the result is spectacular, but generally for railway model the scale is computed on the gauge so the discrepancy. As regard the wheels, the 3D printing technique (filament extrusion) is inherently less robust on the deposition planes, have you noticed any defect on this regard? Are they more prone to ruin themselves? again many compliments Sergio
  8. monai

    AT&SF #2926 - 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive

    Really amazing MOC also if the scale is not the LEGO right one (1:38), the rendering is absolutely magnificent. The smoking is ice on the cake, I'm curious too about its engineering. Just one observation, it looks as the shcupp's brick wheels are not really black, what about painting them? many compliments Sergio
  9. Is it possible use some self-built parts (hand made rods for instance)?
  10. Dear Sven you literally make us turn our heads (please take a straight track next time ), wonderful video! I love the atmosphere, we wait for the wagons.. grussen Sergio
  11. monai

    SJ Da 939

    Very nice model and very interesting cam mechanism, compliments to you for having implemented it. As regard that east european country nemo57 refers to I have three iconic models for you : good luck Sergio
  12. Dear Sven using a famous Lego slogan "EVERYTHING (IN YOUR MODEL) IS AWESOME", really you are putting the level of lego modeling to another class. It is time to speak over the Lego horizon (also because you have cross the border of lego purism), you are definitely the AsterHobbies, Fulgurex, Lemaco, Micro-metakit of brick trains. Above your skill is, as I know well, your railway culture that allows you to explore the forgotten railways and bring to our attention this small gems. One question: can you explain us how have you coupled the slidable axle with the rod (I need it for the project you know :-))? with my best compliments Sergio
  13. monai

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    mmh, if rails had split it happened because they have not curved them BEFORE assembling with sleepers, you know there are plenty of bending devices in the model railway community, perhaps the right way to proceed is bending to the desired radius and then using sleepers which will be clutched independently each other (in this way you don't even need different designs for different radii but just one will be sufficient for every custom curve)
  14. monai

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    mmh, not in the very near future, and above all at what price level? the 3D printing additive technique is mechanically inferior, and the CLIP or laser ones are really expensive up to now. In the meantime no one has ever tried to use the metal normal railway modelling wheels and adapt them to LEGO? Not only the materials but above all the geometry of the lego train wheels are frustrating, the flanges are too large, sometimes the wheels are running on them. Another great project of BBB were the ties for metal vignoble tracks: why not to continue it? Sergio and Eros
  15. monai

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    I voted for size: "other" and particularly for up to 60mm radius steam locomotive wheel (=> 2300mm in L scale) with 43mm and 50mm steps (ok 3 new molds are expensive but at least the 43) As for colors I would appreciate a "metallic" one, or to use some hard plastic which could be easily painted (dear jkj1909 I presume it isn't so easy to mold a bi-color object). Sergio and Eros