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  1. I am not friend of digital designing. I miss real light. For intricate textures you just can't tell until you do a render. I have a few models where you can still see the table I build it on :-)
  2. Not sure this is the right theme but I guess Scie-Fi would be worse. You might have seen this on Flickr or Instagram but I wanted to show how I have build it here. This is an improvised fantasy mash up. I wanted some different architecture this time. I was aiming for something I could use some Jugendstil ornaments. So the first thing I build was a window and I used a thread with studs part to achieve an ornament. I had tons of other tower designs in the beginning. But they looked like I was a building some Star Wars Tatooine city and didn't fit the Jugendstil style at all. So I concentrated on the main tower here and gave it a fragile and elegant look and skipped most of the other designs. Let's begin with the ring, which is in fact an old Halo MOC: h2 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr I wasn't sure how many tracks are neccessary to get it stable. Three is not enough. It wont break but it bends. h3 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr you just can't build it and bend it in the end. You would never get a circle that way. h4 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr h5 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr h6 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr h7 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr Of course when using the ring as a pool there is no need to cover the hoses :-) h8 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr h9 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr So that was the Halo part. And the I adopted the Ring for the new Moc. IMG_20220618_091804 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr I removed the upper ring and used 1x2 panels there. IMG_20220618_095438 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr IMG_20220618_091621 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr IMG_20220618_091052 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr IMG_20220618_091017 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr IMG_20220618_090932 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr You can see there are no tricks here to get the reflections. Just use a flat angle. I also used some white papers that helped to make the surface look bright and shiny. the rest is coming soon IMG_20220618_100944 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr The tree uses technique connectors and is pretty stable. Be sure to use the black technique pins so there is no unwanted motion. With the blue ones it will shake and bend. I used a Ninjago spinner as a counterweight inside thre small ring to prevent the tree from falling over. You could just use a solid large base instead. IMG_20220618_101329 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr The main trick is to use a half step to get a more window like pattern. The gaps at top and bottom can be made less visible by black parts in the back. IMG_20220618_101603 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr IMG_20220618_101815 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr I used the legs of star wars droids here.
  3. I have been here a few years ago but it seemed like forums were dying back then and everthing shifted to social media. I kind of hate it as the span of time a moc is interesting drastically diminishes. I came back because I wanted to do some more tutorials that can be found by using a browser. Maybe 99% less people wil see them but I love to think that the data won't be lost. That's a really cool blogging post! Someone really cared for what I had to say and also pointed out how the builds are linked. (Though the origin and godfather of my curved builds was left out - Understandably as it was a Space moc :-) I plan to show a tutorial for my "Death of a salesman" Moc soon. That one was quite some work and I guess documenting might provide some inside. And again it is linked to many of my other Mocs.
  4. Oh! Great to see this. Using brown for the frame is a nice twist!
  5. I haven't posted for quite a time but I think this Moc has a couple of techniques some of you might be interested in and so I wanted to post it in an english forum. Magnum Opus Fachwerkus - come with me by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr
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    Magnum Opus Fachwerkus - come with me

    Thanks for your kind comments Here's some WIPs and Sketches WIP! Bad pic :-D by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr Just studies. I uses some altered (stable) versions of the upper left one for example. Ironically I didn't use any of the windows here in the end. I was going fr a rougher look.
  7. Hi, Travis Brickle, Simon NH and me built a series showing the process of manufacturing wood. Check them out if you don't know them already, those guys are really awesome.
  8. Hello, I interrupted my normal building to take part in the summer joust. Some people think of dragons and knights, my topic for the summer joust (12 x 12 category) is less romantic. Guardyloo is the warning called from above before the night pots are emptied. Well, this is medieval isn't it? The build itself was quite easy this time though it's full of strange techniques. Take a look at the grey plates that are stuck between the dark grey plates to simulate a gutter for example. Guardyloo! by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr
  9. Hi, these are the builds I did in the last 4 weeks for the CCC. It was a really hard time as I'm a slow builder and I couldn't use the two month period. Lurker by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr In the last few weeks I've seen several bent interiors so it's not that spectacular anymore. The lower wall with the rhombs is really tricky and has many layers of construction beneath it. The ground looks complicated but is in fact quite easy and can be done in a short time. I think it has quite a unique look and captures the medival feeling. It might not really be consistent in architectural style as I didn't check this time. It's just fantasy. Traveling Salesman Problem by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr After doing the colourful dragon moc I wanted something more gloomy. I'm going to do another version of it to capture the initial intention: Death of a traveling salesman. This one looks much better as a modell that as a photo. It has a really nice road, that is hidden here by the cart and the wares. The bricks in the house are stable! Flood by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr I really like the coast here! Just studs but it I think it looks great! Covering up the coast with tiles, slopes and cheese parts would have worsened the shape of the coast I guess. Leonardo by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr These are all inventions/researches Leonardo has really made! Check them out :-) May favorite ones are the bike and the spine! The spine features some use of hands you might not have seen before. I would have liked to do an alternative version, showing Leonardo in a room with all the gadgets and some books. But that might be almost impossible on 8x8. Giant by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr Looks a little crowded. Not that easy doing so much stuff on 8x8. Well, I should have left out the tower, but leaving out stuff that I like is very hard for me... I used printed minecraft 1x1 plates as windows so I had to use white. Time to reflect by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr I'm really proud of this one. It looks like a painting. The clou here was the "reflection" part - which was the reason why I build this. I added some impressionistic looking reflections in the water. The building on the right side is indeed a homage to the first moc I've ever done :-) Technically it's got some use of the new triangle tile for the church roof and the houses. Another brick in the brick wall by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr The aim was to have a huge monochrome block with a gap full of colour. Well, as it got so large and grey I got weak and added a tree. I also made an excerpt which looks better - but on the other hand I really like the tree :-) I had to attach the tree to the wall to make it stand. Inside the tree are hoses so it's stable. I developed this wall technique in my earthquake moc (even more complex there) but as the earthquake moc is so full of textures it's hard to see. The buildings have some nice tricky techniques.
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    [MOC] Medieval tour de force

