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  1. ranghaal

    [MOC] Don't climb on trees! Run!

    I didn't manage to do the whole ting in time. The shell would be extremely complex.
  2. Thanks again! If I ever do this I will mail them and ask!
  3. Thanks for the info! I would have liked to give the painter some credit when adopting his work to Lego.
  4. Oh, I thought I already would be quite established since I did some well received MOCs the last few month I don't meant that I do not feel technically ready... I just want to finish some of my own ideas before. But again: Can anybody tell me who did this great artwork below the map?
  5. For a brief moment I considered joining, but I think I'm not ready yet. There's a couple of things I have to build before :-) Who did the art just below the map? I'm not doing medieval stuff right now but I have to build something like this! Or has anyone done this yet?
  6. ranghaal

    Overview of Lego Contests?

    Ok, I haven't found anything yet, either. So I don't need to look out for it right now.
  7. ranghaal

    Overview of Lego Contests?

    It seems ages since I opened this topic. The summer joust was pretty ok for me though I mismanaged my time and couldn't finish the remaining three categories. Next stop Colossal Battle Contest?
  8. ranghaal

    How to build a medieval priest minifg?

    I didn't do the intended priest MOC after all, because time was running out. But at least I took this scary shot with the priest an some random background IMG_7028 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr
  9. ranghaal

    [MOC] The Wood Tryptichon

    Thanks! Jonas used a fog/smoke machine to achieve the light. Take a look at the bold man in the third picture. Looks like he has a wooden arm. Maybe he was a former carpenter (or axemen). Those times were hard back then... @all Thanks for your kind words!
  10. Hi, Travis Brickle, Simon NH and me built a series showing the process of manufacturing wood. Check them out if you don't know them already, those guys are really awesome.
  11. ranghaal

    [MOC] Don't climb on trees! Run!

    Here's the whole thing :-) As you can see, I haven't built the shield, only a very large block. It wasn't intended for display, only a "short" build for the competition. https://roguebricks.de/forum/index.php?thread/1588-niemals-auf-bäume-klettern-rennen/ I was asked to display it at a museum in chigaco, but I already disassembled it yesterday.
  12. This is a rurtle - half rock, half turtle. I made this for the Summer Joust 2018 competition. Rock Tortoise by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr It was kind of an accident. I didn't really wanted to do an animal. But I liked the idea to do a shield and place ruins and trees on it. So I started to build a turtle head. Well, this is what it became. The head is not photoshopped or strenghtend. It's pure Lego. I had to attach a massive Lego counter weight on the other side.
  13. Thanks a lot, guys! @Gary The Procrastinator Clean builds? Me? I suppose that's only because I hadn't enough time to stuff all the backgrounds Usually I'm the one with the uncleanest buildings you coud imagine Glad to hear you like the photoraphy. That was one of my weakest points and very hard and time cosuming but I thinkt it's getting better.
  14. I did this for a competition on RogueBricks. You might have seen other entries here. Very rushed, I only had a few days. But I think the gag (and the monastry) are worth having a look. Cheers OneWeek by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr