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  1. Wi-Charge

    AS I'VE ALREADY SAID, they are not inducing any current! go to and see, they got a laser-1 certificate, the system is inherently safe but with the same problems of the Lego ir-receiver..
  2. Wi-Charge

    Well is a good idea but it uses infra-red light to power a mini-photovoltaic cell, so it has the same problems of actual ir-control, it should be fine for organized events where you can put several power sources around the layout but perhaps cumbersome indoor at home.. Sergio
  3. [WIP] BR 01 513

    thanks and really cute details, but may you explain when 513 got boxpox wheels? I've found these pictures which are confusing: it seems as they have re-changed to spoked recently.. Sergio
  4. [WIP] BR 01 513

    Wonderfull MOC, I cannot say much on the details but the general look is very good, just a question: how do the wheels works, what size are they (XL -XXL)? I'm interested in particular on the 3d print finishing best regards Sergio Monai
  5. Yes I did, (finally) you got it. I wonder if the use of an alternative battery box has helped? is it possibe that spaing the space for receiver could make easier to model the cab? Sergio
  6. Dear Sven your creation is revealing not only your Lego skillness but also your great railway culture. You go over the normal playful passion for Lego (always necessary) and reach a museum documentation quality. I'm honored to be considered a friend in this cultural passion. with my best regards Sergio Monai
  7. BR05-003

    beautiful realization, as usual from you. I there any technical reason for not using the custom made rods? regards Sergio
  8. thanks for the answers but I wonder if it could be possible to make, by 3d printing, also the switch geometries those guys have done. The last one is a real world switch geometry, is called english switch. many thanks and my best wishes for your activity Sergio
  9. very nice, up to now it has been possible to control the switches only with some modifications, as explained in: just for curiosity, do you think it would be possible the switch geometry illustrated above and also in:
  10. ETR 1000 Frecciarossa

    Hi my compliments to your interpretation of this train. I don't understand the sterile polemic post of fonderiadigitale, there are plenty of replicas around, how many Big-Boys have been presented? perhaps everybody know who has been the first? and why one should mention him? He has not WORKED for it, he has done it for fun. There are no intellectual properties on modeling trains, we are playing! Sergio
  11. The project for the largest Telescope ever becames a wonderful LEGO model: enjoy
  12. wunderschoen! in 22.5 garten bahn! I'm sure you know it but for the others, they can see it in action: as regard the br46 you are right considering your scales, but in L-gauge it should be possible, but not on standard curves. Have you considered the 3d printed wheels recently proposed on this forum too?
  13. mmh intriguing, since it's not the br46 could it be the br45, you love tenderlokomotiven, not the largest but the second one, 6 axes... I cannot wait to see it..
  14. may I suggest a link to Lego Sodor : S.
  15. Hi Sven I'm delighted by your cure of prototypical shape, now your small (relatively) shunter is even more wonderful. Is the BuWizz really so better than LEGO original? I mean, not only for the size. I'm happy to hear your next model will have opening doors, (I'm also found of "gestallt" but details are important too) best wishes for the BIG model (the bulgarian?) Sergio and Eros