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  1. Thanks all for the encouraging comments. @ivanlan9: Glad you like the wagontop. There are too few ribs for it to be a very accurate model compared to the proto, but I am content with how it looks as a LEGO System interpretation of the thing. That's a fair criticism of the GP30. I recall deciding against wedge plates for that distinctive arrow-shaped clerestory part on top of the cab in favor of 1 x 2 x 3 sloped bricks. Too tall maybe, but the geometry resolves neatly otherwise. @SD100: I studied photos of what is known as the PT-5 tender built for NYC steam locos. I'm not so familiar with the operations of the real thing, but there were some spigot-looking things among the sideframe greeblies that I approximated with LEGO pistol nozzles. They're a little too long in one dimension, and I didn't place as many of them as would be prototypical for how the bogies are articulated, but if someone is familiar with those long-distance coal tenders and they're looking for an analog represented on my LEGO build, at least they'll see something.
  2. This is the first train I'm endeavoring to make instructions for in Bricklink Studio. It's kind of a dear locomotive to me. I have had an operational, in-brick example that I've been toying with for the last couple of years. It's seven wide at the cab and running boards; the pistons go out to 8 but overall it's not bad fit for any consist of smaller-scale LEGO trains. Here's some renders of other trains that I've either recently modelled up or tweaked. I'm not ready to make instructions or build them in real life, though. New York Central Niagara, 8-wide. Chicago & Northwestern GP30, 7-wide. Postwar toy-inspired tanker, non-prototyical. An ALCO RS3 navigates Bricktracks curves on an L-Gauge module. The locomotive and rolling stock are 7-wide.
  3. Plastic_Goth

    BR 99.23-24 in aprox. 1:22

    Hello, thanks all for the comments. I have not yet made changes to the model based on your input, but I have produced some updated images since yesterday: Regarding the wheels, the model currently uses XL sized drivers. I agree one size up will better suite the scale. Are Ldraw files available from anyone for these parts? I am using Bricklink Studio to make these models and images on my flickr. Thanks also for the complements regarding my recent diorama. Somehow, I am addicted to making designs and images with this software. The renders that come out of the software are quite good, but I always sharpen them up and add a little impurities to be a little artistic. It is satisfying to keep people guessing whether or not what they are seeing is photographic. The accuracy of the boiler size is something I might contest. Via the schematic posted above, I estimated the height of the smokebox, excluding what I'm guessing is a water heater, is about 1.7 meters. Calculating for scale, this is about 24 plates. The result is about 25 plates, which is a little large, but satisfyingly rounded via compounding different curved slope elements. The cross section @Tenderlok provides is 21 plates across, which could be boosted by a plate in all directions for a 23 plate diameter, though I think the resulting kinks in each quadrant would be an aesthetic casualty of this solution. (Other considerations regarding 1:22 scaling can be seen on this spreadsheet) Perhaps now that I have added pipe greeblies to the boiler, the visual mass of the surface is divided enough to look... less massive? Lastly, I like rendering these preliminary images in grey, for the same reason that the real locomotive manufacturers did. It just looks cool! A majority of the parts have been checked for availability in black, however.
  4. Plastic_Goth

    BR 99.23-24 in aprox. 1:22

    It's pure L-gauge! Here's a pretty comprehensive video of an example running:
  5. Plastic_Goth

    BR 99.23-24 in aprox. 1:22

    Sunday building.
  6. Plastic_Goth

    [MOC] Indiana Harbor Belt 0-8-0

    Hi, Stopping by to say great work with this. I too am attracted to this locomotive and have been building one of my own on and off for the past couple of years, though at a smaller scale for use with six and seven wide stock. I envy the details you are able to include!
  7. Plastic_Goth

    [MOC] EMD F-unit and SW-1

    Here's some color schemes that probably don't need to be guessed at:
  8. Plastic_Goth

    [MOC] EMD F-unit and SW-1

    I prefer to build smaller. It's a space and expense thing. Six wide would be nice, but given that LEGO track gauge is six wide itself it's not so aesthetically viable for me. Also, I don't see myself giving up the 40 radius curves, and narrower trains also means shorter train cars that don't over hang as much when going 'round.
  9. Plastic_Goth

    [MOC] EMD F-unit and SW-1

    Not exactly, I wasn't opting for a prototypical paint scheme on either. I did try to approximate, if not replicate, a CSX livery on the switcher, and I guess I was successful if I lead you to think such. Here's some elevation views and a dissection of the nose, for those that are curious:
  10. Plastic_Goth

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    I really do love this. I got this set from my folks in addition to the first wave Hogwarts castle in Christmas of 2001. This really strikes the nostalgia nerve. I like that you've included the 2x2 scroll print. I must have that somewhere.
  11. Plastic_Goth

    [MOC] EMD F-unit and SW-1

    Hi, These are some models I designed last year but haven't shared here, and until today hadn't made renders of in the renderer included in the new Studio program from Bricklink. So here we are. The cabins and frames are 7 studs wide per my standard of doing things. The F unit can house a full motorization suite up to and including a Power Functions 1 IR receiver. The hump at the rear of the roof shows where I've placed the receiver. However, neither model here as rendered includes motorized trucks.
  12. Plastic_Goth

    1:25 Eritrean 0-4-0T Locomotive "202 series"

    Understood, thanks. It remains to be seen how well the model will hold together in real life. I used a pair of 8 tooth gears set on the interiors of the rear drivers to off-phase the eccentric crank, otherwise, I'd have the motors transmit to the rear axle. I am curious what other solutions have been toyed with by others for creating the eccentric motion?
  13. Plastic_Goth

    1:25 Eritrean 0-4-0T Locomotive "202 series"

    Hi everyone, I've put a PF2.0 battery box and receiver (or rather an assembly that's equivalent volume-wise) and two motors into the engine. I'm not sure how reversing polarity works on the new system, or if it's needed for running two synchronized motors??
  14. Plastic_Goth

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Very handsome, in a utilitarian way. I like the cabin a lot. The crane reminds me of a boom lift MOC I made a long while ago:
  15. Plastic_Goth

    1:25 Eritrean 0-4-0T Locomotive "202 series"

    Sven, it is validating to hear your praise for my model. As well, thank you for your correction regarding the scale. A part of my mind knew that truth about track gauging, but I had forgotten it as I leaped into this model. Rather than numbers I use my eyeballs primarily, so I am happy to hear that the overall proportions are well received. I looked for such a reference that would give me the diameter of the real locomotive's wheels, but failed, so I am also thankful that you were able to find one for me. If I go ahead and design the Mallet types that operate on the main line of this railway, it will benefit the accuracy of the model to know their driver diameter. My main issue of building out the pistons and steam chests one brick is that they are no longer in line with the steam pipes, thus detracting from the proportionality I've been able to keep throughout. It's a trade off but it might be worth it. I have revised the model and I think I like them with the longer pistons. I've used brackets to put round plates on their fronts . Erik