    Oh, this is some star wars minifg... I am no expert there, sorry. but I am sure the forum knows :-)
  11. ranghaal

    [MOC] Medieval tour de force

    Thanks for commenting! I just fixed the broken links. @Robin_IVYes, I'm the one who did the pic with the tudor houses .
  12. ranghaal

    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    Finally I managed to finish the video. You can see the ground level there in detail. The music I made was heavily inspired by JMJ Oxygene. Make sure to change to 1080p Quality if the vid is blurry by clicking on the gear wheel.
  13. Shiptember Men will conquer the stars. Live long and prosper. The future is bright. The picture shows some kind of spaceship that contains a world to live in. No glue, stickers or dirty tricks. Leave a comment or a like to help me keep up my motivation for part II: the future is dark I'm so sorry cause I had planed something much more epic but the time for the Shiptember Entries is runnning out. I will add much more photos soon. The whole tube is longer than 1,50 meters. For all the Dr. Who fans: It's kind of a reversed TARDIS - it's bigger from the outside. Space magically disappears when looking inside the tube. As you can see there are 4 support rings and three segments. While the first segment looks large the last segment is hardly visible. I will present it at the Fanworld (16-18 November) in Cologne and then disassemble it. I will do a rebuild so that you can have a look from the side. I will add many details, sky scrapers and space ships for the exhibition that I couldn't use in the picture. It's not the prettiest MOC but I had to face severe building restrictions. i) Every two studs the ground bends, so I could only build on a 2 studs wide base. In other words I couldn't build anything wider than two studs. ii) The "ground level" is the level, where the bricks perfectly align to each other. I could build higher on one of those two studs wide tracks, but I couldn't build something next to it. Building below ground level is possible, but then there are small gaps. So my building range was limited to a height of exactely 3 plates most of the times. iii) No parts availlable in the colors I used. My colour scheme is mainly medium green, bright green, green and dark green. Medium green - which is ironically a very light and damped color and not medium at all - is a rare Scala color with almost no availlable parts. There are no small plates, no tiles and I had only the 3004 bricks. Bright green has a few more parts but is still very limited. The only tile is a 1 x 4 for example. There are no plates either. iv) Because of this extremely flat angle I had to use much space so that the result would not be a total mess. v) The bends between all those two studs wide tracks is done with my beloved mixel hinges (other hinges would have worked better, since I only needed one direction the bend should be in). So I had to fix everything in a way, that adjacent tracks stay together and do not open up. This is only possible on certain hights. I have to show a photo to illustrate that. Apart from that I had to incorporate those 4 rings to hold all the segments together. Somehow I had to provide light. I couldn't just build a full circle. That was in fact something I tought about a long time before I began building. How to get light into a tube? But what would a real station like this would look like? They also would need light. Some lights in the middle of the circle? I doubt it. There has to be some kind of sky. I had - more or less - two options: building a half circle only or leaving spaces.
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    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    Please give me a vote on Shiptember if you like it. https://www.flickr.com/groups/the-shipyard/discuss/72157700369505581/ Vote for others if you like them better of course :-)
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    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    I like the view inside the rings :-) Here is a naked ring that shows you the idea how everything was build 20180929_181532 by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr Looks weird but this moc really needed special techniques :-) Here you can see how I fixed the position of the "tracks".
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    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    This gives an overview over all the segments. They were not quite finished then. You can see that some of them are quite rough, cause you cannot see them anyway. But I will soon take part in an exhibition and then I have to rebuild the whole model. I will also do a closed half-circle (eliminating the gaps) so that you can look inside it from the front. Here you can see how large it is! For the exhibition I will lay it down. I had to photograph it this way because of reflections. Its 150 Studs high, or long...
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    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    Na, it's far from perfection but thanks :-) I would give it 70%. There are quite a lot of things that should be changed :-) Anyone interested in more photos?
  18. Awesome! Thanks, mate!
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    [MOC] Don't climb on trees! Run!

    I didn't manage to do the whole ting in time. The shell would be extremely complex.
  20. This is a rurtle - half rock, half turtle. I made this for the Summer Joust 2018 competition. Rock Tortoise by Ralf Langer, auf Flickr It was kind of an accident. I didn't really wanted to do an animal. But I liked the idea to do a shield and place ruins and trees on it. So I started to build a turtle head. Well, this is what it became. The head is not photoshopped or strenghtend. It's pure Lego. I had to attach a massive Lego counter weight on the other side.
  21. Thanks again! If I ever do this I will mail them and ask!
  22. Thanks for the info! I would have liked to give the painter some credit when adopting his work to Lego.
  23. Oh, I thought I already would be quite established since I did some well received MOCs the last few month I don't meant that I do not feel technically ready... I just want to finish some of my own ideas before. But again: Can anybody tell me who did this great artwork below the map?
  24. For a brief moment I considered joining, but I think I'm not ready yet. There's a couple of things I have to build before :-) Who did the art just below the map? I'm not doing medieval stuff right now but I have to build something like this! Or has anyone done this yet?
  25. ranghaal

    Overview of Lego Contests?

    Hello, I'm quite new to the Lego scene. As I understand there are often building contests? I already heard of the CCC or the Iron Builder. But there are surely smaller ones? Do you know some overview? I guess I'm mainly interested in historic themes, because it fits my building style best. Cheers Ralf P.S.: A tree building contest would be excellent, too, as I plan to do some large trees soon :-)