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  1. monai

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    Many thanks Coal Fired I already knew this site, nice but I was looking for something more technical, what sounds strange to me are the weigths of the different sectors of the loko: 180000 pounds for the entire driving section (with the boiler full of water) and 110000 for the trailing one, also taking into account the 5000 gals of water and 6 tons of coal it means the empty tender would weight more than 16 tons! There are no accesible detailed plans for this loko and is a pity because it would be the heaviest locotender ever.. anyway your model catched its spirit (but think about larger driving wheels) regards Sergio
  2. monai

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    Many thanks Sven, the book is very interesting but the informations are very basic indeed. It seems as this lokotender were a ghost, only minimal descriptions and numbers in a small table..I would still debate about the total weight which looks very high above all for the tender.
  3. monai

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    could you give us the bibliography reference of this book? it is very difficult to find something about this Loko. many thanks
  4. Ah Michael Ende! in italian it was "Jim Bottone", I didn't know the Augsburger Puppenkiste, very nice.. Sergio
  5. wow wonderful movements, the music remember me an old german song, it is the same as in this video (you should already know it) very nice indeed, for the rolling stock have you considered the marklin LEGO base? Gruss Sergio
  6. monai

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    Wow the swinging is large but is, let's say, harmonic, not disturbing. I wonder if using a train motor instead of L one (the first and second driving axis are separated quite exactly by 7 studs) would be simpler. I love the rendering of the inclined firebox; you know you have realized a loco I was thinking about since longtime, now it will be difficult to emulate you.. regards
  7. monai

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    Really wonderful realization, you should only look for a larger wheels set (new BBB XXL?), the LEGO wheels are not in scale for this locotender. Do you have some more information about this locomotive? n the literature is very difficult to find something, it is claimed to be the world's heaviest locotender ever, but it is a bit strange because they say the tender weights about 41 tons, a bit hard to believe.. How have you solved the LEGO tight curve problem? the tender should swing a lot from the boogies. many congratulations Sergio and Eros
  8. monai

    Are smaller flanges possible on larger radius tracks?

    The flanges in LEGO are ridicolously high, they need to be so high because of the poor geometry of the rails and the points, they are conceived for children not for railways model, if you want something more realistic you should foreseen a change in rails system too, take a look at: but it's a LOT of work! perhaps changing the scale and using G scale rails would help, see:
  9. monai

    Steam Train Boilers- ideas anyone

    Wow perhaps the heaviest tank engine ever.. Interesting the way you'll use for the bunker bogey anyway what about the Cylinder Half 3 x 6 x 6 with 1 x 2 Cutout bricklink 87926
  10. The tank engines you cited are really nice, the Krupp one looks as the typical prussian silouette, it remember me the BR95 or the TkZ sand lokos, but it is a standar gauge so you have less room for details.. the Kleinbahn Leer-Aurich-Wittmund is very cute and it has something of this last Eritrean one. What about the Harz BR99 7242-3? it has the "Kuhnsche Schleife" too isn't it? Gruss Sergio
  11. Ok but also being in a neutral position is not prototypically correct, you could put the radius bar "by hands" in the right position before reversing the direction, after all it was the real procedure.. Wow a Kuhnsche Schleife! is it the Br65? Sergio
  12. Really awesome, but I wonder: if you printed 3d some bars, why not try to build also a functional "expansion link"? I tried with my Br96, and it is semi-functional, since it isn't pivoted in the middle (because I used two 30377 arms), but the radius bar is moving and connected with the valve stem. I agree that a lifting link is really a challenging task, also with a massive 3d printing work, and it would be really difficult to operate. Gruss und Fröhliches Ostern Sergio
  13. monai

    BR 194

    Wonderful model, really nice system for pivoting the modules, it is very smooth. Your rendering is impressive too, what program have you used? Sergio
  14. Great work my friend As always your attention to details make the difference, awesome the smoke generator, imagine it puffing on the breathtaking Eritrean landscape. Sergio p.s.: what kind of 3d printing service have you used, I mean material and grade of smoothness?