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  1. Wow Sven this recall me the "Pacific 231" by Arthur Honegger, this movie outperforms even your LEGO craftmanship. I like also the colour of your parquet with the white of some carpets that are very similar to the chilean pampas peppered with salt lakes (sometime I will send you some pictures). many fraternal compliments Sergio
  2. Really nice sounds, like zephyr I'm waiting for side view too, I'm sure the prototypical kytson meyer arrangement will be awsome. Just a question, is it the speed in scale too? This kind of lokos were not conceived to run very fast I presume.
  3. monai

    Trains and Ideas

    The main problem for me is not to make a creator set but a railway system, as the old 12v, and a new track geometry, but perhaps LEGO is thinking there are too many third part producers in this sense. The train community is mainly AFOL and they love build by themselves the locomotives. Actual targets look at trains as complements to something else.
  4. Really impressive, the bridges are wonderful. Let me ask about the Spur 1 track, it is very interesting: do you think it is possible to have some more details? I wonder if it they are real Spur 1 code 200 rails (it seems as they have the same height of Lego rails which is code 250) and above all the tires and the lockers on them. wit my best compliments
  5. monai

    Cement Plant

    Many compliments for the design, also if I'm not really a fan of "cement plans".. perhaps because one old example of them was working near my uncle's house and it wasn't exactly funny what about a chocolate factory?
  6. monai

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    Can I resume this question? where have you bought such a flat bottom profiles that fit exactly between 2 studs (8mm)? and above all, is this clump strong enough? at the end it is open and a rail can blow up if solicited. best regards Sergio
  7. monai

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    I've realised they are DIY (Do It Yourself I presume) but where have you bought such a flat bottom profiles that fit exactly between 2 studs (8mm)? and above all, is this clump strong enough? at the end it is open and a rail can blow up if solicited. As regard a thread for the bridge I think this forum is perfect, it is a railway bridge. best regards Sergio
  8. monai

    [MOC] NS-1845 "Middelburg" Locomotive

    Many compliments above all for the bridge. I've a question about your photostream, I see a wonderful looking portion of tracks self made with an interesting option to fix the curved rails, does it function? I mean what kind of flat bottom rails have exactly 8mm of base? best regards Sergio
  9. monai

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I know what is called train's physics, but let me say that LEGO trains, since the beginning, are by far not following the most elementary physics of motion on rails.. their first wheel had teeth, the first motor ones were even inverse conic, not to mention the disproportionate flanges, what I wondered was if this independence could help in tight curves, since you say it isn't this means a stronger SHAME on Lego!.. from an AFOL point of view, children could think differently and THEY are the first target for them..:-) S.
  10. monai

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    "only the best is enough" but for who? I think for their wallets.. It is obvious that making these wheels is cheaper for LEGO, period. Said that there is another question that is intriguing, since the geometry of Lego train wheels have always been far distant from a real railway one, may this independence in rotation help in the Lego tight curves? is it possible to make the same test but in a curve?
  11. I understand your thought, since a completely realistic layout is not your final goal, the shiny look is icing on the cake. But the sense of being used is somehow charming me, is also for this (and wallet) reason that I prefer used bricks. As regard the photos of the early 20th century, let me say that probably the lokos were kept clean for the photographer (that time it wasn't so common take pictures), in that dusty countryside it should take more time to wash the engines than to drive them..
  12. First of all many thanks for thinking I was able to help you, but a thousand of thanks for this show of extreme LEGO ability in modelling such a masterpiece. With the risk of repeating myself you put the level of LEGO train (and not only) modelling to such an high level that perhaps could be even discouraging for us, simply mortals.. :-) anyway, after the deserved compliments, I would pick you for even climb over your summit: after sound, smoke and fire lighting, "weathering", the final goal for a train model layout, is it a viable practice for LEGO? your magnificent loko is just as coming out from the factory, and I can assure you that in the Atacama region it would stands clean for no more than half an hour. I wish you a wonderful (and cooler) holiday waiting for another great train adventure sincerely Sergio
  13. Very well done my friend, I know this was a sort of killtime for you :-) but what a diversion! really amazing, the interior details are awesome and the smart idea for the tires really intriguing. I've been in those regions and I know the dust and bumpy roads make the hubcups really an optional. We are waiting for the Kytson-Meyer but hurry-up because another heat-wave is coming.. :-)) Sergio
  14. Really awsome, I've registered on "Doctor Brick" and saw the exquisite details. Obviously the large scale (G scale) helps a lot, I presume the working brake is not so easy to implement in a standard L-scale, anyway it is a very nice work. Perhaps the liftarm as brakes are not so realistic but for the moment I find no alternatives. p.s.: Hi Sven, what about the Kytson-Meyer?
  15. monai


    wow, fantastic details, very nice ensemble, the interior is very well designed. Now you need some real steel to work with.. Sergio and Eros