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  1. I can understand this point but for 3d printed or molded parts with no LEGO logos on them this is not valid.
  2. monai

    New train wheels tested by me

    Really interesting Thank you for such a definitely more "scientific" approach. I can suggest some points of discussion: 1) this is a real configuration test not an efficiency test for the wheels alone, 2) the batteries issue seems very important and this was completely neglected in LEGO test. (not to mentions the straight track absence) 3) Perhaps the most important thing is that the flex track are a real obstacle for fixed wheels like the old ones. (you changed the tracks AND measure the batteries voltage, so it's difficult to disentangle the two variables) Final consideration: LEGO please be honest, you can say the new wheels are easier to build up and to connect, they are safer for kids, more profitable for you, BUT they are not BETTER in rolling.
  3. monai

    Goliath 2.0

    Wow, very very nice, great job, also if not motorized it should be very funny to operate, .. now you can to build a long long railway with such a device helping you.. Sergio and Eros
  4. monai

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    In Italy we say: "Don't ask the barman if the wine taste good" there have already been published indipendent tests that say the contrary, but I agree with LEGO the new wheels are CHEAPER to produce and therefore more PROFITABLE.. anyway perhaps more children oriented and even more eco-friendly but sincerely I don't understand this propaganda.
  5. Hallo I would like to underline that the correct L-gauge railway scale is 1:38 NOT 1:48, so the troubles with wheels and curves are even harder. BUT this is true only if you want to make a real scale modeling, if you want to PLAY with a TOY you can make whatever is pleasant to you..
  6. This is exactly the point! when a child (most males) play war in ancient or futuristic or fantasy context, they are forced to "imagine" the story, not to reply what they see on tv (Sirya, Afganistan, Lybia ecc...). From a psychological point of view is as the reality were removed and their actions do not affect "real" people. When a boy use a modern tank toy to destroy a house and few hours later he sees a similar real scene, it can be associated to a game not realizing it truly happened. It could be thought as hypocritical but it functions. In this sense the original LEGO assumptions about "war" are still valid.
  7. Really outstanding, this "puff-puff" is icing on the cake, now you have to paint some background panel for a real setting. gruss Sergio
  8. Wow Sven this recall me the "Pacific 231" by Arthur Honegger, this movie outperforms even your LEGO craftmanship. I like also the colour of your parquet with the white of some carpets that are very similar to the chilean pampas peppered with salt lakes (sometime I will send you some pictures). many fraternal compliments Sergio
  9. Really nice sounds, like zephyr I'm waiting for side view too, I'm sure the prototypical kytson meyer arrangement will be awsome. Just a question, is it the speed in scale too? This kind of lokos were not conceived to run very fast I presume.
  10. monai

    Trains and Ideas

    The main problem for me is not to make a creator set but a railway system, as the old 12v, and a new track geometry, but perhaps LEGO is thinking there are too many third part producers in this sense. The train community is mainly AFOL and they love build by themselves the locomotives. Actual targets look at trains as complements to something else.
  11. Really impressive, the bridges are wonderful. Let me ask about the Spur 1 track, it is very interesting: do you think it is possible to have some more details? I wonder if it they are real Spur 1 code 200 rails (it seems as they have the same height of Lego rails which is code 250) and above all the tires and the lockers on them. wit my best compliments
  12. monai

    Cement Plant

    Many compliments for the design, also if I'm not really a fan of "cement plans".. perhaps because one old example of them was working near my uncle's house and it wasn't exactly funny what about a chocolate factory?
  13. monai

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    Can I resume this question? where have you bought such a flat bottom profiles that fit exactly between 2 studs (8mm)? and above all, is this clump strong enough? at the end it is open and a rail can blow up if solicited. best regards Sergio
  14. monai

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    I've realised they are DIY (Do It Yourself I presume) but where have you bought such a flat bottom profiles that fit exactly between 2 studs (8mm)? and above all, is this clump strong enough? at the end it is open and a rail can blow up if solicited. As regard a thread for the bridge I think this forum is perfect, it is a railway bridge. best regards Sergio
  15. monai

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    Many compliments above all for the bridge. I've a question about your photostream, I see a wonderful looking portion of tracks self made with an interesting option to fix the curved rails, does it function? I mean what kind of flat bottom rails have exactly 8mm of base? best regards Sergio