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  1. monai

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    mmh, if rails had split it happened because they have not curved them BEFORE assembling with sleepers, you know there are plenty of bending devices in the model railway community, perhaps the right way to proceed is bending to the desired radius and then using sleepers which will be clutched independently each other (in this way you don't even need different designs for different radii but just one will be sufficient for every custom curve)
  2. monai

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    mmh, not in the very near future, and above all at what price level? the 3D printing additive technique is mechanically inferior, and the CLIP or laser ones are really expensive up to now. In the meantime no one has ever tried to use the metal normal railway modelling wheels and adapt them to LEGO? Not only the materials but above all the geometry of the lego train wheels are frustrating, the flanges are too large, sometimes the wheels are running on them. Another great project of BBB were the ties for metal vignoble tracks: why not to continue it? Sergio and Eros
  3. monai

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    I voted for size: "other" and particularly for up to 60mm radius steam locomotive wheel (=> 2300mm in L scale) with 43mm and 50mm steps (ok 3 new molds are expensive but at least the 43) As for colors I would appreciate a "metallic" one, or to use some hard plastic which could be easily painted (dear jkj1909 I presume it isn't so easy to mold a bi-color object). Sergio and Eros
  4. The static models designers are very clever, but this one is really spectacular
  5. Unfortunately your model is the first one, so it is glued and if you open it you should glue it again or using some duck tape. It is very strange that the wheel spin inside, because there are no friction cylinders in this model, the wheels have a pin with cam that engage inside directly on the moving axle; are you using the original wheels? because it doesn't worlk with the classical 4,5 ones
  6. monai

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    Absolutely one of the best static LEGO models. Since the scale is about that of the LegoLand trains you should ask for expose it there (and got those special made wheels and motors ..:-)) many compliments Sergio
  7. It's rather confusing, it seems as the Duplo episode has already took place, perhaps the new writers had discarded it. As regard the movie itself it is not, as was the first episode, a picture about LEGO but simply a movie MADE of Lego, like the Batman and Ninjago ones, so it will be amazing as pure entertainment but not much an innovation.. perhaps this is valid for all sequels. Sergio
  8. monai

    Class 23 D5909

    Very nice work, I'm not very fond of diesel but this one is very charming, by the way without the rear cab is the prototype of one of the Chuggintons isn't it? Sergio
  9. Really amazing, as all your works indeed! Could you explain as you have implemented those couplers into Lego? with my best compliments Sergio p.s.: from what railway region will come your next model? I'm too curious..
  10. monai


    AS I'VE ALREADY SAID, they are not inducing any current! go to and see, they got a laser-1 certificate, the system is inherently safe but with the same problems of the Lego ir-receiver..
  11. monai


    Well is a good idea but it uses infra-red light to power a mini-photovoltaic cell, so it has the same problems of actual ir-control, it should be fine for organized events where you can put several power sources around the layout but perhaps cumbersome indoor at home.. Sergio
  12. monai

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    thanks and really cute details, but may you explain when 513 got boxpox wheels? I've found these pictures which are confusing: it seems as they have re-changed to spoked recently.. Sergio
  13. monai

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Wonderfull MOC, I cannot say much on the details but the general look is very good, just a question: how do the wheels works, what size are they (XL -XXL)? I'm interested in particular on the 3d print finishing best regards Sergio Monai
  14. Yes I did, (finally) you got it. I wonder if the use of an alternative battery box has helped? is it possibe that spaing the space for receiver could make easier to model the cab? Sergio
  15. Dear Sven your creation is revealing not only your Lego skillness but also your great railway culture. You go over the normal playful passion for Lego (always necessary) and reach a museum documentation quality. I'm honored to be considered a friend in this cultural passion. with my best regards Sergio Monai